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How To Find Chinese Bride or Woman for Dating: Statistics, Guide & Prices

How To Find Chinese Bride or Woman for Dating: Statistics, Guide & Prices
❤️ Successful marriages~85%
💰 Average Chinese bride cost$17,300 – $37,200
👰‍♀️ Average Chinese bride age25 y.o.
💔 Divorce rate~32%

Statistics show that from 1979 to 2010 there was a significant rise in the number of marriages between Chinese and foreign citizens, and most of them were Chinese brides who married foreign men. We decided to analyze and investigate the Chinese segment of the online dating market, had a few interviews, and now are ready to share the results of our research in this guide.

Chinese Mail Order Brides & Dating Sites 2022

1EasternHoneysOne of the most reputable dating sites
2Date Nice AsianVery active female audience
3TheLuckyDateBest mobile experience
4Asia MeBest for serious relationships
5Asian MelodiesBest for dating Asian specifically

Some facts about Chinese society and Chinese women for marriage

Let’s take a look at some facts and figures that can help understand who a typical Chinese wife is.

  • In 2019, 1,135 Chinese citizens applied for a K-1 fiance visa and migrated to the US, and most of them were Chinese mail order brides. In 2020, this number dropped to 284, which, however, can be explained by the global pandemic. 
  • From 1990 to 2016, the average age for first marriages rose from 22 to 25 for Chinese brides. By comparison, it rose from 24 to 27 for Chinese men.
  • In 2015, Chinese families with only 1 child accounted for 65.6 %t of all families with children, while families with 2 children accounted for 28.4%, and those with 3+ children accounted for the remaining 6%. So, most Chinese women have 1-2 children.
  • The spousal age gap is around 3-9 years for Chinese wives and their foreign husbands. 
  • Around 80% of marriages with Chinese mail order brides last over the years

Popular Chinese brides profiles

27 y.o.
at easternhoneys.com
Location Beijing
24 y.o.
at easternhoneys.com
Location Hong Kong
26 y.o.
at easternhoneys.com
Location Chongqing
29 y.o.
at easternhoneys.com
Location Tianjin
22 y.o.
at easternhoneys.com
Location Macau

Chinese mail order bride cost: Is $10,000 enough for getting a wife from China?

chinese bride
Chinese bride via EasternHoneys

First, we should emphasize that there are no Chinese brides for sale. It’s half a myth, half a relic of the past—today, the term cost of Chinese brides or any other foreign women for marriage is just a marketing tool used by companies to attract customers. We decided to do some research and googled the cost of Chinese women, and followed probably hundreds of links, and all of them took us to dating sites or sites of dating agencies, no exception.

If so, why do people keep using the terms like a Chinese brides costs? The thing is, this is the term that refers to the total amount of all services a man needs to use to get a Chinese bride, in particular, online dating services and travel services. Of course, their costs vary greatly from a provider to a provider, but we estimated all the average prices and calculated the total “price” of meeting, dating, and marrying Chinese mail order wives.

Actual costs of using online dating services: How much for meeting Chinese brides online?

There are thousands of international dating sites, but all of them can be divided into a few categories: global sites (and often apps), niche regional Asian/Chinese dating sites that run on a credit system, and niche regional Asian/Chinese dating sites with premium membership plans. All the platforms have their pros and cons, but in most cases, niche regional platforms like EasternHoneys and Asian Melodies work better for those who want to meet Chinese mail order brides. Still, we’re going to provide all the costs for all types of sites—that will help compare them and make the right decision.

how much for finding a bride

Of course, no one knows how much time it will take to meet a special woman on online dating sites, but in such cases, statistics collected by our team can at least help us make forecasts. According to them, it takes about 2 months for an online user to find a partner on one of the online dating sites such as Asian Melodies and Asia Me, so it can cost up to $200 to find a Chinese mail order bride. However, it’s crucially important to consider the context of dating—looking for spouses isn’t like looking for a new girlfriend on Tinder, just because western men and Chinese brides need to get closer online before they buy tickets and meet each other in real life. Most couples spend about a year on a site, so the total cost of online dating services is up to $1,200.

There are ways to reduce the costs, though. Nearly all trustworthy sites that can connect western men with Chinese women offer various promotions. For example, a user can find promo codes for platforms like Tinder or Match.com, get free credits on TheLuckyDate or EasternHoneys, claim free vouchers and get generous discounts on platforms like Date Nice Asian, etc.

