Home All About Indian Mail Order Brides — From Facts & Statistics To Dating Tips

All About Indian Mail Order Brides — From Facts & Statistics To Dating Tips

All About Indian Mail Order Brides — From Facts & Statistics To Dating Tips

Marriage migration is not new to Indian bridesaccording to recent studies, nearly 300 million women migrate across the country to get married. Though Indian society is a pretty conservative one, it is changing, and girls even migrate abroad from the country to get married.

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Why do they do it? What cultural specificities should a man consider to win an Indian girl’s heart? Should you look for an Indian hottie on a niche mail order bride site or a regular international dating platform? You’ll find all the answers below.

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A few facts about Indian society — why do Indian brides migrate?

If you want to understand why Indian mail order brides do it, you should take a look at a few facts.

  • Though Indian society is changing and developing, it still puts a lot of pressure on young Indian girls for marriage. They should get married at a certain age. Otherwise, they’ll have to face discouragement. The age of marriage of an Indian girl varies — in rural areas, they should get married at the youngest age.
  • According to Statista, domestic abuse or cruelty by husbands and/or other relatives was the highest reported crime against women across India 2 years ago. In general, violence against women in India is widely discussed, but the situation is not getting much better.
  • A lot of Indian women note that they dream of traveling. A lot of them want to see the world, learn more about other cultures, and have new experiences.

So, what conclusions can be drawn from these facts? Well, many Indians just like most of Asian females still feel that they should get married at a certain age. A lot of them face violence in their family. The vast majority of them want to travel and don’t mind living in another country. No wonder they want to marry a foreigner because they fall in love, and not because their marriage is arranged by parents.

Why men look for an Indian wife

So, now we know why women like the idea of cross-cultural marriage. But why do western men love it too? Here are the explanations:

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  1. Indian brides are some of the most beautiful women in the world.
  2. They are more educated than most western people think they are (the number of female students in India is constantly growing).
  3. They live in a wonderful but poor country and still remain optimistic. Moreover, it makes them mentally strong.
  4. They are very patient and avoid conflicts if they can.
  5. They are modern in a good way and conservative in a good way like most Chinese brides are. Indian females are smart, strong, and independent yet charming, loving, and family-minded.

Sounds like a dream, right? However, you should consider the fact that these women are still from another cultural environment, so it is not super easy for a foreigner to prove that he is 100% serious about an Indian wife and to win her heart.

Winning a heart of an Indian mail order bride — top dating tips

Learning more about Indian dating culture is crucially important if you are going to win a local girl’s heart.

So, what do Indian mail order brides like?

  • Men talking about long-term, serious relationships
  • Men who can wait, if you know what we mean
  • Romantic dates and courtship
  • Foreigners who really want to know more about Indian culture

What Indian mail order wives hate?

  • Public displays of affection (this is typical for Asians, especially for Thai women)
  • Conversations about the stereotypical image of Indian people (beef, prohibited premarital sex, Bollywood, etc.)
  • Her photos on your Facebook page before it really gets serious

As you can see, it is not rocket science, so go ahead!

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Final thoughts on Indian women for marriage

So, a lot of guys would like to marry one of the Indian ladies. A lot of Indian women, in turn, would like to marry a guy from another country. Where to find them? You can meet an Indian mail order wife on a global dating site or on a niche platform with mail order brides only. They both may work if you choose a reputable, top-quality website. So, if you think that your love is waiting for you in India, why not give it a try?

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