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AmourFactory Dating Review: Registration, Communication, Prices

AmourFactory Dating Review: Registration, Communication, Prices

AmourFactory is one of the sites promoted as a good dating platform for dating—for western men and Slavic women, in particular. But trusting ads isn’t such a good idea—the only way to check the site is to use it.

There’s no need to spend hundreds of dollars on such experiments—we do that for you. We’ve already joined Amour Factory and described our experience in detail.

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Site overview

Things we liked

  • Modern website with some special features like the ‘Faces’ game
  • Most profiles are validated
  • About half the women on the AmourFactory site have profile videos
  • Free registration, a pretty interesting quiz new members can pass to define their priorities
  • There are both extended search and the People feature

Things we didn’t like

  • Amour Factory is one of the dating sites that have no premium plans but offer credits instead
  • Real gifts are too expensive—they are much cheaper in a regular online store
  • No video chat, no mobile app

Who is Amour Factory for

  • Men who are curious about dating women from Eastern European countries
  • Singles who don’t want to limit themselves to communicating with potential partners only from their home country
  • People looking for online communication, friendship, dating, cyber relationships, casual relationships, and more

Creating an account on Amour Factory

Amour Factory is a niche online dating platform—it accepts only Slavic ladies and men who are looking for them online. This is a relatively new online dating site, but it already has about 200,000 monthly visits, which is a lot in this market. To learn more, in particular, to find out what it is like to look for a match on Amour Factory and how much it costs, we created an account of an ordinary 55-year-old guy from Minnesota. 

Let’s talk about registration in a bit more detail. Our registration, just like registration of any new user regardless of gender and age, was completely free, but it took some time—up to 10-15 minutes in total. Here is what we did to get access to all AmourFactory profiles and features:

  • Browsed the official website and signed up. We only had to provide some basic details like email, date of birth, gender and create a username and a password at this stage (this stage can’t be skipped).
  • Took a quiz that was divided into two parts: the question about us, our preferences and interests, and the questions about a partner we’d like to meet on this dating site. There were very different questions, actually, from the questions about some basic things like a marital status or education to one’s guilty pleasures and favorite movies.
  • Could write self-description. We figured out that if a new user isn’t sure what they want to say, they can skip it and write a self-description later (that’s exactly what we did to find out how many women will send messages to someone with a low-effort profile).
  • Could upload a photo (again, all new users can do it later, at any time).

We answered all the questions but didn’t upload a photo and write a self-description. You can skip the quiz, too, but not all the information can be provided later. There is no verification procedure for men (we believe that they don’t provide an opportunity to verify the account because scammers and fakes will hardly pay this much for interaction), but most profiles of female members from Eastern Europe are validated (maybe because the site is free for women and otherwise they could create fake accounts easily).

Free and premium features—How much does it really cost to use this dating platform?

We’ve already listed some costs, but if one has never used such a website, they’d hardly understand how much they’ll spend. So, the first thing we did is started to look for more information about credits and the costs of features, and then tested all of them to make sure there are no hidden costs and unpleasant surprises. We share our impressions in the paragraphs below. 

Free features

Well, the platform really has many free features that let you understand how the site works and who are the members of this community but unfortunately, they don’t let you have actual conversations.

So, here is what non-paying users can do according to our experience:

  • Sign up, take a quiz when registering the account, and upload photos. 
  • View all the information and public photos in other members’ personal profiles (there are private features and videos that non-paying members can’t watch). 
  • Use all types of search including the People feature—for us, both People and search worked equally well just because with didn’t have that specific criteria, but if for a user who knows exactly what they’re looking for, advanced search will be more helpful. 
  • Use customer support service (there is no live chat)—we could only send an email, but we received responses in 2-3 hours both times, so at least you don’t have to wait for days and weeks to get answers to your questions.
  • Add profile to Favorites and like them, send winks. These are the only free ways to interact with others. We sent winks pretty often, after all, they were free, and there was a chance that a woman will send the message if she’s interested, but it happened not so often, probably, in 20% of cases. 
  • Follow other members, view posts in the Newsfeed. Yes, AmourFactory also works as social media site, and as on social media site, following others and viewing posts are free. 

So, non paying members can do nearly anything except for actually chatting with members, sending files, and viewing some private media. We must also notice that all new users get 20 free complimentary credits from a company (we spent them all in live chat, by the way). 

