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How To Find Belarus Bride or Woman for Dating: Statistics, Guide & Prices

How To Find Belarus Bride or Woman for Dating: Statistics, Guide & Prices
❤️ Successful marriages~76%
💰 Average Belarus bride cost$6,316 – $26,316
👰‍♀️ Average Belarus bride age20-25 y.o.
💔 Divorce rate~34%

Gorgeous Belarusian brides are smart, cute, and simply stunning, which is why many Western men want to date them. However, Belarus is extremely far from North America, and meeting a girl from Belarus is pretty much impossible for many of you. Luckily, today you can use a legit mail order bride service or a dating site and find your love in no time. Therefore, if you don’t know which service to choose, here are some sites you’re going to like.

Belarusian Mail Order Brides & Dating Sites in 2022

1JollyRomanceOne of the most reputable dating sites
2BravoDateBest mobile experience
3MeetSlavicGirlsBest for serious relationships
4Amour FactoryVery active female audience
5UkraineBride4youBest for dating Ukrainian specifically

Real Belarusian bride prices

A few decades ago not many singles that were into Belarusian mail order brides had the courage to look for a bride from this region because of the Belarusian wife cost. Many believed it to be sky-high, which made them put their dreams on hold. But thankfully, the affordability of current Belarusian mail order bride prices can solve literally anyone’s problem of solitude. Let’s explore what factors influence how much are Belarusian brides and calculate the average cost of Belarusian mail order bride.

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As the majority of singles are looking for their love online, the Belarusian wife expenses start on the dating sites. You can join a credit-based site like Russian Beauty Date and your spendings will be around:

  • $3.99 for 2 credits (special offer)
  • $96 for 16 credits
  • $399 for 100 credits

It’s only up to you which credit package to choose. If you know exactly what services you are going to use, a credit system can help to cut the final Belarusian mail order bride cost. As you don’t have to pay any fees, only you are in charge of how much to spend and on what services.

Another big part of the Belarusian bride prices comes from travel expenses. They vary depending on the season, personal traveling style, but as a rule, include:

  • Round-trip ticket (New York, the USA–Minsk, Belarus)— around $858
  • Accommodation—$55 per day
  • Food—$18 per day
  • Transportation—$12 per day
  • Entertainment—$20 per day

So, it’s hard to calculate a price that fits all. But on average singles spend around $2,608 for two weeks in Belarus plus dating site expenses. Take a look at Russian bride cost if you’d like to consider something cheaper. That makes the final cost affordable enough for an average American, especially the one who chose the site with credit system.

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Who Belarusian women for marriage really are?

It’s pretty clear that Belarusian mail order brides are gorgeous but, when it comes to serious relationships, beauty is not the only thing that matters to most people. What really matters is your potential spouse’s personality. Of course, it’s impossible to give a description to all the Belarusian women simply because every woman is unique. However, we can provide you with some general info about these Slavic brides. So without further ado let us start.

First of all, an average Belarus wife is quite tough. As a matter of fact, most of these women can easily survive without a man. They can work, manage the household, and take care of the kids at the same time, which is simply fascinating. Moreover, Belarusian single moms manage to give their kids pretty much everything they need, mind-blowing, isn’t it? In addition to that, these girls are also very intelligent and educated, so if your perfect partner is a smart woman, then a pretty Belarusian bride is the way to go for you. If that wasn’t enough, these ladies are exceptionally affectionate and warm in relationships, which makes them great romantic partners. Finally, Belarusian girls for marriage are loyal and devoted to the people they love, which makes them very similar to best Ukraine brides.

As you can see, these ladies are simply great. So in order to make a clear picture of their personality, here are the qualities most Belarusian mail order wives have:

  • Hardworking
  • Affectionate
  • Loyal
  • Smart
  • Strong
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Five reasons why Belarusian brides are the best for you

We already have said multiple times that these ladies are awesome but what makes them awesome? Here are five reasons why Belarus brides are the best:

  • They are strong and independent and seek love rather than a sugar daddy
  • Women from Belarus are very unlikely to cheat on their partner
  • These ladies are sweet and kind
  • Belarus wives the same as Thai women for sale know how to cook, manage the household, and take care of the kids
  • These girls usually have a great education

Cities where gorgeous Belarusian mail order brides live

Modern dating sites allow you to look for girls according to their location, so you might wanna know the cities where the most beautiful Belarus ladies live. Well, here they come:

  • Minsk
  • Homyel’
  • Mahilyow
  • Vitsebsk
  • Grodno
  • Brest

Career in life of a Belarusian woman

More than 62% of Belarusian brides are in the labor force, which proves that most of these ladies are quite career-oriented. At the same time, most of all, these girls dream about having a family, so they can easily sacrifice a successful career to be a stay-at-home mom, that can’t be said about Romanian wives. However, pretty often these women combine their work and family life and somehow manage to find the time for both. Therefore, we can conclude that Belarus brides are quite career-oriented and climb the career ladder regardless of having families and kids.

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Wrapping up

A beautiful Belarus mail order wife is with no exaggeration perfect for marriage. So if you feel like you are ready to start a family life, such a woman would be a great match for you.

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