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How To Find Venezuelan Bride or Woman for Dating: Statistics, Guide & Prices

How To Find Venezuelan Bride or Woman for Dating: Statistics, Guide & Prices
❤️ Successful marriages~79%
💰 Average Venezuelan bride cost$4,300 – $24,300
👰‍♀️ Average Venezuelan bride age24 y.o.
💔 Divorce rate~35%

Thousands of posts and pages discuss Venezuelan brides as one of the most popular Latin women for marriage. We did research, had a few interviews with Venezuelan women, and analyzed the market to find out the truth about Venezuelan mail order brides, things that make them start relationships with foreigners, and the actual costs of marrying them.

Venezuelan Mail Order Brides & Dating Sites in 2022

1LoveFortBest for dating Latin specifically
2La-DateOne of the most reputable dating sites
3LatinFeelsVery active female audience
4ColombiaLadyBest mobile experience

Venezuelan mail order brides statistics

Let’s start with a few facts that can help generate a profile of a typical Venezuelan bride.

  • In 2019, 288 Venezuelans applied for a K-1 fiance(e)visa to the US. In 2020, the number decreased to 135 mostly due to COVID restrictions. 
  • Around 40% of Venezuelan mail order brides are 21-25 years old, 25%—26-30 years old, and only around 5% of them are 35+ years old. 
  • Venezuelans generally start dating around the age of 13 or 14 and also get married at a pretty early age, usually past their early twenties—at 21-25 years old. 
  • Most Venezuelan women have 2-3 children, but families with 5-6 children are more common in rural areas of the country.
  • The average age difference between Venezuelan wives and their American husbands is 5-6 years.
  • About 80 percent of marriages with brides from Venezuela last over the years
  • Venezuela is a predominantly Catholic country—almost 92% of the population is Roman Catholic.

*All the references can be found at the end of the guide.

Popular Latin brides profiles

29 y.o.
at la-date.com
Location Colombia
Occupation Other
25 y.o.
at la-date.com
Location Brazil
Occupation Teacher
28 y.o.
at la-date.com
Location Chile
Occupation University Student
28 y.o.
at la-date.com
Location Chile
Occupation Other
34 y.o.
at la-date.com
Location Chile
Occupation Other
21 y.o.
at la-date.com
Location Colombia
Occupation Lawyer / Paralegal

Venezuelan mail order bride cost

To be honest, we were surprised by how popular the search query ”How to buy Venezuelan mail order brides” is. Buying someone in 2022 is impossible—brides for sale are just a myth, but we still decided to follow some links. We got the results we were actually expecting—all of them took us to dating sites where men could meet Venezuelan women, but it had nothing to do without buying Venezuelan girls.

The term “cost of Venezuela mail order brides” rather refers to the total amount of money a man needs to spend on meeting a Venezuelan woman, dating her online and in real life, and helping her to enter the US. It’s not that easy to calculate the accurate cost of all services, but we considered all the most important factors and described the approximate cost of all dating and travel services below.

How much for online dating?

Some singles use online dating sites to find matches in other countries. It’s pretty hard to estimate the average cost of services, as the price usually depends on a few important factors, particularly, the type of the site, its pricing policy, and the way you use it. Still, we analyzed the market and compared lots of platforms to calculate the average costs—the results are reflected in the table below. Note that though we analyzed both global and niche Venezuelan/Latin dating platforms, niche sites usually work better for those who are looking for mail order brides, not just for new people/friends or casual relationships.

Let’s say a single man joins a niche site to meet Venezuelan mail order brides, and it takes 2 months for him to meet his Venezuelan wife (it’s the average time for most online users dating online). In this case, he’ll spend about $200, but 2 months is the time just to meet a partner. Most online users looking for love overseas spend around 10 more months getting closer to a potential partner before taking serious steps. In this case, the approximate cost of online dating services will be about $1,000-$1,200.

We also did a background check of the most popular sites, and the good news is many of them offer discounts for premium plans/credits, have promotions, and grant free vouchers to benefit from. There are discounts and promo codes for apps like Tinder or Badoo, discounts for those who buy longer premium plans on Cupid websites, free credits for signing up on La-Date or LoveFort, free vouchers and discounts on Colombia Lady, etc.

how much for finding a bride

Meeting a Venezuelan girl in real life: Harder than it seems

One of the most cost-effective ways to meet a foreign girlfriend in real life is to go to her country as a tourist. However, it doesn’t work for Venezuelan mail order brides. The thing is, it’s just not safe—the government recommends not traveling to Venezuela due to the arrest and detention of U.S. citizens, crime, civil unrest, poor health infrastructure, and other reasons. According to experienced travelers, going to this country is 7-8 out of 10 on the difficulty scale, where 10 is visiting Afghanistan.

