Home Dating Russian Brides: The Best Or The Worst Decision Ever?

Dating Russian Brides: The Best Or The Worst Decision Ever?

Dating Russian Brides: The Best Or The Worst Decision Ever?

Russian mail order brides are not just “popular” abroad. They became a new “brand” on the international marriage market and it happened for a reason. For a lot of reasons, actually. However, it has resulted in tons of stereotypes.

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Today, it is really hard to understand which of the facts about them are true, and which are nothing but misconceptions. We are going to do this in our article and tell you the truth about the “mysterious Russian soul.”

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Non-stereotypical image of Russian women for marriage — what are they really like?

Researchers note that after the collapse of the USSR, the scale of marriage migration from Russia and Belarus began to increase sharply. Moreover, they also emphasize that their main motivation is their wish to find an attentive, caring, and financially stable companion without alcohol addiction. Generally speaking, this is the main reason why Russian brides do it, and as you can see, it’s not only about money. But why is there such high demand for them? Here are some non-stereotypical facts about a typical Russian lady, and they are actually the answer to this question.

Cold and emotionless?

Forget about it. Russian girls for marriage may seem cold to foreigners because they smile less, but here is one thing you should keep in mind — they don’t smile for no reason. If you spend some time with Russian beauties, you will find out that they are actually warm, caring, deep, and friendly. Just try to ask someone in Russia for help, and you’ll see how their faces and voice are changing. They turn into the friendliest and kindest people immediately. They laugh a lot, talk a lot, and more importantly, they really listen to you. In other words, contrary to popular belief about Eastern European brides, if you want to find an emotional, strong, and at the same time feminine and caring bride, you can meet her in Russia.

Family and friends as the meaning of life

We want to emphasize that nearly all girls in Russia enter universities and build careers. This, however, doesn’t mean that they underestimate the importance of family and friends. They are always their top priority, not because they are this dependent (many Russian mail order brides feel unhappy because they just want love) but because it is believed that anything but love in every sense is the only thing that can make you happy. In Serbian culture being involved in family’s problems is a must.

More easygoing and spontaneous than most people think

Unfortunately, a relationship, as well as marriage, can be boring; of course, if you don’t have a wife with Russian roots. They don’t really care about difficulties, they are spontaneous and optimistic, and they just love adventures. If they have a spontaneous idea of going somewhere, you will be there in a few hours. And it is likely to be an amazing experience.

What else you should know about a Russian mail order wife

They love beauty, good outfits, good makeup, they just like when you are looking at them. They are not as pragmatic as many people think — they are more romantic than you can even imagine. They are very loyal wives — if you have a Russian wife, she will do everything for you and your family. They want to get married before they turn 30, that’s true. But they want this because they believe that love is the most important thing in life.

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How to date Russian mail order brides: rules to remember

Want to find a mail order bride from Russia? No problem, just follow these tips!

  • Be confident. Russian brides don’t like weak men.
  • Be romantic — courtship is a must!
  • Pay for her, not because she is pragmatic and greedy, but because it is a tradition.
  • Don’t say anything, we mean, literally anything bad about Russia. Like the Ukrainians, they are patriotic  and hate it when a foreigner says that something is wrong with it.
  • Wait for her as long as necessary. She will wear her best outfit and great makeup — she needs some extra time!
  • Give her flowers. It is more important than a lot of other things for a Russian girl.

As you can see, “traditional” dating is common in Russia. She’s a lady, you’re a gentleman. Just keep this in mind!

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Final thoughts

Meeting a Russian girl is still very easy. There are lots of global dating sites, as well as niche mail order bride sites, and all you need to do is to choose a reputable and safe platform.

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