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SofiaDate Dating Review: Registration, Communication, Prices

SofiaDate Dating Review: Registration, Communication, Prices

There are lots of sites with Eastern European women, but in the best-case scenario, only half of them are worth paying for. SofiaDate now has nearly 500,000 monthly visits, which is a lot compared to the visits to similar sites. So we decided to join the community and test it to learn everything about its costs, features, pros, cons, benefits, and pitfalls, and now we’re ready to share our experience in this SofiaDate review.

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Sofia Date overview

sofiadate site

Things we liked about this dating site

  • Many women interested in serious relationships with foreign men
  • Detailed profiles and real photos that can be viewed (and checked) by anyone
  • Video and audio messages, some ladies are available for video chats
  • Prices are lower than on some other international dating websites
  • Members can stop paying for messaging at a certain stage

Things we didn’t like about SofiaDate

  • Members can’t like profiles and send winks without spending credits (it costs only 2 credits, but still)
  • No official mobile app
  • Not all ladies are available for video chats

Who is Sofia Date for?

  • Men who want to meet single women from Eastern Europe
  • Singles interested in international friendship, romance and dating, or a serious long-term relationship and marriage

Creating an account on SofiaDate

SofiaDate is an online dating site that connects single men worldwide with single ladies from Eastern Europe. Though it works for all—people looking for friendship, communication, dating, or marriage, we failed to find any lady who’d specify she’s looking for conversations only, so it’s rather a site for those who are looking for a girlfriend or a wife.

SofiaDate is also one of the online dating sites that allows you to create an account in less than 5 minutes. The only thing that we had to do to join the community is provide some basic details like name, email address, date of birth, and gender. Then, we were redirected to the website and could start searching for matches.

sofiadate registration complete

It took an hour to make sure that we won’t receive tons of messages from hot ladies despite having a completely empty profile. The thing is, if you join the site and have the lowest-effort profile but still get attention from nearly all the ladies on the site, further analysis just doesn’t make any sense as it’s obviously a scam. Fortunately, that didn’t happen, and we moved on to editing an account.

We didn’t have to confirm our email address, but the first thing we saw was a huge banner saying that we could get 10 free credits for confirming an email, and that’s exactly what we did next (the letter was in Spam). Then, we, just like all new members, were redirected to the profile page to add more information about us—from photos and basic details like city, age, and marital status to a personal message for all the profile visitors.

Tips on how to create a good profile on Sofia Date online dating site

  1. Write a self-description—all the profiles on this online dating platform look more or less similar, and your personal message is what can help you attract more real women.
  2. You can upload as many photos as you want, for free, and we highly recommend adding as many good pictures as possible. Male profiles on SofiaDate are less detailed than female profiles, so adding more photos is another way to stand out.
  3. Be honest, especially if you are looking for serious relationships. We talked with ladies on the site a lot, and most were looking for certain things in a relationship and man’s personality. Why waste your time and women’s time on conversations if you don’t meet each other’s expectations?
sofiadate setting up profile

Free and premium features: How much does using Sofia Date actually cost?

SofiaDate is not a free online dating website—that’s a premium platform for singles seeking international love. Still, our experience shows that a premium site is not always a good website, and if it’s not that bad, it’s not always good value for money. So, we decided to buy some credits to find out if Sofia Date is worth paying for, and here’s what we found out.

Free services

There are not that many free dating services that one can use on SofiaDate. Basically, all the free features are as follows:

  • Free registration
  • Customer support
  • Viewing profiles
  • Viewing public features
  • Reading messages from female members in live chat
sofiadate viewing profiles

On other dating sites, we usually create accounts and spend some time on the platform to see how many women will contact us after we like profiles or wink at them. However, on Sofia Date, it didn’t make much sense, so we viewed some profiles, tested the support service (by the way, the support team responded to us in less than an hour, though we reached them via email), used search to make sure it works properly (we’ll talk about the search algorithm in more detail below) and decided to upgrade to premium.

