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AsianMelodies Dating Review: Registration, Communication, Prices

AsianMelodies Dating Review: Registration, Communication, Prices

Asian Melodies has over 600,000 monthly visits, and that’s a lot for a regular niche site, even for an Asian one, as the Asian region is very popular in the online dating sphere. So, we decided to check if it really works that well for all the members. Our team created an account and bought some credits to chat with Asian women. What conclusions did we draw, and was the experience that good? Find all the answers in our review.

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Asian Melodies overview

Things we liked

  • Many detailed, and more importantly, validated profiles
  • Exclusive features like setting up a date and contact requests (allows interacting with a member for free)
  • Complimentary credits to test the dating services for free
  • Discounts for new members
  • Asian Melodies works like a social networking website, too—users can view posts on the Newsfeed and follow other members

Things we didn’t like

  • No mobile app
  • No translation services
  • Gifts are fairly expensive—it’s cheaper to order a gift on Amazon and pay for delivery

Who is this site for

  • Men looking for casual relationships with women from Asian countries
  • Asian girls looking for a foreign boyfriend
  • Singles who feel more comfortable when meeting new people online

Creating an account on Asian Melodies

Asian Melodies is an international online dating website designed specifically for men looking for Asian girlfriends and Asian ladies who’d like to date western men (most female members are from Thailand, Vietnam, China, and the Philippines). As we’ve noted, it’s a popular platform with hundreds of thousands of members worldwide, but we couldn’t learn more without joining it, so we moved on to creating a profile. 

Here are the steps we had to take:

  • Step 1. Registration. When we visited site, the first thing we saw was the registration form. We filled it in, indicated gender (we signed up as a man) and date of birth, entered a name, provided an email address, and created a password. It took just a few minutes and was the only part that couldn’t be skipped.
  • Step 2. Answering questions about yourself. All members can take a quiz, and though all or some questions could be skipped, we answered them all, and part of the information that we provided was then displayed in our personal profile. There were questions about members’ goals and occupation, marital status, level of English, hobbies, favorite movie genres, music genres, and even guilty pleasures. After we gave all the answers, we could move on to writing a self-description (we wrote a pretty standard self-introduction, described our interests and goals on the site). This part took about 7 minutes.
  • Step 3. Answering questions about an Asian woman a user would like to meet—about the age, personality types, and your priorities (beauty or brains). We spend about 3 minutes taking this part of the quiz.
  • Step 4. Uploading a profile photo (we didn’t upload a profile picture when signing up, but we did it later when editing our profile).
  • Step 6. Getting started and accessing the site.

So, the entire procedure took about 15 minutes. Again, we provided all the answers, but you can skip all the stages if you want to. If you skipped self-description when creating your profile, you can create and change it at any time.

There is no verification procedure for men (probably because men are the ones who pay for communication and creating fake accounts doesn’t make much sense). All Asian Melodies users can deactivate their profiles at any time (you just need to click the Profile Settings and find the Deactivate button).

How to create a great profile and get more matches

Creating a good profile on any dating site is half the battle, and we have some recommendations for those who are going to use Asian Melodies:

  • Add a photo, at least one—we created a profile without a profile picture, and very few women responded to our messages. After we uploaded a photo, nearly every Asian woman we contacted demonstrated interest in further conversation.
  • If you don’t want all members to view some of your photos, just make them private. It’s completely free. 
  • Write self-description and indicate your relationship goals. Yes, it’s not always easy, but it’s necessary to narrow the search—interaction costs money, and clearly indicated expectations let women understand what you want and contact you only if they want the same things.

Free and premium features—How much does it cost to use the dating service?

Features matter, and we analyzed and tested them all to find out what you can really do for free and whether the premium services are worth the money. 

Free features

The free features are as follows:

  • Search (both basic and advanced) and the People feature. All these features help a member discover matches, but they work in different ways. When we used search, we could apply different filters—education, age, habits, and more and find women who meet our basic criteria. When we used the People feature, we could see random profiles, swipe left or swipe right, view profiles, like or chat with women we met. Basically, it worked like Tinder, which was pretty fun, but obviously, it would work worse for a person who knows exactly what they are looking for. 
  • Newsfeed. It works pretty much like a regular feed on any social media site—we saw posts published by members. If you notice someone attractive or interesting when looking through it, you can view a profile, follow a member, and/or start a conversation.
  • Winks, likes, and favorites. The only way to contact someone without purchasing credits, and from our experience, winks work best. That’s how you can show you’re interested and though, not all women react to that, we received a few messages after sending a wink. 
  • Support (support team works 24/7, but there is no live chat). We reached support twice via email (there is just no other way to contact the team), and though we received responses in 1-1,5 days, at least we got answers to our questions. 

