How To Find Mail Order Bride or Woman for Dating: Statistics, Guide & Prices

How To Find Mail Order Bride or Woman for Dating: Statistics, Guide & Prices

Mail order bride industry is one of the most controversial industries ever, and for us, it makes it even more interesting for analysis and research. It’s been six years since we started to learn all about its essentials, details, and pitfalls—we interviewed a lot of mail order brides and their husbands, found and analyzed lots of figures and statistics, and tested plenty of websites to write this in-depth guide on the modern mail order bride service and modern mail order wives.

Best Mail Order Bride And International Dating Sites

JollyRomanceBest Western European platformFREE
EasternHoneysBest Asian platformFREE
LoveFortBest Latin platformFREE
MeetSlavicGirlsBest Eastern European platformFREE

What is a mail order bride?

A modern mail ordered bride is a woman who meets a few most important criteria at once:

  • Wants to get married in the near future, not in 3-5 years
  • Is interested in dating foreign men
  • Doesn’t mind migrating to a husband’s country after they decide to get married
  • Wants to start a family with a foreigner for different reasons but has nothing to do with sugar babies and isn’t interested in any kind of financial compensation or other benefits

Still, getting a foreign wife has both advantages and disadvantages.

Much faster development of relationships: no need to date someone for years to start a familyChance of getting scammed
Many mail order wives are more family-minded than western womenExtra expenses on K-1 visas, trips to a bride’s country
MOBs can be found online pretty easily for a very reasonable price

Mail order bride countries & statistics

Who is a typical mail order bride and where is she from? Our analytics identified the top countries men choose to seek foreign brides in each region.


Main bride countries: The Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, China, and India.

Though these are the most popular Asian countries to find a wife, some men prefer to look for brides in Japan and South Korea.

Aning, 29
Achara, 26
Hathai, 33
Alma, 22

Latin America

Main bride countries: Mexico, Dominican Republic, Brazil, Colombia, and Venezuela.

Latin women are very popular for plenty of reasons, but in particular because of fewer cultural differences and the location of countries that make trips a lot cheaper.

Maria, 29
Ava, 27
Isabella, 30
Victoria, 25

Western Europe

Main bride countries: Great Britain, France, Germany, and Italy.

There are fewer mail order brides in these countries, but men marry these women because they are no less attractive and have a similar mindset.

Julia, 32
Anna, 26
Oliwia, 29
Sofia, 30

Eastern Europe

Main countries: Ukraine, Belarus, and Russia.

These always were one of the top places to meet mail order brides, but it’s important to consider the current situation. It’s not that easy for a Russian woman to migrate due to sanctions and restrictions, and many Ukrainian women have already moved to other countries (many of them see it as a temporary thing) after Russia invaded Ukraine.

Inna, 25
Irina, 29
Olga, 25
Zhanna, 24

What can say more and be more honest than figures and facts? Here are also some statistics that can help understand a typical mail ordered bride.

  • The number of K-1 visa applicants from Asia, Europe, South America, and North America in 2019, was around 23,500. Not all of them were mail order brides, but most mail order brides from these regions apply for this very visa to marry their American husbands. In 2019, the number of applicants dropped to 14,700, which, however, is explained by the COVID restrictions.
  • The average age for marriage for mail order brides also varies. For example, in Costa Rica it’s 25.7, in Brazil—30, in Indonesia—19, in Japan—29.3, in Ukraine—25, in Greece—29.9.
  • The age difference between a mail ordered bride and her husband in different regions is: for Latin America—1-6 years, for Eastern Europe—2-6 years, for East Asia—2-6 years, and for Southeast Asia—2-6 years.
  • Over 80% of marriages with mail order brides last over the years.
RegionBest countries & number of mail order bridesNumber of brides from the region
Asian– The Philippines (3,069 brides)
– Thailand (344 brides)
– Vietnam (861 brides)
– China (284 brides)
– India (413 brides)
Latin America– Mexico (1,005 brides)
– Dominic Republic (546 brides)
– Brazil (431 brides)
– Colombia (470 brides)
– Venezuela (135 brides)
Western Europe– Great Britian (453 brides)
– France (148 brides)
– Germany (154 brides)
– Italy (116 brides)
Eastern Europe– Ukraine (357 brides)
– Belarus (33 brides)
– Russia (277 brides) 

Husbands of mail order brides and their stories

eastern honeys success story

David and Agila

I met my wife through a mail order brides service and I never regretted this decision. My wife is from the Philippines, and I can’t even tell how different from western girls Filipinas are. For me, it was a perfect match. My wife isn’t super-obedient, so, guys who expect to find a submissive wife, I have some bad news for you! But she’s super caring, totally focused on family and our happiness, optimistic, and always smiling, and that’s what I love about her most. She’s a beauty, too, so I really made my male friends a bit jealous. Well, I don’t feel bad about that.

