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How To Find Scandinavian Bride or Woman for Dating: Statistics, Guide & Prices

How To Find Scandinavian Bride or Woman for Dating: Statistics, Guide & Prices

Although it’s quite cold in Scandinavia, Scandinavian mail order brides are pretty hot. So naturally, many Americans are dreaming of such a girlfriend. But for obvious reasons, meeting these girls in real life is almost impossible. Luckily, you can sign up on one of these dating sites and meet your soulmate in no time.

Scandinavian Mail Order Brides & Dating Sites in 2022

1JollyRomanceOne of the most reputable dating sites
2BravoDateBest mobile experience
3MeetSlavicGirlsBest for serious relationships
4Amour FactoryVery active female audience
5UkraineBride4youBest for dating Ukrainian specifically

How much is a Scandinavian bride?

If you dream about dating a girl from any Scandinavian country, knowing the average cost of Scandinavian brides will help you know what to expect. We gathered everything that comes into Scandinavian mail order bride prices to help you not to be hit by unexpected Scandinavian wife expenses. Also, we’ll help you budget more efficiently.

scandinavian mail order bride on beach

As you generally have two ways of meeting a bride from Scandinavia, online dating or visiting any of the countries, we want to start dissecting a Scandinavian bride cost from your average expenses using an online dating site. The majority of dating sites are credit-based and here is the example of costs on Match Truly:

  • $3.99—20 credits
  • $19.99—50 credits
  • $44.99—125 credits
  • $69.99—250 credits
  • $149.99—750 credits

Your Scandinavian mail order bride cost may vary a lot depending on a particular dating site you pick, which makes a choice of a suitable dating site very important. Also, even if you choose online dating as your main way of looking for a potential bride, sooner or later you’ll be expected to visit your girl IRL. Here are common travel expenses that constitute the Scandinavian brides prices:

  • Round-trip ticket (New York, the USA–Aalesund Vigra, Norway)—from $627
  • Accommodation—on average $117 per day
  • Food—$31 for one person per day
  • Transportation—$18 per day
  • Entertainment—$32 for two per day

Overall, the average two-week trip to meet your Scandinavian beauty will cost you around $3,399, which is pretty average price for finding European bride. Also, don’t forget about dating site membership fees or expenses for using services, which you need to add to know the full sum. Now when you know how much is a Scandinavian bride, you can budget properly.

scandinavian female in white swimsuit

Where do Scandinavian girls for marriage live?

Scandinavia is a region in Northern Europe, which includes the following countries:

  • Denmark
  • Norway
  • Sweden
  • Finland
  • Iceland

So if you are dreaming of a Scandinavian wife, you probably want to look for her in these countries. It is very convenient to do this with modern dating websites.

Who a mail order bride from Scandinavia really is?

Scandinavian mail order brides are actually pretty devoted and sweet people. Even though they are notoriously reserved, they are still quite friendly. In addition to that, most of these ladies are social climbers. For them, it’s very important to achieve professional success as for most Latin ladies for marriage. They are also pretty independent and aren’t used to be financially dependent on their boyfriends or spouses. Apart from that, these girls are particularly loyal and reliable partners whom you can count on in case of any difficulties.

If you are interested in finding a potential wife, you need to know that a Scandinavian mail order wife needs a lot of free time and personal space. So don’t expect her to be around you all the time since marriage is not the only important thing in her life, which is actually normal. For instance, Asian women looking for marriage always searching for new interests, in order to keep their personalities developing.  In addition to that, these women rarely willingly choose the fate of a housewife simply because it’s not what they are particularly interested in. For instance, in Denmark, over 70% of women are in the labor force and in Iceland, and almost 80% of women are employed. As you can see, between career and family, these women choose the first option. But if you are attracted to successful businesswomen as well as share her view on the family, such a girlfriend is going to be perfect for you.

scandinavian woman for marriage sunbathing

Tips and tricks on how not to ruin a relationship with Scandinavian mail order brides

