Home Love In The Philippines: Why Filipino Mail Order Brides Are Dating Foreign Men

Love In The Philippines: Why Filipino Mail Order Brides Are Dating Foreign Men

Love In The Philippines: Why Filipino Mail Order Brides Are Dating Foreign Men

What are the Philippines? We see them as beautiful islands with amazing nature where hospitable people live. However, everything is not so amazing for locals, especially for young Filipino brides.

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What difficulties do they usually face? Why are they looking for a foreign love on mail order bride sites or global dating platforms? We provide answers to all these questions below.

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Facts on Filipino society and Filipino mail order wives

So, how can a foreigner understand what life in the Philippines is like? How can one find out what to expect from Filipino mail order brides without visiting the country? Here are some facts that can tell us more about this culture and society.

  • Most Filipino girls still marry before 30. The median age of brides in the Philippines was 27. Those who don’t get married before they turn 30 feel a lot of social pressure.
  • Marrying a foreigner is not discouraged in Filipino society. So, a lot of Filipino women for marriage find a husband abroad. The highest number of intermarriages involved Filipino females and American men (25.6%), followed by Japanese (10.0%), British (6.5%), Korean (6.5%), and Canadian (6.3%) men.
  • There is a special family model in this country. Local men can establish a separate household with a new woman, even if they are married without actually leaving their first “official” families. Such a behavior is not even discouraged. They are considered “pagkakalaki” — machos.
  • Divorce is still prohibited in the Philippines. If a woman decides to break up with a cheating husband, she will be stigmatized for this decision. Moreover, it is considered that it is a woman’s responsibility to keep a family together, so divorce is a wife’s fault and failure.

So, what are the reasons why Filipino girls for marriage are looking for husbands not only in their country. They are just seeking new opportunities, better conditions, and a new kind of love without some local traditions (that also try to avoid most Thai girls). Moreover, a lot of them note that though they believe in traditional values, they expect foreign men to give them more respect, allow them to develop new skills, fulfill themselves without judgment. All they want is more modern love in more modern society.

Filipino brides — what can men expect from them?

Why not find a wife in your country? Why do so many men join international dating websites and platforms with mail order brides to meet a Filipino wife? We explain the reasons below.

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Marriage is taken seriously

As we’ve noted above, divorce is prohibited in this country. This is one of the reasons why Filipino mail order brides take marriage more than just seriously. It is very uncommon for them to get married and then divorce in a year or two — they want to build a strong family, and if they say yes, they realize that this is a very important decision and are 100% sure that they are choosing the right man.

They are friendly, open, and sociable

It is no secret that there are a lot of differences between western and eastern cultures. Filipino wives are Asians, but unlike most girls in other Asian countries, such as China, they are not introverts — they are less shy and more emotional and sociable. A lot of western men consider this to be a big benefit of marrying a girl from the Philippines — cultural differences won’t be such a big problem for you if you choose a Filipina.

Traditions vs. modernity?

Traditions and modern trends don’t compete in the Philippines. They are combined, and that makes women in this country special. Of course, there is no denying that girls in rural areas are more into older traditions and values, so you can expect them to be a bit more conservative like Japanese brides, while girls in big cities are more westernized. Nevertheless, most of them support traditional gender roles and respect traditional family values, but they also have their personal goals, seek self-development and self-realization. That is how men who marry a Filipino mail order wife can live with a loving and caring woman, have kids and at the same time enjoy deep conversations and have similar interests with a spouse.

Good manners and patience are a must

Note that though the Philippines is a somewhat unique Asian country, there is something all Filipino brides and other Asian ladies have in common. They try not to lose face in all circumstances. They also avoid conflicts in a good way — they have self-respect, but they don’t provoke anyone.

Tolerance is a must, too

Even if someone has a different point of view, a Filipino girl will be okay with that. If someone has different values, there will be no conflict. Filipinas are very tolerant, they don’t argue about tastes, preferences, religion, politics, and so on. That is why they make so good wives for western men — cultural differences just don’t cause any problems in such international marriages.

Real Filipino mail order bride cost

The Philippines is a common destination for singles who adore Asian beauty. And a big part of the region’s popularity comes from Filipino bride pricing. There are many components of the average cost of Filipino mail order brides, but anyone who wants to find a wife from the Philippines must know them. So, let’s find out how much is a Filipino mail order bride by making a detailed analysis of all its components.

  1. Dating site expenses. You can become a member of a dating site that runs on a credit system. On it, your Filipino mail order bride cost will depend on you, as you use services on a pay-to-use basis. The current price for credits on Asian Melodies is $3.99 for 20 credits. Also, you can get 30 free credits with registration and email confirmation.
  2. Round-trip ticket (New York, the USA–Manila)— approximately $1,963
  3. Accommodation—$42 for a standard room for two
  4. Food—$14 for meals for one per day
  5. Transportation—$20 for one person per day
  6. Entertainment—$26 for two per day

Travel expenses take a big chunk of the Filipino wife cost and are around $3,391 for a two-week trip to the Philippines. But you also need to remember to add dating site fees to your travel Filipino bride expenses to get the final sum. Also, to get the best Filipino mail order bride prices, benefit from the promo deals and special discounts for newly registered members. Some dating sites offer free trials, extra services, and lower prices for successful registration.

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Final thoughts on women in the Philippines

No wonder this country has already become the most popular destination for those who look for a wife. There are a lot of girls there, and they are not only beautiful but also friendly, sociable, emotional, smart, well-mannered and more importantly, they love foreign men. This is just a perfect match. So, if you are sure that a Filipino mail order bride can make you happy, give it a try. Note that you can find a real girl who wants to get married to a foreigner only on trusted, reputable platforms that accept only real people.

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