How much for meeting a Chinese mail order wife in real life? Costs of trips to China

Platforms and companies claiming that western men can literally mail order Chinese women, i.e. get a Chinese wife without meeting her in real life are just misinforming people. That’s just impossible. All foreign fiance(e)s entering the US (or any of the majority of other western countries) apply for a K-1 visa, which, however, is never granted to foreign citizens who can’t prove that 1) they have an authentic relationship with their American partner 2) they’ve met in real life within the previous two years. So, everyone who’s going to find a Chinese mail order bride should also consider the costs of trips when planning a budget.

Here is an estimate of expenses for a two-week trip to China:

✈️ Round-trip ticket (New York–Beijing)Around $6,326 – the tickets are that pricey (4x the usual price which is $1,500) because due to the COVID
🏩 Accommodation$854 for a standard room for two
🍜 Food$280 for meals for two
🚕 Transportation$196 for one person
🎡 Entertainment$210 for two

So, all expenses for two weeks in China can come to around $7,866.

The total cost of marrying a Chinese woman

So, if a man who wants to meet Chinese women and start a serious relationship with one of them chooses one of the reputable dating platforms like EasternHoneys, spends a year on the site, he’ll spend about $1,200 on online dating. Let’s say he meets a Chinese girl and wants to meet her to get closer and goes to China twice. That will cost him about $15,000. They both realize that their relationship works great and decide to get married. A bride will need to apply for a K-1 visa that costs about $1,000. The marriage license is cheap (up to $100), but the wedding isn’t—if they decide to celebrate it, they’ll spend around $20,000 more.

So, the total cost of getting a Chinese mail order bride will be about $17,300 without a wedding and about $37,200 with a wedding. Note that the price can become significantly lower if the pandemic is finally over and the Chinese government reconsiders its policies regarding international flights.

Do marriages with Chinese women work? Their husbands’ stories

couple 1

David, Austin

I met Chinese girls at college and they were hot, well-mannered, and incredibly feminine, but I never approached any of them just because I wasn’t the most attractive guy on campus. After a decade I decided it was time to get married but couldn’t build a happy relationship with women; mostly due to different views of family and life. I pretty much believe in traditional values, and that surprisingly became a problem for most of my girlfriends. So, I decided to find a Chinese girl because just why not? I met my future Chinese bride in 8 months on Asian Melodies, which is a lot, but it was absolutely worth it. She’s beautiful, lovely, caring, and she’s a perfect mom—she’s basically everything I’ve been always looking for.

couple 2

Daniel, Denver

I’ve always been a bit skeptical about mail order brides, arranged marriages, and other stuff like that didn’t seem to be real life. But my friend has married a Thai girl and I’ve never seen him happier. They didn’t look like a couple who’s together because of money or anything like that—they were in love, and I couldn’t find a girlfriend so I thought well, it’s time for me to give it a try. I wasn’t not looking for Chinese women on purpose, just chose an EasternHoneys dating site, and met my gorgeous Ju pretty soon. 4 trips to China, tons of conversations, and here I am, a skeptic who’s married a foreign bride. I must admit we had more in common than I expected—a lot of Chinese girls are more westernized than I thought they were. Ju is from a big city, she has a master’s degree and always cared about both career and family, so I didn’t get just an impeccable and caring housewife, but also a friend who shares my views and interests, and that’s amazing.

How to meet Chinese wives: Online dating vs. visiting China

Men can meet single Chinese ladies in plenty of ways, but they all fall under two major categories: ways to meet Chinese brides for marriage online or in real life. We won’t focus on things that pretty much depend on luck or circumstances and will analyze only systematic methods below.

Going to China to find a Chinese wife: Existing options, pros & cons

The world has changed, and though there were some pretty good romance tours (arrange trips for men who’d like to meet single Chinese girls in real life), we couldn’t find any good offers from reputable companies. There are some tours that cost around $3,000, but it’s more than just suspicious considering the current cost of flights to China that are at least x2 more expensive than this tour. So, basically, singles who want to find Chinese wives in real life can take independent trips to China and stay there at least for a few months using Tinder or other similar apps to find matches in their area.

✔️Trips to China are likely to work for:Trips to China will hardly work for:
Those who are going to visit China and learn more about Chinese cultureThose who aren’t ready to pay this much without any guarantee of success
Singles who aren’t really into online dating and prefer to meet their matches IRL as soon as possibleMen who want to meet a Chinese bride who’d also like to find a husband, not just a boyfriend
Experienced travelers
Men who want to meet many Chinese girls

Looking for Chinese mail order brides online: Existing options, pros, cons & tips

Dating a foreigner is to some degree trendy in China, so there are pretty many international dating websites with a large number of Chinese women looking for casual or serious relationships. However, not all of them work equally well for singles. In our field, we join and analyze a lot of global and regional platforms, and that allowed us to develop a strategy of choosing and using such sites. We share some most useful information and tips below.