Premium dating services

We bought the most expensive credit package on this dating site (it cost us $199), received our 1,000 credits, and here’s what we could spend them on:

  • Likes in profiles and in chat—2 credits/each
  • The “Say Hello” feature—2 credits for saying hello to every new member
  • Live chat—20 credits for 10 minutes
  • Winks in a chat—2 credits
  • Stickers in a live chat—5 credits/each
  • Sending or receiving a picture in both chat and letters—10 credits/each
  • Sending a letter—20 credits/each
  • Sending or listening to an audio message—15 credits
  • Sending or receiving a video message—25 credits
  • Watching one video show—5 credits
  • Sending gifts, both virtual and real, and the costs are different depending on the item/virtual gift that a member chooses
sofiadate real gifts

As you can see, using such a site costs money. Still, we could develop our own dating strategy that allowed us to save most of our credits for messaging. At first, we liked profiles and sent winks and stickers, not because they make communication more fun but because we wanted to test it. We stopped doing it later after making sure that’s not that effective, while online chats, audio, and video messaging are. We also preferred having live chats instead of sending long letters mostly because we reached ladies who were online—actually, we sent letters just 3 times when our new acquaintances disappeared for a few days. So, we ran out of $1,000 in a month, which is a lot considering that it cost almost $200, but it’s important to consider that we tried to contact as many Belarusian, Russian, and Ukrainian ladies as possible, sent a lot of messages and letters. If someone who’s looking for a serious relationship with one girl and uses the site wisely, this person will be likely to spend $50-100.

Paradoxically, though SofiaDate has more premium features, it’s even cheaper than many other online dating sites, in particular mail order bride sites. By the way, we got our free credits for confirming an email—as you can see, members will spend them very, very soon, but it’s still a nice gesture at least to figure out how the site actually works.

SofiaDate costs

$2.9935 credits (with a discount for new members)
$1950 credits
$33100 credits
$75250 credits
$99400 credits
$1991,000 credits

Looking for matches on Sofia Date

There’s a great number of singles on this online dating site, but if one is going to start dating online, it’s not the only thing that matters. We’d like to talk about the search, profiles, and communication on the site in more detail to describe all the pros, cons, and pitfalls.


Search is one of the first things that a new member sees after joining the site—there is a button on the main menu. Once one presses it, they are redirected to a new page with some random profiles of potential matches. All filters are on the top of the page—we could use a basic search by age and online/offline status or click Detailed filters and get access to many more criteria like:

  • Country and city
  • Height and body type
  • Eye color and hair color
  • Education and occupation
  • Marital status
  • Purpose of using the site
sofia date search filters

We could easily imagine a special woman we’d like to meet. We found many women’s profiles that actually meet our basic criteria, which means the algorithm works as it should. The fact that men can find a perfect match considering a girl’s appearance, a girl’s hobby, and social status is great, but we can’t say the interface is that intuitive and clean, so it definitely takes some time to get used to it.

By the way, there is an alternative to a regular search—if a user presses the Like Her button, he’ll be redirected to a page with random profiles. That’s how the site turns into Tinder, and we could still apply some filters, in particular, body type, age, height, eye and hair color, and marital status.

Profiles on SofiaDate

On this dating site, members don’t go to a profile after clicking on a profile picture, and again, it was a bit confusing at first. When we clicked a picture, we saw just pictures uploaded by a user—you can only access a profile itself after clicking a Profile icon (hover over the picture and the Letter and Profile buttons will pop up).

Profiles, however, are very detailed. They are divided into the following sections:

  • Appearance
  • Social information
  • Hobby and habits
  • My self-summary
  • Who I’m looking for
sofia date profile details

In terms of profiles, SofiaDate is probably the best dating site—we failed to find at least 5 profiles with self-descriptions looking like “Hi, I’m Mary, send me a message to learn more.” We could really understand what a lady wants to find on this dating platform, what kind of person she is, and what her priorities are. Most women also have 10+ photos, which is great, too (we googled them, by the way—no fake accounts found).


What if a new member likes one of the Slavic beauties on the site and wants to start chatting with one of them? Well, the system is a bit weird.