Paid features and their actual costs

On BravoDate, as well as on many other similar websites, the more credits we bought, the cheaper they appeared. So, buying a more expensive package made more sense than buying a lot of small packages, and we purchased 750 credits for around $150 at once (spoiler alert—that was a good decision). Here are the costs of premium features (prices in dollars are relevant if you buy 750 credits for $0,2 each like we did):

  • Live Chat—20 credits/$4 for 10 minutes. For us, it was the most useful and the most cost-effective feature. However, we must admit that we tried to select active users—not the ladies who visit site once a week, so we didn’t experience much difficulty with reaching our matches via chat. If you like someone who doesn’t use the site regularly, Mails might work better. 
  • Mails—10/$2 credits for the first letters you send, 30/$6 credits for all the following letters. Mails are more expensive. You can write up to 3000 characters, which is a lot, but to be honest, we are not big fans of writing such essays each time. Still, if you have much to say, it may be useful. 
  • Attaching a picture—10/$2 credits. Yes, it’s not free, but it’s not crazy expensive, too. We didn’t send many pictures but received a lot from ladies, which makes us think that the site is free for them (that would explain why female profiles are so detailed—the administration probably makes them verify their identities and add a lot of photos not to let fake female members join the site). 
  • Sending a sticker in live chat—5/$1 credits. We sent stickers twice, and for us, it didn’t make much sense. We’d better spend $2 on sending a photo instead of just sending a cute sticker. 
  • Watching a profile video—50 credits/$10. Most videos don’t last 10 or 20 minutes and don’t contain any useful information—we mean, they’re rather uploaded to confirm that a woman is real. If you have doubts, probably, watching them makes sense, but we stopped doing that after spending $20 on watching short clips as we understood that the administration checks the profiles of women more carefully and most profiles are validated. Still, if you really like someone you’ve met on the site, you can spend $10 once on watching this member’s video. 
  • Real gifts—from about 400/$80 credits for an item (includes delivery). We didn’t send gifts but looked through the items in the store. They are expensive, but the delivery is included and you can send a gift even without knowing someone’s address (again, we assume that the administration makes ladies provide it when creating an account), so it might be useful, but sending such gifts makes sense only if you’ve met someone really special. 
  • Contact request—free, but you need to spend at least 3,000/$600 credits before you are able to send the request. We din’t spend that many credits on interacting with one lady—we contacted a lot of members instead, but the idea is clear—after you spend a lot of money on communication with someone special, you finally can stop spending money on conversations with this person. 
  • Real meeting request—625/$125 credits. We didn’t test this feature, too, not only because it’s pretty expensive, but also because we just didn’t need someone to wait for us in Russia or Ukraine. We assume it’s created for those who met someone special on the site and want to take a relationship to a new level and meet IRL.

The site is not cheap, but it all depends on how you use it. For example, we sent a few stickers first but then realized that spending credits this way is completely pointless—it makes more sense to send photos or media files. 

Watching a profile video makes sense if you like a profile and it seems that a woman meets all your criteria—otherwise, you’ll spend too much on watching videos of random hotties (we watched probably 2 or 3 videos before we stopped doing it). It’s the credit system, and a lot is up to you, and what we learned is it can turn into one of the mid-range dating websites if you use it wisely.

Amour Factory costs

$9.9920 credits (2.99 USD with a discount for newly registered users)
$19.9950 credits
$44.99125 credits
$69.99250 credits
$149.99750 credits

How to look for matches on Amour Factory?

Let’s move on to the most interesting part—search for matches and interaction.


As we’ve already mentioned, there are two types of search.

  • Advanced search. If a member knows what he’s looking for in a woman, extended search will work perfectly, and it’s available with one click (there is a separate section on Main Menu). A user can click extend the search to access all the filters. There are pretty many of them, but the truth is that some other dating platforms offer even more than that. Still, it was enough for us to find attractive matches . 
  • People. If a member isn’t looking for someone special and just want to meet and date an attractive girl, and most importantly, have enough time to browse profiles, he can use the People feature. It works exactly like plenty of other apps—swipe left or right, view profiles, like, or add members to favorites. For us, it was a pretty engaging way to discover matches. 

For us, both types of search worked equally well. But we assume that advanced search is better for most users  just because you always know if you want to meet a woman, for example, without children, a young woman, or a mature lady, and so on. Swiping  profiles can take too much time. 