Generally, we could do almost everything on the site without spending credits except for having conversations with members. 

Premium features and how much we paid for using them

There is no list of premium features on the FAQ section, but after we clicked the Credits on the main menu, we got some basic information on premium features and costs before we started testing them. 

Our team decided not to buy cheaper credit packages—one credit can cost you $0,5 if you buy 20 credits or $0,2 if you buy 750, so we bought the most expensive package for $150 to contact as many women as possible. 

So, that’s what we found out about premium services, their cost, and value for money:

  • Live Chat—2 credits/$0,4 per minute. For us, live chat was the best feature. It’s pretty convenient, works fast, you can attach media files, the interface is similar to the interface of messengers we all usually use. The cost is also pretty low compared with other services, and the only serious drawback is you can only use it properly if you are trying to reach a person who’s now online. 
  • Attaching a picture—10 credits/$2. Speaking of attaching files, it costs money, too. It’s not that expensive if you don’t send 10 photos a day to someone, but still—consider it’s not free if you’re going to use this website. 
  • Real gifts (according to Asian Melodies policy, they are delivered right to a girl’s doorstep)—from 399 credits/$80. To be honest, we didn’t test this feature. First, it’s pretty expensive, and we would have to wait until a girl received our gift, and that would probably take a month. Still, we looked through the list of gifts, and they were pretty expensive. You can order something cheaper on Amazon and pay for delivery. However, the question is a member will share their real address with you.
  • Mails—10 credits/$2 for the first Mail, 30 credits /$6 for the following Mails. Mails are long emails that you can send through the site. In Live Chat, the character limit is 300, and if you sent a Mail, it’s 3,000 characters. We tested Mails, and they work properly, however, it’s definitely not our favorite communication tool—writing a long letter for a stranger is pretty much like writing an essay.
  • Contact request (free but you need to talk a lot with another member before you are able to send a request, and we didn’t reach this point) and real meeting request—625 credits/$125. We didn’t send these requests. It just didn’t make much sense—we didn’t focus on interaction with one lady, and even if we did, that won’t be enough to unlock free messaging with a particular member—we’d need to buy a few more credit packages to do it, and, of course, didn’t want one of the girls to wait until we go, for example, to Thailand.

Generally speaking, Asian Melodies is one of the pretty expensive international dating sites. Still, we analyzed the market, and the results have shown that the prices are not much higher than the cost of using other niche dating websites. We spent all 750 credits in 3 weeks. We contacted many women (about 15 different members), though—we’d definitely depend less if we chose matches more carefully.


$9.9920 credits ($2.99 with a discount for new members)
$19.9950 credits
$44.99125 credits
$69.99250 credits
$149.99750 credits

How to look for matches on the Asian Melodies online dating site?

So, there are three ways to find matches on Asian Melodies. Members can use basic search by age and location, extended search, and the People feature (we described it above). For us, extended search worked best as it allowed using pretty many filters:

  • Country—as we’ve already noted, there are mostly women from Thailand the Philippines. The question is why they added many other countries of the world to the list (we checked many of them—there are no members not from Asia)—it would be much easier to use this filter if the list wasn’t that long.
  • City—fortunately, you can type its name.
  • Gender
  • Marital status
  • Religion
  • Children
  • Drinking/smoking
  • Level of education
  • Religion
  • Online/offline status
  • Age

After you apply the more important filters for you (or all of them) and press Show Results, you can see the matches that match your basic criteria. However, we had to read a lot of self-descriptions—most profiles look pretty similar, and the About Me section is really what distinguishes them. After all, the way a person describes themselves can tell you a lot.  However, there are no filters like hobbies, lifestyle, etc., and they’d be very helpful. 

We also tested the People feature, and well, it can work well enough for people who just want to have some fun looking through multiple profiles of pretty attractive members. For us, it was too time-consuming as we viewed all the profiles before spending our credits on messaging. Still, if you like Tinder or Badoo, you’ll probably like this feature more than we did. 


One of the biggest benefits of Asian Melodies for us was the quality of profiles. Once we clicked on the profile page of a lady who seemed attractive to us, we were redirected to her personal profile, and in 90% of cases, we got a lot of information. You can see:

  • If another member is online
  • If the profile is validated
  • Chat/Mail window if you want to contact a member right away
  • Wink and Like buttons

That was probably created to encourage a user to contact a member after viewing the photos, but we usually scrolled down the page to see more information. Just like men, women answer some basic questions and write self-descriptions which can be more or less useful for a man looking for someone special.

