Home All About Chinese Mail Order Brides: Is China The Best Country For Dating?

All About Chinese Mail Order Brides: Is China The Best Country For Dating?

All About Chinese Mail Order Brides: Is China The Best Country For Dating?

Chinese brides are absolutely charming — they are friendly, cute, very caring, seeking new experiences, calm, and patient. And the good news that men have a real chance of meeting them without leaving their homes, on niche mail order bride sites or global dating sites. But why they should?

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Is dating someone from another culture a really good idea? Below, you’ll find some interesting facts about women in China — just use them to understand if it may work for you personally.

pretty chinese girl smiling

Chinese bride cost: How much you will spend in  2021

Asia is probably the most popular dating destination in the world and Chinese wives are probably the most desired of all. But before jumping into the love search it’s only natural to wonder how much is Chinese mail order brides. The ‘bride price’ in this case is not money to buy a girl (we live in the 21st century and that is illegal). Chinese bride cost usually means all expenses during a long-distance relationship with a hot Chinese lady. So, let’s dissect what current Chinese bride prices are made of and estimate the average cost of Chinese mail order bride in 2021.

For singles that choose to date through Asian dating sites, Chinese wife expenses start from online dating costs. Let’s see what your average expenses on credits can be on the example of the Asian Melodies dating site.

  • $3.99—20 credits
  • $19.99—50 credits
  • $44.99—125 credits
  • $69.99—250 credits
  • $149.99—750 credits

However, note that these are only average prices and the site you choose to join might have different options. So, to get the best Chinese mail order bride cost check out prices on-site before committing to it.

Travel expenses take another part of Chinese mail order bride prices. They can also vary, but the things you spend on are the same. Here is an estimate of expenses for a two-week trip to China:

  • Round-trip ticket (New York, the USA–Beijing, China)—$6,326
  • Accommodation—$854
  • Food—$280
  • Transportation—$196
  • Entertainment—$210

chinese mail order bride on beach

All expenses for two weeks in China can come to around $7,866. To get the best value for your money and even make it cheaper, keep an eye on affordable flights, as roundtrip tickets are the most expensive thing about traveling to the country.

Some facts about Chinese society and Chinese women for marriage

It is no secret that there are a lot of stereotypes not only about Chinese mail order brides but about Chinese society as a whole. Here are some facts that can explain what is really going in this country and how it has changed over the last few decades.

  1. Chinese people are not like puritans. The sexual revolution in this country has changed a lot of things. People (except for the oldest ones) finally stopped calling normal things like hugs and kisses Western spiritual pollution, and now Chinese students are not expelled from colleges and universities for dating a foreigner.
  2. Marriage is still a must for most Chinese girls. Well, that’s true. It is extremely hard to resist social pressure. In China, people should get married. If a girl fails to find someone at the right age, it becomes a big problem for her and her family.
  3. Chinese women are not submissive. A lot of people think that Chinese brides are born to serve a man. It is not true. Yes, most Chinese people still believe that traditional gender roles and family values are very important, but they also believe that mutual respect, support, and self-development (including professional development) are equally important.

beautiful chinese woman with flower

So, what conclusions can we draw from these facts? First, it is possible for a foreign man to date and marry a Chinese woman. Second, a lot of women want this too, in part because they realize that “it’s time” to get married. Third, they still consider family to be one of the most important things in life, but they are not fully dependent on their husbands. They work hard to become better versions of themselves, and that makes them unique among other Asian women.

By the way, dating a foreign guy is prestigious in China, Japan, or any other Asian country. Girls are attracted to Canadians, Europeans, Americans, Australians, etc., so no wonder guys who come to this country often stay there or leave it with an Asian wife.

Is finding a Chinese wife such a good idea?

In order to answer this question, you need to imagine your perfect wife. What is she like? Now take a look at a few facts about Chinese mail order brides and see if it is a perfect match.

  • There are more “traditional” girls (they live in rural areas) and more “modern” girls who live in big cities. The latter are more career-minded, independent, focused on their own goals, in particular, self-development. Girls from rural areas are more family-minded, looking for more traditional relationships with the traditional distribution of gender roles.
  • They are pretty shy, but they usually make good wives because they can be very sexy and even kinky for one man — their husband.
  • They are very active. Though women in China are not as emotional as ladies, for example, in Latin countries, it doesn’t mean they are passive and boring. In fact, they are multi-taskers always dreaming of new experiences.
  • It seems that Chinese wives know the secret of eternal youth and beauty. They don’t age, they don’t gain weight quickly, and they are naturally beautiful.

Of course, every person is unique and these are generalizations, but this info provides a basic understanding of what you can expect on the Chinese dating market.

Things Chinese brides love and hate

You should always consider local traditions when dating someone from another culture. Otherwise, your relationship just won’t work (or won’t even start), no matter if you are a girl from China or a Vietnamese bride. So, what should you do to make a Chinese mail order wife fall for you? Here are the do’s:

  • Listen to her really closely. This not only shows that you respect her — but you will also be able to use this information later to impress her.
  • Call her, text her, care for her. Yes, the Chinese live with their smartphones in their hands, and texting has already become the new kind of courtship, so use this.
  • Don’t rush things, but hold her hands. That is how you’ll show that you like her without rushing things and scaring her.

What about the don’ts? Here they are:

  • Don’t tell her how many women fell for you. Don’t talk about your ex-girlfriends. Yes, she’ll think you’re a womanizer, and contrary to popular belief, it is no good.
  • Don’t forget about your looks. Wearing bad outfits is the worst idea when it comes to dating Chinese girls. They care about their looks and expect you to do the same thing.
  • Don’t discuss sex. Dirty talks are not for Chinese girls for marriage, at least at the early stages of relationships.

As you can see, there is nothing super complicated.

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Final thoughts

Generally speaking, if you like Chinese girls and if you love the fact that they want to have a family and that they are super caring and just charming, finding a Chinese beauty is a good idea. As we’ve noted before, you can do it easily by joining a global dating site or a niche mail order bride website. Just choose the platform carefully and try your luck.

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