Still, a man (citizen of the US or a citizen of most other western countries) can’t marry a Venezuelan woman without meeting her in real life. If a Venezuelan bride applies for a K-1 visa, she’ll get it only if she proves she’s met her future husband in real life within the previous two years. So, in this case, inviting a Venezuelan woman to the US is the only good option. How much is her fiance likely to spend? Here are the major expenditures:

  • Round trip tickets—$400
  • Tourist visa—$200

* We usually list average costs of travel services for every country with mail order brides, but due to the inflation and unstable bolivar exchange rate, we can’t provide them for Venezuela

Venezuelan brides can hardly pay for such trips themselves, so yes, a man is the one who covers expenses (the average monthly salary in this country is now $30!) The rest depends on where a Venezuelan bride stays—for example, she can stay at her boyfriend’s place, and if he buys food instead of going to fancy restaurants, that will be much cheaper. If it’s not so convenient, we’d recommend checking prices in local hotels/hotels. If a Venezuelan girl stays for 2 weeks, it will cost up to $1,000 in total, and if she comes twice, it will cost up to $2,000, respectively.

The total cost of marrying one of the Venezuelan wives—Will you spend a fortune?

If we assume that an average man is joining a niche website to meet Venezuela brides, spends a year on the platform, meets a girlfriend, and she goes to the US twice, he’ll spend about $3,200 in total. Note that if he decides to marry her, she won’t be able to migrate with her tourist visa—she’ll need a K-1 fiance visa that costs around $1,000. The wedding license costs about $50 (depending on the state), and the average cost of a wedding is about $20,000. So the total cost of getting a Venezuelan wife is about $4,300 (not including wedding ceremony, $24,300 including a wedding, respectively).

Do marriages with Venezuelan mail order wives work? Their husbands’ stories

couple with venezuelan girl

Harry, Reno

To be honest, I wasn’t looking for a Venezuelan girl—I just joined LoveFort to meet hot women and see how it goes. I wasn’t looking for a wife either, all I wanted was some fun. I was considering going to Brazil or probably Argentina on vacation and just wanted to have a great time with a woman I already knew. Of course, it didn’t happen the way I planned, mostly because I met Andrea from Venezuela and realized I had started to fall in love. My vacation in Brazil was canceled, and I went to Maracaibo instead, and that decision changed my life completely. I met the most passionate, emotional, always optimistic woman who fascinates me with her ability to remain happy regardless of how much money she has. My life was so much more comfortable than hers, and I didn’t realize I was so much unhappier than she was. Happy I met my wife at the right time, and she made me the person I am now.

couple with venezuelan woman

Kevin, Buffalo

When I turned 45, I realized that the fact that my first marriage was unhappy doesn’t mean I don’t need a family at all. I started looking for serious relationships with someone special, and you can’t even imagine how surprised I was when it turned out that women didn’t need marriage anymore. After a year of dates and hookups, I decided to look for women who might be as interested in starting a family as I am. I always loved Latina girls, so I joined La-Date. There were a lot of hot Venezuelan women and girls from other countries, but one day I made a choice. That day, my gorgeous wife said two things—that she was looking for something serious with a man she could rely on and that she’s a mother and has a son. That wasn’t a problem for me—I wanted to meet a family-minded woman, and I met her, made friends with her son, and now we have two kids together.

How to find a Venezuelan bride: Methods that work, lifehacks & pitfalls

In most cases, a man looking for foreign brides can choose between at least two-three options. For example, he can buy a romance tour and go to a particular country where he hopes to meet someone special, or go there for a few months as a tourist or use one of the online dating sites.

However, if someone is looking for Venezuelan women, choosing a dating site might be the only good option for them. However, this journey to this world can be safe and fun or dangerous, depending on how you choose and use the platforms.

Looking for Venezuelan ladies online: How not to waste time and money?

What we learned from our experience as analysts of the international dating market was that choosing a good site is half the battle. Still, we found out that one who wants to meet real Venezuelan women for marriage (as well as women from any other country) should make some effort to win another half of the battle. If you know some insights, you can do it much faster and without heavy losses.