To wrap up, let us give you the ultimate tips and tricks that will help you save your relationship with your girlfriend from Scandinavia:

  • Respect her personal space. Like Romanian brides for marriage, these ladies do not tolerate too much physical contact.
  • Forget about PDA, Scandinavian brides usually do not approve of that.
  • If you’ve been invited for dinner, don’t forget to bring a little gift for the host, a bottle of wine or a box of chocolates will perfectly work for that.
  • Don’t try speaking Norwegian, Finnish, Swedish, Danish, or Icelandic languages if you don’t know them well because you might accidentally say something silly or even offensive.
  • When it comes to a wedding, make sure to show your respect to the traditions of your fiancée’s country.

Qualities Scandinavian brides are looking for in men

Scandinavian mail order brides, like many other girls, are the females who know what they want. They aren’t used to waiting until someone shows up to help them and prefer to achieve everything on their own. Sexy Scandinavian women aim for the stars and never fail to get what they want because they understand that hard work always pays off. Local mail order brides want to see equally purposeful men by their sides and want to know that their partners will always have their back no matter what’s happening.

scandinavian lady in top

If you think about dating Scandinavian women, remember that they already know what qualities they’re looking for in men and won’t settle for less. The list of characteristics of men that can charm Scandinavian women includes the following:

Attentive and caring

A Scandinavian bride wants her soulmate to understand her preferences and interests. If you want to melt her heart, pay attention to details and try to notice what things put a smile on her face. Care is also about the everyday activities; for example, ask your Scandinavian bride about her well-being, how was the meeting with her friends, or whether she had had a good sleep last night. In this way, you’ll show that she matters to you, and she won’t be afraid to open up to you. 


The level of education in Scandinavian countries is higher than in some other regions, so local ladies always pay attention to how their interlocutors communicate, behave, and act during the date. Beautiful Scandinavian ladies won’t leave your ability to discuss different topics without attention because they are open-minded and have an advanced set of knowledge. They know a lot of stuff about various things and want to exchange their ideas with people keen on the same areas. So, the best tip here is to ask what exactly your Scandinavian lady likes to talk about and dive deeper into the topic to impress her on your next date.


In Scandinavian countries, it’s common for women to make the first step in communication with men. A Swedish lady, among others, aims to have equality in relationships because the role of feminism in the country is significant. It affects the way local ladies perceive different things. When on a date, they aim to be independent and pay for themselves. This might seem like a complication for some men, but that’s how things are in the modern world, and there’s nothing to be afraid of. That’s why online dating Scandinavian girls requires guys to be brave. They need to prove to local ladies they’re ready to treat them as equal partners and share all the responsibilities. Only a brave man can conquer the heart of a Scandinavian bride. 

pretty scandinavian girl on beach


Many hot Scandinavian women deal with numerous tasks on their own, but when in relationships, they’re ready to share some of them with their partners. However, keep in mind that they’re used to treating everything with attention and prefer it when tasks are done perfectly. So, if you are dreaming about Scandinavian wives online, you should prove to her that she won’t regret trusting you with some responsibilities. If you decide to take the burden off her shoulders, remember that beautiful Scandinavian brides treat everything with high consideration and avoid dealing with their duties in a haphazard manner.


Any woman wants to be confident in her partner’s feelings and aims to show her soulmate that she is in love with him and expects the same in response. Scandinavian brides online appreciate it when men are honest with them about their thoughts, ideas, and feelings because they want to be in relationships with partners they can fully trust. If you want to establish and maintain a strong connection with your Scandinavian woman, don’t give her any reasons to feel jealous or question your true intentions.  