Here is what happened after we browsed any random profile on AmourFactory: 

  • We saw some vitals immediately (age, ID, verification status) at the top of the page.
  • Could view public photos.
  • Saw the chat window right at the middle of the page.
  • Got the more detailed information about a member—we only needed to scroll down the page to see these details—that’s how we learned about a woman’s habits, education, marital status, and other things like that. 
  • Could read a self-description and understand if there is a chance this woman can be the one for our profile owner (or at least someone interesting to chat with). 

By the way, members can start a chat even without browsing a profile—there is a Chat Now button on every profile on search results. Still, we believe it’s not the wisest thing to do—all users can access a lot of information and photos in profiles for free not to waste credits on talking with someone who doesn’t meet their criteria, so why not use this opportunity.

Interaction with others on Amour Factory

First of all, we started with an empty profile, sent some winks and favorited girls, but no one sent us a message. The situation has changed only after we uploaded a profile picture. 

And that’s good, actually. Otherwise, we’d definitely not recommend using this site—it would mean there are a lot of bots or hired people who send messages to anyone, even to a guy who’s looking for a woman between 19-90, is a heavy drinker, and has no profile photo. Again, things got better when we turned our low-effort profile into its better version, and here’s how we interacted with ladies: 

  • There are free winks, and as we’ve noted above, chat and mails are right in the profiles. 
  • We could also press the Messages button and see the live chat window and chat histories (all saved).
  • And we could click Go To Mail to see the Mails we sent and received.

 Girls we reached after improving our profile responded both in chat and in Mails (we contacted only ladies who were online in live chat).

Special features on Amour Factory dating site

So, what’s so special about this platform? Here are the features that many other dating sites don’t have.

  • The People. As we’ve already mentioned, the People is a swiping feature that turns the AmourFactory site into an entertaining app.
  • Contact request. Again, members have an opportunity to stop paying for interaction with a particular member, which is great. However, you need to spend enough credits before requesting contact details.
  • Gift delivery. This is probably the priciest feature. We compared the prices on the site with prices on online stores, and yes, the gifts are a lot more expensive, but we believe that the company has staff in the countries of Eastern Europe—that’s how you can send a bouquet to Ukraine being in the United States. That’s not cheap, but still, we’d recommend sending gifts only if you have met someone really special.

Our user experience

So, what are ladies like on Amour Factory? 

To be honest, very few of them contacted us first. We initiated conversations by sending messages and winks (messages worked way better) and met two girls we really liked—one was a single mom from Kharkiv, Ukraine, and one was a designer from Moscow, Russia. They were super-friendly and honest about everything from their own lives to their expectations about relationships. Honesty and even straightforwardness, by the way, are pretty common traits of girls on this site (and probably Eastern Europe at large). 

Two girls asked us directly what we were looking for, and nearly all girls we asked about their relationship goals. Some conversations were fairly boring, but most girls seemed pretty interesting and, most importantly, motivated to get closer with a good guy.

The verdict

Sarah Wright avatar

“AmourFactory was designed for people looking for online communication, and online communication is what a single person can get there. There are pretty many tools to use, and there are pretty active members. It doesn’t guarantee serious relationships—literally everything, from the cost of services to what you can find there depends on users themselves.”—Sarah Wright

paul bloom avatar

“What I like about Amour Factory is the interface and the quality of profiles. Obviously, the demands for female profiles are pretty high, which makes AmourFactory stand out. Still, there is no video chat, and that’s obviously something that the team of the site should work on.”—Paul Bloom

How to use this online dating site right—Tips & recommendations

What we learned is that one can use the Amour  Factory dating platform more or less effectively. Here are the things that helped us improve our experience and yes, save some money.

  • Add a profile photo—we got a lot more responses when added it.
  • Choose one of the two options—chatting in live chat or writing and sending really long Mails—sending short Mails as well as typing too long messages in chat doesn’t make much sense.
  • Check your credits after each purchase or conversation—use the features but remember that you can run out of credits even if you just browse tons of profiles and watch profile videos—you could interact with someone really special instead.
Sarah Wright
Another valuable member of our content team is Sarah Wright. Excellent writing skills, perfect grammar, and more importantly experience in online dating and long-distance relationships made her an important member of One Beautiful Bride writers. Sarah analyses and tests out features and services of the dating sites to write in-depth reviews that can give you a full picture of the site you are considering joining.
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