Generally speaking, most profiles are validated and pretty detailed. However, not all ladies describe their lifestyle, hobbies, and, most importantly, partners they are looking for in detail, so you still need to contact a member to learn more.


So, basically, all members send winks and flirts that are free and send another user a sign of interest. Likes and Live Chat are available even on search results, but if you want to send a Wink, you need to view a profile first.  

Mails also become available after you view a profile. 

A user can also access both Mails and Live Chat after clicking Messages on Main Menu on the header of the site (the number of unread messages is displayed, too). 

Special features

Was there anything that made Asian Melodies stand out? For us, these were the following features.

Contact requests

Contact request is technically free, but a man must spend enough time on the site talking with the woman before he is able to request her contact details and interact with her for free on messengers, via email, etc.

Meeting requests

Note that meeting requests are not cheap, and a girl doesn’t have to accept them—this is mentioned in the company’s Terms & Conditions. However, if you met someone special, why not? Both the Philippines and Thailand are great places to visit, but as we’ve noted before, we didn’t use this feature. 


It’s completely free to look through ladies’ posts. Most of them are with photos, which is good, but to be honest, not all of those we’ve seen were meaningful. To some extent, this is like an Instagram feed. The best thing about this feature is that if you like a girl, you can follow her, and if there are new photos posted from time to time, you can be sure she is real.

Our user experience

What women have we met on the site? We contacted about 10 members, and here are the three of them we best remembered.

Cao Yao, 28 years old. Unlike many other registered members, this woman mentioned some hobbies in her self-description, so we could write something more meaningful than just ‘Hi, how are you?’ in our first message. We were using live chat, which was not a problem as she was online every day (she was a beauty, so probably a lot of men tried to reach her), and well, if we were really looking for a girlfriend on the site, we would probably buy the tickets to Guangzhou.

Youlie, 21 years old. Youlie was one of the rare women who liked our profiles first and sent a message. We remembered her because she owned her own business in China and declared she wasn’t a money-hungry Asian girl looking for a rich man right in her first message. She was looking for someone who’d not think that a girl must be only a housewife and mentioned that she met lots of guys dreaming of a girl who’d agree to become an unemployed wife in her home country.

Ling, 22 years old. Ling is one of the women who contacted us after we just liked her profile and sent her a wink. We had a few conversations, and then she asked a question about politics, so we answered and expressed some thoughts on what’s happening in the world right now. She had an opposite opinion though and mentioned that we probably shouldn’t get closer because of different views of things. We didn’t try to reach her again. 

The verdict—Our experts’ opinions

Sarah Wright avatar

“So, here are a few good things about Asian Melodies. There were no women that sent messages to someone with an empty profile. We also didn’t receive tons of similar messages from bots, so we can assume that all Mails were written and conversations were maintained by real people. But watching profile videos cost money, and I’d probably pay that much for Mails. Well, still better than most other Asian dating sites.”Sara Wright

paul bloom avatar

“Most ladies we’ve seen on the site are very young and attractive, and that seemed a catch. However, the platform works, has some really useful features, makes a user pay for that, and the costs are not that low. There are discounts and an opportunity to interact with a particular member for free though, and that’s how the company compensates for the high prices.”Paul Bloom

How to use Asian Melodies properly—Tips & recommendations

So, here is what we can recommend to anyone who is going to use this dating platform:

  • Again, live messaging is a king—it’s just more cost-effective.
  • The People feature works well for those who don’t know who exactly they are looking for. For the rest, advanced search works better.
  • Don’t expect the website to suggest matches—you need to look for them using the tools.
  • Read information in a member’s profile carefully—there are a lot of beautiful women on the site, but if you contact a lot of them every day, you’ll spend too much money.
  • Think carefully about the advanced features—which of them you’d really like to use? Gift delivery is obviously for those who met someone special on the site. Unfortunately, there are no virtual presents you could send to show you are really interested.
  • Not all Asian beauties speak English well, and sometimes Google Translate (that two ladies we’ve met obviously used) made us smile (it was pretty clear what they wanted to say though). You’ll meet such girls on the site, so just be ready for that.
Sarah Wright
Another valuable member of our content team is Sarah Wright. Excellent writing skills, perfect grammar, and more importantly experience in online dating and long-distance relationships made her an important member of One Beautiful Bride writers. Sarah analyses and tests out features and services of the dating sites to write in-depth reviews that can give you a full picture of the site you are considering joining.
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