Norwegian women and other Scandinavian singles adore men who aren’t afraid of sharing their opinions and can prove their point of view. Confidence is something that comes from within and attracts hot ladies. Gorgeous ladies can easily feel the energy that comes from you and tell if you’re the one she’s been looking for. Confidence helps people achieve success, be active, and take the initiative in situations where other people are afraid to make a move. Scandinavian mail order brides are easily attracted to gentlemen who don’t know how it’s like to doubt their choices or think that they can’t achieve their targets.  

scandinavian girl for marriage outdoors


All people have certain reasons and conditions that encourage them to achieve their goals, and you need to understand what exactly motivates you. The best Scandinavian brides find inspiration in their loved ones, careers, and the world, and they aim to work hard to enjoy everything that brings them gladness to the fullest. They’re also motivated by the ability to share the most precious moments with their soulmates, and that’s exactly what motivates Scandinavian singles to look for foreign lovers. So, you, in your turn, need to understand the main drivers of your desire to follow the way that will lead you to success in different spheres of your life. 


Sexy Scandinavian women don’t like grumpy men or those who can’t enjoy moments. Instead, they aim to find something positive in any situation and expect their partners to do the same. Danish women, and Scandinavian girls in general, believe that negative energy takes too many resources, so focusing on bad things is just a waste of time. And even if something unplanned happens, they expect their men to find solutions to the situation instead of worrying too much about it.

Besides, hot Scandinavian women love having a good laugh, so quick-witted men always catch their attention. However, don’t try too hard to make your lover laugh; everything needs to happen casually.


A man who proves his words with actions and makes his lover feel calm and secure around him will definitely achieve success in Scandinavian women dating. Local girls want to entrust different tasks to their soulmates, be it regular grocery store shopping or making sure the family’s financial status is stable. Girls of Scandinavian nations believe that if a man gives a promise to his lover, he has to do what he says to avoid losing a woman’s trust. 

scandinavian lady for marriage swimming

Why are Scandinavian women so beautiful?

Scandinavian girls are known for having blue eyes, blond hair, and rather sharp facial features. The popularity of hygge culture around the world inspired foreigners to pay closer attention to the beauty routine of Scandinavian women. However, their main tools for staying young and attractive aren’t beauty products but genetics, ecology, and adherence to natural skincare products.

Scandinavian mail order brides often give the impression of fairies from the fairy tales because their beauty is also referred to as “cold and icy” like fjords in winter. This happens partly because of their fair skin and light-colored hair and partly because people associate them with the characters of Scandinavian folklore, namely elves and mermaids. Although the appearances of Scandinavian women don’t look warm and soft, they still seem sophisticated, aristocratic, and gentle. Also, a Scandinavian mail order bride is usually tall and slim and doesn’t like being out in the sun because they understand that it will make their pale skin look less attractive.

What are the other reasons why most women from the Scandinavian peninsula are so gorgeous?

1. Norwegian brides (and other local ladies) emphasize their beauty with light makeup

When Slavic girls can be extra sometimes, applying too much makeup, using fake lashes, or too heavy-colored lipsticks, single women from Scandinavia prefer their makeup to be almost invisible yet emphasize their best features. That’s why you’ll rarely see a local girl wearing something brighter than nude makeup. Nordic beauty is about being oneself and not trying to look like someone else. Scandinavian women appreciate the facial features given by nature and are proud to represent this seemingly cold yet charming nationality. 

2. Scandinavian singles aren’t afraid of getting older

A single Nordic woman won’t try to hide her wrinkles with botox or other popular cosmetological procedures because she believes that each age has something great about it. Local girls believe that they should focus on the emotions and memories they experience when they’re getting older rather than worry about how each passing year reflects on their faces. Besides, the laugh and happy moments are the reasons for their wrinkles, but this won’t stop them from smiling because they prefer living their lives to the fullest. 

scandinavian female on beach

3. Beautiful Scandinavian women drink a lot of water

Everyone knows that staying hydrated is the golden rule for being healthy and good-looking. A Scandinavian dream girl never forgets about this and makes sure to drink her daily water quota. Besides, it helps them prevent their skin from being dry due to the specificities of the local climate. Foreign men can often spot local women with cute water bottles in summer or small thermoses in winter. They also prefer drinking homemade lemonades and herbal tea, so American guys will also obtain new, healthy habits when in relationships with Scandinavian mail order brides.