When a user sees ladies on search results, he can send a letter or start a chat with one of them immediately, without even viewing the profile. When we browsed profiles, we could see the Say Hello icon (by the way, there are the templates of the first message that you can send) and the Like her button. At first, we couldn’t even realize how we can start a chat with a lady, but then we saw that the Chat Now button was a bit higher, at the center of the screen. Again, the system is weird, but we’ve got used to it.

sofia date communication tools

There’s also the All Chats button on the main menu on the left side of the screen, so you can go to your inbox at any time. As for video chat, you can start it only with girls who are available for video calls (there’ll be the Video button near the profile picture).

Special features on Sofia Date

On this dating website, members can use plenty of features, but two seemed the most special to us.

  • Contact details requests. Members who have already met a special girl among all the beautiful women on the site can stop paying for communicating with her on the site. If a man has regular conversations with a lady for a month (if there was a 72-hour break, it doesn’t count) and spends 5,000 credits or more on Letters, chats, watching videos, and listening to audio, he can get her phone number or email (a lady decides what contact details to provide).
  • Real meeting requests. This feature is free, but it’s available only after a member gets a user’s contact details.
sofiadate meeting request

We didn’t test these features because we didn’t focus on one lady and tried to reach as many women as possible, but the very fact that a man can stop paying for using the site if he finds love is pretty inspiring.

Our experience on the site

We had pretty many private chats with ladies and pretty many interesting conversations, but there were two ladies we remembered best.

We found Alina from Belarus randomly using the Like Her feature. She was one of the girls who asked if we were looking for a wife or not directly, however, she was the one who didn’t lose interest after we said probably, it’s rather about trying international dating and seeing how it goes. She shared a lot of her thoughts on life, gender roles, and family, and emphasized that she wasn’t looking for a benefactor as she isn’t a sugar baby and that she hoped to keep working in another country if she finds a husband online. Well, that was what a regular single man expects to hear from a girl looking for a foreign husband, and he probably doesn’t expect that to be such a solid and detailed personal position. She was an interesting lady overall, looking for a husband on SofiaDate, nice, kind, obviously very confident, and not like many other girls we met on this and other dating sites.

Myroslava from Ukraine is another girl we remembered, basically, because we had the longest conversations with her on SofiaDate. She didn’t expect us to send her pricey gifts or ask us about an ex-wife (we chose the divorced status when creating an account), but we talked about life for hours. She had a deep personality and a master’s degree—a perfect combo, and she was just in love with her culture, telling us a lot of things about Ukraine we’d hardly learn from anyone else. It didn’t seem that we could be lovers as long as we didn’t talk about relationships that often, but she was single (btw, she said it’s because, in her country, it’s hard to find a decent guy looking for family and marriage) so if we joined the site not to test it but to find a partner, we’d definitely try to get closer with her.

The verdict: What our experts think of SofiaDate.com

Sarah Wright avatar

Sofia Date is one of the decent sites to meet single women from Eastern Europe. I can’t say it’s user-friendly; there are platforms with better interfaces, but the number of features is impressive, and that’s a rare dating website that lets you send audio messages. Profiles are detailed, and members are real, so yes, if you’re looking for a site without fake profiles and tons of tools, you may like it.”—Sarah Wright.

adam cohen

“At first, I didn’t think this platform is a good choice because likes cost money. Still, I managed to understand how it works and appreciated its messaging and video chat prices (which were lower than on other platforms). Also, I should say that the dating pool was also impressive, so those in need of a wider choice of potential partners may find SofiaDate a good option to try.”—Adam Cohen.

Tips on how to use Sofia Date

  1. Decide whether you really need to use the Say Hello feature and likes. Writing a creative letter or starting a chat and sending an interesting, meaningful message works better than a template message a girl may receive daily from different men.
  2. Carefully look through profiles before sending a message. On this site, you can view photos without getting any information about the member. That’s not a good idea, though messaging isn’t so expensive; why buy credits and spend them on someone who’s not a good match for you?
  3. Create a detailed profile. That’s what you need to become popular as a male member.
Sarah Wright
Another valuable member of our content team is Sarah Wright. Excellent writing skills, perfect grammar, and more importantly experience in online dating and long-distance relationships made her an important member of One Beautiful Bride writers. Sarah analyses and tests out features and services of the dating sites to write in-depth reviews that can give you a full picture of the site you are considering joining.
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