❗️Choosing the first random website with Chinese brides is a bad idea. The first and the most important rule is to consider multiple options. There are pretty many sites in the market, and checking at least a few platforms that meet your basic criteria is always a good idea. Most good websites provide non-registered users with information on costs, privacy policy, and the features that they can use as members of the community.
❗️Hidden costs exist, but you can spot them before you overpay for dating. None of the reputable platforms makes you pay when signing up—all users start as free members, and that provides an opportunity to learn everything about the prices and features before making the first payment. We also look for the price list (often can be found in the FAQ section) and estimate the approximate cost of using the services during one month.
❗️Dating experience can be better and more cost-effective or, by contrast, worse and more expensive depending on the features a user chooses and uses. Each platform with Chinese brides, as well as mail order brides from other countries, has a unique set of features. For example, on sites like EasternHoneys, Mails and chat are the main communication tools, and we, as members, preferred to use live chat instead of writing long emails—that just worked better for us and allowed us to spend less. On sites like Asia Me, there were more communication tools available, and again, we chose live chat and video calls that turned out to be cheaper than scheduled phone calls. The thing is, online communication doesn’t have to be chaotic—a system that works for you makes dating sites work better.
❗️Matching services and advanced search can really help find a special woman. A man who’s looking for a Chinese mail order bride usually has particular criteria, and on good sites, he can use a lot of search filters or other matching services to find perfect potential partners fast, easily, without spending hours on viewing random profiles of Chinese girls who look attractive (and there can be thousands of them).

✔️Niche sites will work for:Niche sites will hardly work for:
Those who want to plan their Chinese wedding ceremony in the nearest futurePeople who prefer totally free dating apps and sites
Singles are feel more comfortable when talking and flirting with others onlineSingles who believe that can’t start and build a long-distance relationship with someone
Men who want to meet Chinese women with similar relationship goalsMen who aren’t sure whether or not they are ready to meet, date and marry Chinese mail order brides
Those who don’t want to pay too much just for a chance to meet a special Chinese girl IRL

Dating Chinese women online & IRL: Our experts’ opinions

paul bloom avatar

“It’s hard to deny that marriage is still a must for most Chinese girls—it’s too hard to resist social pressure and refuse from doing what parents and society expect you to do. However, Chinese women now have more freedom and are attracted to foreigners who always get a lot of attention, and that allows them to make their own decisions when it comes to starting a family. That’s one of the reasons why the number of sites that claim to find a Chinese wife for you is constantly growing. The only thing every online user who’s going to join one of them should consider is that the high demand generates not only a high supply but also scams, so choosing the right safe and reputable site should be every man’s top priority.”Paul Bloom.

Sarah Wright avatar

“A few decades ago Chinese ladies couldn’t even think of marrying a foreigner, but China has changed a lot since that time. It’s not a “Puritan” society anymore, and that’s what all should consider. Hugs, kisses, sex are not stigmatized anymore, and though the older generation considers it to be western spiritual pollution, things have changed, and they can’t just deny that. However, there’s another important point to consider—Chinese brides aren’t so conservative anymore, so though many of them remain family-minded and “feminine”, those who want to find a Chinese wife who is totally obedient are likely to be disappointed. Nowadays, Chinese girls for marriage aren’t completely westernized, but most of them are seeking a partner to start a relationship based on chemistry, mutual respect, understanding, and support.”Sarah Wright.

How to avoid scams when looking for Chinese singles? Anti-fraud tips

Unfortunately, online dating scammers exist, and their “niche” is on the rise. The only good news is they use some common methods—if you know enough about them, you can protect yourself and not waste your money ($20,000 on average) on someone who just pretends to be a Chinese woman.

The verdict: Who are Chinese brides for?

Chinese ladies started to marry foreigners just a few decades ago, and they’ve already become some of the most popular women in the online dating segment. Well, they really meet the expectations of many western men—they are family-minded and at the same time modern and even a bit westernized, feminine yet ambitious, great moms and great professionals. Still, success of a marriage depends on what a man was initially looking for: if he needs a bit less traditional woman to date and marry who would be more direct than a regular Chinese girl, he should pay attention to the Slavic region and seek the partner there, raising his changes to find a suitable date faster.

Sharone Weltfreid
Talented author and provider of relationship advice on One Beautiful Bride. Sharone uses her vast experience in writing, psychology, and relationships to create the best quality content for our audience. Perfect combination of expertise and excellent writing skills allows Sharone to make each of her words worth attention.
  1. If you don’t like cuddling and hate texting with her don’t even try. I’ve been dating 2 Chinese girls, and both were just great people, but all those conversations about the obedience of Asian women are nonsense. They know what they want and how to achieve that, and one of these things is attention from you, so just consider that, too.

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