4. Scandinavian girls pay attention to what they eat

A healthy style of living is one of the primary secrets of Nordic ladies’ beauty. They rarely eat fast food, choosing products with useful nutrients and vitamins. Fish and seafood are the essential elements of their daily menus alongside berries. So, girls you’ll meet on Scandinavian mail order bride sites will be glad to discuss different topics with you, including your habits and food preferences. 

5. Scandinavian mail order wives know how to be stylish

When you’re about to date Scandinavian singles, you don’t have to worry about waiting for too long while they’re dressing up. Local beauties have an impressive talent — they know what they want to wear right away, without spending hours choosing their looks of the day, and make sure to be wearing both stylish and comfortable clothing. They aren’t the ladies who want to have the most trendy pieces of clothing because they prefer looking classy. Also, they believe that fashion is a way to express themselves and aren’t afraid of combining different clothes to create unique outfits. 

scandinavian girl sunbathing

6. Sexy Scandinavian women include sport in their routines

While some women treat different physical activities as hard labor, hot Scandinavian women prefer to find ways to enjoy sports. When there’s a choice between a gym and skiing or hiking, they’ll choose the activity that involves being outside and enjoying the fresh air and wonderful landscapes. Scandinavian walking is so popular worldwide for a reason because it positively affects both physical and mental states. 

7. A Scandinavian wife smiles a lot

Life without pleasures isn’t enjoyable, right? That’s what Scandinavian girls from dating websites think, and that’s the reason why they’re always in a good mood and ready to share positive emotions with others. A foreign husband will be impressed by the joie de vivre of his Nordic soulmate, and their serious relationships will always be filled with happy memories and tons of inside jokes. 

Gender equality in Sweden

In the modern world, people understand that women can achieve the same goals as men, and they should be given enough opportunities to do so.

In Scandinavian countries, people never joke about where the woman’s real place is, and the decision to be a housewife is what a lady truly wants, and nobody can make her do something she doesn’t like. Both a Scandinavian woman and a man can take parental leave at work after having a child because, in a prosperous country like Sweden, partners decide who’s going to work. In contrast, the other takes care of one or two kids (the most common number of children in Swedish families).

It’s about having equal rights and opportunities, but it doesn’t mean that Swedish girls or other brides from Scandinavia can’t cook or look after their houses. They are good at both building families and careers.

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Why a beautiful Sweden woman wishes to date a foreigner

Swedish brides have a desire to explore the world and be in love. That’s why beautiful Scandinavian women believe that dating a foreigner is the best choice. It allows them to combine these activities and enjoy their travels in the company of their beloved husbands. 

Also, a Scandinavian mail order bride doesn’t want to be limited by countries’ borders when looking for a soulmate and is open to different offers. Many hot Scandinavian women aim to find interesting interlocutors who will share their passions. They believe that men of other cultures and nationalities have these qualities.  

Popular ways to meet Scandinavian brides for marriage

Dating apps, online dating sites, and real-life dating are among the most effective ways to find Scandinavian girls. However, the third option is the most inconvenient one because Scandinavian countries are quite far from the US, so you’ll need to spend considerable time and effort to get there.

Meanwhile, using an online dating site is like winning the lottery. You get access to thousands of profiles of Scandinavian best wives, can communicate at any time, and exchange cute gifts. Dating platforms offer high chances of meeting a single woman of your dreams and building relationships with a real woman from Sweden or other Scandinavian countries.

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Wrapping up

Sophisticated and mind-blowingly beautiful, Scandinavian women for marriage are perfect for those of you who aren’t afraid of strong women. So if you have been dreaming of one of these beautiful blondes, you know exactly what to do. Join mail order bride sites and dating services and start your exciting journey into the world of dating single ladies from Sweden, Norway, and other countries with Scandinavian people!

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