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la-date success story

Steven and Juliana

I was always attracted to Latin girls. You know, they always seemed a bit sexier, a bit funnier, a bit more optimistic than 99% of regular people around me. I dated two women from Latin America when I was younger but married an American after that. We divorced 5 years ago and I decided to join dating sites, saw the ads of a mail order brides service, and thought, well, why not! I met my Brazilian girlfriend there, and I,ve already visited her twice, and I must admit, I’m crazy in love with her and this country. She’s so passionate and so alive—I’ll propose to her during my next trip.

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ukrainebride4you success story

Jason and Inna

I didn’t hear much about Ukrainians before I joined one of the global dating sites and saw a few recommendations. These women are absolutely gorgeous, so I decided to try my luck. Well, I’ve been married to a Ukrainian for more than 4 years, and I know for sure women in this country are special. At first, my wife seemed a bit cold, but soon I found out it was because I was a stranger. When we started to get closer, everything changed. I was surprised to know that I was dating the kindest, most intelligent, and most beautiful woman I’ve ever met. I don’t think I could be happier with any other woman.

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bravodate success story

Paul and Krystyna

I married a Polish girl, and I’ve never been happier. I must admit that I was initially looking for a foreign bride from Eastern Europe or maybe China, but I accidentally found a Polish girl’s profile, and she seemed nice, so I sent a message, and now we have 2 children. I think it didn’t work that well before for me because although many ladies from Asia or Eastern Europe are more family-minded than women in Poland, I need a loving and caring partner who still has more westernized values. For me, cultural barriers matter, and I’m happy that we don’t have to overcome many of them.

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Mail order bride cost: How much for mail order bride services?

Men can’t buy mail order brides, but they can meet them online, on niche regional or global dating sites. Of course, regional platforms (with Asian, Latin, or European brides only) like JollyRomance or EasternHoneys work better for those who know what they are looking for and want to meet a woman from a particular region or country, but in general, both global and niche sites can work. They, however, are also divided into two more categories—sites where members pay for monthly premium plans and sites where members buy credits. We estimated the costs for all types and subtypes of platforms, and here’s how many one can expect to spend on online dating/mail order bride service per month.

For most people using online dating sites to find a local match, it takes around two months to meet someone special and start a relationship. However, it’s important to consider that things work differently when it comes to international dating. In particular, a man who meets a mail order bride can’t just ask her out. Most men dating foreign women online spend around a year on the site before they find a girlfriend, get closer, and then decide to meet in real life. Most spend around $1,000 during that time (depending on the subscription cost and frequency of using features like expensive video chats and gift delivery). 

The good news is that many dating websites and mail order bride services have loyalty and bonus programs. There are promo codes for Tinder, complimentary credits on websites like BravoDate and La-Date, free vouchers and discounts on platforms like Date Nice Asian and ColombiaLady, etc. 

Meeting a mail order bride in real life: How expensive is it?

A couple needs to meet in real life one day, and in 90% of cases, a man goes to a mail order bride’s country. The cots of such trips vary greatly. A man dating a Vietnamese woman or a lady from Ukraine is going to spend much less than a man who’s dating a woman in Argentina or Germany. 

We estimated the costs of 2-week trip to the 4 most popular countries, and they are as follows:

However, trips and online dating services are not the only expenditures. A mail ordered bride will also need a K-1 visa to enter the US to get married, which usually costs a man around $1,000. Celebrating a wedding, of course, is optional, but many couples have a ceremony, and that, in turn, costs $20,000 on average. Wedding license, compared to the cost of wedding itself is super low—$20-100 depending on the state.

RegionMail order brides cost (without a wedding)Best international dating sites
Asia$6,000-$8,000EasternHoneys, TheLuckyDate Asia, Date Nice Asian
Latin America$5,000-$8,000La-Date, LoveFort, ColombiaLady
Western Europe$6,000-$11,000BravoDate, AmourFeel, JollyRomance
Eastern Europe$6,000-$9,000UkraineBride4you, BravoDate, AmourFeel

How to find a mail order bride? Details about sites and trips

In the modern world, you’ll hardly find a mail order brides catalog with ladies, choose one of them and just start dating her. If so, the question is how men meet modern mail order brides. Generally speaking, a single man has two options to choose from—go to a country where he has a good chance of meeting a foreign bride and join one of the mail order brides websites such as La-Date or UkraineBride4you. Both have their pros and cons, and we’re going to talk about them in more detail.

How to find a mail order bride IRL?

In the era of globalization, open borders, and remote jobs, people have an opportunity to move someone for a year, so why not go somewhere to meet a wife? 

In fact, a lot of men meet foreign women on business trips or vacations, start a long-distance relationship and then marry them. Still, obviously, this doesn’t work for all. There is another way to find a mail order wife in real life, though. In some countries, companies still arrange the so-called romance or marriage tours.

There are not so many places where you can order a tour—in most cases, these are Asian countries like the Philippines or Thailand. Currently, it’s impossible to find a marriage tour to Germany and even to Ukraine. Costs for one-week tours (hotel, translation, events at which men meet local singles included) start at $3,000, but we’d recommend checking the provider’s offers carefully. Sometimes such tours are cheaper than if a tourist just books the hotel and buys tickets, which is pretty suspicious.

