Vietnam is one of the countries where a lot of women marry foreigners. Contrary to popular belief, Vietnamese-American marriages are not the most frequent marriages.

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Facts about dating Vietnamese brides: rules and possible surprises

A lot of cross-border marriages take place in China, and as researchers note, Vietnamese brides have the only main motivation for making such a decision — getting married across the border has been part of women’s attempt to pursue personal happiness. And it’s not about money.

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That’s why one can see this many young and attractive Vietnamese mail order brides on such niche sites and global dating sites. However, we recommend learning more about their culture before you click on the “Send a message” button, and our goal is to provide you with the information you need.

Should you marry a girl from Vietnam?

You need to answer this question yourself. It depends only on what you really expect from your Vietnamese wife and your marriage. Here are some facts that you should know about Vietnamese women for marriage. Consider them and ask yourself if it is a perfect match.

  • They are serious about marriage and family. A Vietnamese woman won’t divorce a husband after a small conflict or a few misunderstandings. They choose partners carefully, and they believe that all efforts should be made to make the marriage last forever.
  • Vietnamese mail order brides consider family to be the most precious thing in life. They truly believe in the “all for one and one for all” principle, which Filipino brides also share.
  • They are beautiful. These girls are naturally pretty, petite, and very healthy (life expectancy rates are some of the highest in Vietnam). By the way, girls from Vietnam regularly win the largest beauty pageants in the world.
  • Girls in Vietnam are always smiling. If you’ve never been to Vietnam, you should visit it at least once in the future — women there are more than just friendly. It seems that they have no problems and are happy just because there is no war and the sun is still shining brightly. And you know, this mood is contagious!

So, it’s all about beauty, the importance of family, loyalty, and positivity. Sounds good, right? But how can a man from the Western world win the heart of a Vietnamese bombshell?

beautiful vietnamese bride

Tips on dating Vietnamese mail order brides

What’s the secret of a great international relationship? The answer is simple — it’s the understanding of your partner’s culture. Chinese brides’ attitudes are quite similar, but there are still some significant differences. We have some tips that will help you understand how dating in Vietnam works.

Do’s of dating a Vietnamese lady

So, what should a man do to get a Vietnamese mail order wife?

  1. Show her your relationship is serious. Very few Vietnamese women are into short-term relationships. Most of them want to know if you can have a future together.
  2. Plan your dates carefully. Consider the fact that young Vietnamese brides often live with their parents. Hence, you should plan your dates, and never put pressure on her if she wants to be home by 11 p.m.
  3. Try to learn as much as possible about Vietnamese culture. Pay more attention to the rules and etiquette. Did you know that you should use both hands when giving an older person a plate with food? There are a lot of such traditions in Vietnam, Japan, or any other Asian region, and you should know at least the most important of them, especially if you are going to get married to a local girl. This will help you make a really good impression on her family — you will be treated as a future family member, not just as a foreigner.
  4. Call and text her as often as possible. It is a perfectly normal and even appreciated behavior. That’s how you can show that you really care for her.
  5. Be as romantic as possible. Girls in Vietnam love South Korean TV shows and dramas, and they expect you to be really romantic, just like the characters in these movies. So, courtship is a must.

As you can see, there is nothing super special — just some common rules and nuances.

Don’ts of dating Vietnamese girls for marriage

Now you know what you should do. But what about don’ts? Keep the following things in mind:

  • Never say anything bad about Vietnam. Yes, she is likely to be patriotic.
  • French kisses and sex are not for the first dates. Consider the fact that Vietnamese society is still a pretty conservative one (just like most other Asian societies.) Don’t put pressure on her, and she will be grateful.
  • Don’t drink and smoke too much. It is not appreciated.
  • If you are dating a Vietnamese beauty, never treat her like a thing you are buying. These girls are nice and sweet, but if a man shows no respect, they just leave.
  • Never say anything bad about her family. If you do it, you will never hear from her again.

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Final thoughts

So, what are these girls like? Well, a lot of men seek love in Vietnam, because they are looking for things they can’t find in their own country. Some of them love their friendliness and optimism, some are looking for that exotic beauty and calmness, some want to find a woman who believes that family is the most precious thing in life. Vietnam is open to guests, and mail order bride sites and global dating platforms are open to visitors and members, so if you believe that you will find happiness in this country, just give it a try.

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