Home Facts On Serbian Mail Order Brides & Online Dating — Is It Worth It?

Facts On Serbian Mail Order Brides & Online Dating — Is It Worth It?

Facts On Serbian Mail Order Brides & Online Dating — Is It Worth It?

How much you need to know to understand Serbian mail order brides, their motivation, and character? Enough. That is why we provide statistics, facts, as well as some dating rules below.

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Is dating Serbian beauties a good idea? Facts, observations & statistics

Here are a few facts about Serbian brides:

  • They are considered some of the most beautiful girls in Europe and worldwide.
  • They are less emancipated than women in most western countries.
  • A lot of them are using niche mail order bride sites as well as global dating sites to find a husband abroad.

If you want to learn more about these women, just keep reading.

pretty serbian girl in white dress

Serbian women for marriage in society: facts & statistics

Let’s start with some facts that can help us better understand women in Serbia and their society as a whole.

  1. According to recent studies, women who attain tertiary education prevail over men, though there are more men who completed secondary school in Serbia.
  2. Though women living in bigger cities are more emancipated, Serbia is still a more traditional, conservative country. The patriarchal value system still dominates in family, gender, and partner relationships, especially in rural areas.
  3. According to the UNDP study, about 37% of women in Serbia had experienced family violence in the recent past and nearly 54% had experienced family violence in their lifetime.
  4. A lot of Serbian women earn money and build careers first like Slovakian females, but they also do all unpaid work at home.

These are not just random facts — actually, these are the facts that can tell you a lot about a typical Serbian mail order bride. In particular, there are real reasons why they don’t mind dating a foreign guy, and it’s not just about money. Second, they are not only hot but also educated. Third, you can meet different women in cities and rural areas.

More about Serbian brides’ character and nature

What are Serbian girls for marriage like? Here are a few things you should know about them:

  • A Serbian mail order wife is likely to be very emotional. It’s unusual for many Slavic people to express their emotions and not hide anything behind a polite smile, but Serbian girls are definitely an exception to this rule.
  • They have big families, and they don’t just love them (like people in Ukrainian or any culture do.) For Serbians, your family’s problems are always your problems, even in the case of distant relatives.
  • They just love sports, especially basketball and tennis. Fitness and a healthy lifestyle are really important for these girls, and that’s why most of them look just amazing.
  • Aristocratic. Serbia is not the richest country in the world, but this nation has dignity and self-respect. Some of them say it is explained by the fact that they are descendants of dukes. Anyway, these ladies are well-mannered.

But how to win a Serbian girl’s heart? Let’s see.

pretty serbian woman in black dress

Do’s and don’ts of dating a Serbian girl

Here are the lists of things you should and shouldn’t do when dating a girl from Serbia.


Let’s start with things that most Serbian mail order brides want men to do:

  • Meet for coffee — Serbian and Polish girls just love it
  • Ask them about their opinion, show interest, be respectful, no matter what you discuss
  • Care for her (and she will care for you a lot, too)
  • Show respect to her family, we mean, all family members, including aunts, uncles, cousins, etc.
  • Show her that you will make her life not only happier but also easier (as we’ve noted above, a lot of Serbian girls work hard, at home as well as in the office)


Here are the things you definitely shouldn’t do:

  • Discuss the recent war and former Yugoslav states
  • Talk a lot about money
  • Discuss the bad economic situation in Serbia
  • Criticize anything that is somehow related to Serbian culture

So, just keep these simple tips in mind if you really want to meet a Serbian wife.

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Final thoughts

Meeting a Serbian girl is possible. Moreover, it is easy — there are a lot of niche and regular global dating sites to choose from. If you don’t mind visiting Serbia, why not? This is a wonderful country with wonderful people, and who knows, maybe your future wife is waiting for you there.

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