Sarah Wright

Sarah Wright


Before joining One Beautiful Bride, Sarah worked as an outsourced writer for many companies, blogs, and social media channels. Most of them were about the psychology of human behavior and relationships between people. She has been successful in creating valuable content presented in a clear and understandable way for any audience, and that was her professional quality our company spotted and recognized the jewel. Also, a huge benefit of Sarah’s work comes from the personal experience of international relationships: she has been using one of the popular dating sites for over a year and had no luck. But once she’s switched the website, she met a man who proposed to her within several months of online interaction. They had an 8 months long-distance relationship that allowed Sarah to feel all the hardships of dating a guy overseas. In her advice posts, Sarah shares her experience of how to keep the spark going, how to deal with many cultural differences, and have a real serious relationship.

Articles Written By Sarah Wright

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