✔️Romance tours may work for:Romance tours will hardly work for:
Men who don’t like the idea of using online dating sitesThose who don’t want to spend too much without any guarantees
Those who planned to visit Asian/Latin/Eastern European countriesPeople who don’t like competition and the idea of going on a group tour
Singles who don’t mind paying more for meeting a mail order bride IRLSingles who feel uncomfortable on speed dates or other similar events

How to find a mail order bride online?

Our experience shows that choosing the best mail order brides services is actually half the battle for singles looking for a foreign mail order girlfriend or a wife online. There are a lot of pitfalls, so we developed a strategy that allows us to find the best mail order bride websites and use them effectively. We share some most important rules that we always follow below.

✔️Considering multiple options is the best. When we’re looking for the best platforms with mail order brides from a particular region, for example, Asia or Latin countries, we don’t just pick the first random website that claims to help us to find a “perfect” Chinese, Brazilian, or Filipino mail order bride. First, we find at least 5 platforms that seem to have many women from this area, and learn as much as possible without joining the community. Decent mail order bride websites usually provide unregistered users with information on the company and its mission. That, along with free trials and complimentary credits, allows us to choose 1-2 best platforms from 10 websites at the first stage. Basically, a man looking for mail order brides should do the same thing just because considering many platforms instead choosing the first site you see on Google search results is much more effective, and most importantly, safe.

✔️Spotting hidden costs isn’t such a simple task, but it’s necessary not to overpay for dating. Everyone who’s going to use mail order bride services should learn everything about the costs. It seems obvious, but the thing is, these systems may be tricky. Let’s analyze the pricing policies for two good platforms where one can meet a mail order bride—La-Date and Date Nice Asian. On the first online dating site, you’ll spend around $0.2 on a credit, but 10 minutes in live chat will cost you 20 credits. On the second mail order bride website, you’ll pay $3.99 for a credit, which is a lot, but 10 minutes in live chat will cost you 1 credit. That’s what a future member should learn—if you don’t understand how the system actually works, you’re likely to spend more than you expected. By the way, platforms with hidden costs aren’t worth using at all. Why join a site that tries to scam the members?

✔️Not all communication tools are effective, so testing them and choosing the best services is a part of a good dating strategy. Not all mail order brides services work the same way, but all good mail order bride sites like EasternHoneys or JollyRomance provide different communication tools aimed at helping people find someone special and start a relationship online. These are streams, live chat, Mail services, gift delivery, international phone calls, etc. They have different costs and can be more or less effective for a particular user, which is why everyone should test all the services to choose the tools that not only work better for them but also spend less on online dating.

✔️Matching algorithms and search work better than reaching random mail order brides. As we’ve noted before, on good mail order bride sites, a user can find a perfect match much faster due to the advanced search features with many useful filters. Using them really can help a man find a future mail order wife without spending too much time viewing random profiles and wasting a fortune on ladies who don’t meet his main criteria.

✔️Niche dating sites may work for:Niche dating sites will hardly work for:
Those who are ready to settle down and start a familyMen who aren’t ready to pay for using an online dating site
Men who are attracted to women from a particular regionSingles who believe it’s impossible to build a healthy relationship online
Singles who want to use modern technologies to find love
Men who want to spend less and still meet the best mail order brides

Our experts’ opinions

adam cohen

“There are a lot of myths about foreign mail order brides, and I’d like to bust some of them. First, you won’t find a mail order brides catalog—they just don’t exist. Second, mail order brides cost is much lower than most expected just because you don’t buy foreign women—you date them. Third, like in any other relationship, in a relationship with a foreign mail order bride, a lot depends on you. No matter if you met a girl on a mail order bride site or at a local coffee shop, it’s important to remember that mutual respect is the key to a healthy relationship. From the psychological point of view, international couples are happier if they ignore the fact that they met online and are from different countries, as well as if they make more effort to get closer and care about one another.” — Adam Cohen.

Sharone Weltfreid avatar

“There’s no country where you can find “the best mail order brides”—Eastern European women, Asian mail order brides, ladies from Latin America, and girls from Western Europe, they all have their advantages, and the trickiest part is to find mail order brides who’ll meet your own, personal criteria. I’d recommend all men to ask themselves what exactly they are looking for in a woman and learn more about different regions and countries before they make a decision and start looking for Russian mail order brides or probably Vietnamese girls.” — Sharone Weltfreid.

Mail order bride scams

Last year, Americans lost over $300 million in romance scams. That happens both to those who use Tinder or local dating sites and to those who are looking for legit mail order brides on niche platforms. It’s crucially important to follow safety rules when dating online, and we have some illustrative facts and tips for those who’re going to find a perfect foreign bride but don’t want to lose all their money after meeting a scammer.

Final thoughts

A dating site or a mail order bride website can really help one find a mail order wife: an online platform is a new kind of mail order bride agency, and you should choose it carefully in order to succeed. Choosing the right place to look for a wife is no less important—doing some research before joining the regional website is actually one of the best decisions that a single man can make.

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