The recommendations you can see below are just the tips our team wished we could give to ourselves at the start of our online dating project.

  • Focusing on a single random site advertised as the best platform to meet/mail order Venezuelan brides is a bad idea. Considering multiple options is a good strategy. There are tons of sites with slogans like “We’ll find a lot of sexy Venezuelan women for you!” or “Your Venezuelan mail order bride is here waiting for her perfect boyfriend!” but we never trust ads. Our experience has shown that in the best-case scenario, less than half of such sites can connect you with real Venezuelan ladies, so we always invest a lot of time in comparing the existing platforms with many members from this very country.
  • Be especially careful during the first few weeks on the site. When we first visit site, we never start clicking random profiles and writing tons of messages right after we complete registration. The thing is, there are sites with hidden costs and pitfalls, and some are just too expensive not to think about everything you do there carefully. Learning more about free and paid features, evaluating the quality of profiles, asking the support team all the questions that are important for you is always a good idea.
  • Choose and use communication tools wisely. There are sites with more or fewer features, but the thing is, you should test them all just to choose the tools that will work best for you. We used different platforms, and we always compared the tools considering their costs. For example, on such sites as La-Date, messaging often works better than Mails and it’s also cheaper. On sites like Colombia Lady, video calls cost even less than phone calls.
  • Answering all those questions when signing up is worth it. We made a test—created a low-effort profile and joined the website that could connect us with Venezuela mail order brides. We spent credits on sending messages to members and received very few responses. Guess what happened after we added a few pictures? Even though we made some of them private (niche sites like LoveFort or La-Date let you restrict access to some of your pictures at any time for free), we got a lot more attention from Latin brides.
✔️International online dating will work forInternational online dating will hardly work for
Single people looking for serious relationshipsThose who prefer totally free dating apps
Men who don’t want to spend years looking for someone special IRLThose who aren’t into long-distance relationships
People who feel comfortable when communicating with others onlineSingles who’d prefer to date someone from the same cultural environment rather than accept cultural differences
People who don’t want to hide their intentions and look for singles with similar relationship goals

What our experts think about dating Venezuelan women online and IRL

Sharone Weltfreid avatar

“We all hope the situation in Venezuela will improve, but now it’s obvious why Venezuelans have to leave the country. Many of them migrate as Venezuelan brides, and it’s remarkable how well they assimilate and how often they build successfull international relationships. These women often have everything a lot of men are looking for in a woman. Local women are hedonistic but can stand the difficulties, are marriage-minded and almost always are employed, remain ambitious but highly empathic and ready to do anything for their family members. We can’t, of course, call the marriage migration a positive phenomenon in this context, but the fact that many men are looking for Venezuela brides is not surprising at all.Sharone Weltfreid.

Sarah Wright avatar

“There are no Venezuelan dating sites—the platform with ladies from this country will hardly have at least 100,000 female users not because there are no men who would want to date Venezuelan women but because there are not so many young Venezuelan girls who can access the Internet daily without any difficulty. Companies just wouldn’t get as much profit as they want to get. However, singles can still meet thousands of Venezuelan brides on platforms that accept single women from Latin America—there are a lot of such sites on the web, and the only rule everyone should follow is to choose the site carefully, paying special attention to the quality of profiles.”Sarah Wright.

Mail order brides scam: How to spot fake identities and protect yourself

Every year, Americans lose millions of dollars becoming victims of romance scams. In the worst-case scenario, a single person can lose up to $200,000. Here’s what everyone who’s going to use online dating services should know to avoid it:

The verdict: Who are Venezuela ladies for?

Though Venezuelan brides don’t migrate to get married as often as Filipinas or women from Mexico, they marry foreign men, in particular, Americans. Such marriages often turn out to be harmonious, however, this best-case scenario becomes possible if a man was initially looking for a family-minded, hedonistic, optimistic, and active woman. Men who are looking for calmer and less ambitious women may be disappointed—there is a big chance they’d be happier with women from other countries and regions, for example, from Asia.

Paul Bloom
The creative jewel of our writing team, Paul Bloom, brings psychology into action and writes expert blog posts, recommendations, and top dating site reviews. Paul makes a comprehensive analysis of current dating trends and analyses them from a psychology perspective to create content that can help you meet a foreign partner, charm a girl you like, and build a happy relationship.
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