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How To Find Thai Bride or Woman for Dating: Statistics, Guide & Prices

How To Find Thai Bride or Woman for Dating: Statistics, Guide & Prices
❤️ Successful marriages~86%
💰 Average Thai bride cost$7,200 – $27,200
👰‍♀️ Average Thai bride age23 y.o.
💔 Divorce rate~30%

Around 1,000 Thai mail order brides leave the country every year. We decided to find out what are the reasons for marriage migration, so we did our own research, analyzed the market, and had interviews with Thai girls and their husbands. Now we are ready to share the results.

Thai Mail Order Brides & Dating Sites in 2022

1EasternHoneysOne of the most reputable dating sites
2Date Nice AsianVery active female audience
3TheLuckyDateBest mobile experience
4Asia MeBest for serious relationships
5Asian MelodiesBest for dating Asian specifically

Thai brides statistics 

We started our research by collecting essential information about Thai mail order brides, and here are the most interesting facts to consider.

  • The average age of Thai girls for marriage—the dominant age of Thai brides is 21-25. And just 4% of Thai ladies that marry abroad are over the age of 35.
  • The average age difference between Thai women and their American partners is 7.5-11 years.
  • The number of Thai girls that come to the US to marry in 2019 is 855, and in 2020 this number decreased to 343 due to the pandemic restrictions.
  • Every 7th Thai woman that came to the US in 2019 to get married had a child. And in 2020, only 44 Thai brides had children.
  • The divorce rate in Thailand is only 0.58 per 1,000 people compared to 4.95 for the US. And as for unions with Thai mail order brides, only 20% of such marriages end in divorce.

So, the statistics show that marriages with Thai brides work, at least for 80% of couples. However, a lot of questions remain unanswered. In particular, a lot of people google Thai mail order bride costs. Does it mean that you can literally order a woman from Thailand? The short answer is ‘no.’ Though you will need to pay for some things related to dating.

Popular Thai brides profiles

Aning has more photos!
Do you want to watch?
Aning, 29
Bangkok, Thailand
From: easternhoneys.com
Achara has more photos!
Do you want to watch?
Achara, 26
Bangkok, Thailand
From: easternhoneys.com
Hathai has more photos!
Do you want to watch?
Hathai, 33
Phuket, Thailand
From: easternhoneys.com

Cost of a Thai mail order bride—Is $5,000 enough for a wife?

So, what happens if you follow the buy-a-bride link? In reality, you will be redirected to dating sites, whether niche mail order bride platforms or regular dating websites that accept all singles or to romance tours to Asia. We analyzed every single link and only confirmed what we suspected—the word “cost” in this context is nothing but marketing. No one buys Thai brides, and no one sells them. However, men do pay—for dating services and trips. 

How much for finding and dating a Thai bride online? 

The international online dating market is very, very diverse, so it’s nearly impossible to estimate the exact cost of online dating for all for a certain period of time. However, it’s possible to classify international dating sites and learn the average costs, and that’s what we did. Find the results in the table below. 

how much for finding a bride

These are approximate costs and basic characteristics of the most popular dating sites where one can meet a Thai mail order bride or Thai woman for dating. The price can be higher or lower depending not only on the premium plan/credit package you buy and how you spend credits but also on how you use bonuses and discounts. Looking for promo codes for Tinder, using free complimentary credits on TheLuckyDate or EasternHoneys, or getting bonuses/free vouchers on DateNiceAsian is a good way to spend less and approach more potential matches.

As for the timeline, our surveys show that it takes 2 month for most online users to meet someone special. Considering this, the cost of finding a Thai bride is up to $200, but it’s also important to consider the niche—on niche sites, people not only meet each other but also build a relationship, and it usually takes a year to get really close, so the total cost of online dating services can range up to around $1,200.

Cost of trips to Thailand

According to the policy of most western countries, including the US, a citizen can’t just marry someone they’ve never met in real life—in this case, a foreign fiance(e) just won’t get a visa and therefore, won’t be able to enter the country.

All mail order brides can enter the US only after getting a K-1 visa that can be obtained only if a couple proves that their relationship is authentic and that they’ve met in person within the previous two years. Considering that American tourists entering Thailand for fewer than a month do not require a visa, while Thai women need to get a tourist visa to visit the US, most men prefer to go to Thailand and stay there for a few weeks to take a relationship to a new level.

So, the big chunk of the bride cost comes from travel expenses, which come to around $2,528.

✈️ Round-trip ticket (New York, the USA–Bangkok)Around $862
🏩 Accommodation$60 for a standard room for two
🍜 Food$28 for meals for two per day
🚕 Transportation$12 for one person per day
🎡 Entertainment$32 for two per day

*Prices provided according to BudgetYourTrip.com.

Also, all Thai mail order brides will need a visa one day, and the approximate total cost of a K-1 visa is $1,000. So, if we assume that a man spends a year on a mid-range dating platform and meets his future Thai wife, goes to Thailand twice, and pays for a visa, he’ll spend about $7,200 in total. Note that it doesn’t include a wedding—if a couple celebrates it, they’ll spend about $28,000 (the average cost of a wedding in the US is about $20,000).

Again, even though we can estimate the approximate price of services, we should emphasize that the average cost of a mail order bride from Thailand varies a lot. It depends on a particular dating site you decide to join, traveling style, your budget, etc.

Will a marriage with a Thai woman work? Husbands’ stories

Jake, Newark

I regret that I’ve never met Thai women before—to be honest, I’d have a happy marriage, much, much earlier, instead of having two unhappy ones. One day I decided to join an Asian dating site EasternHoneys, and that has changed my life. I didn’t expect much from hot Thai brides—I liked that attention I got from them as a western guy on a site, but I was looking for something casual until I met Hathai. I’m not gonna lie—she made me fall for you for giving me support and care I’ve never even dreamed of before. She was so lovely, sent me cute short messages, and at the same time, she turned out to have such a deep personality. I decided to go to Thailand, and you know, I thought Thai ladies were easy, so I expected to take a relationship to a new level easily, but it didn’t happen with Hathai. She turned out to be the woman of my dreams—family-minded, a bit conservative and super-caring, and yes, selective. We’ve been married for 3 years, and I must admit I think I couldn’t be as happy with any other woman.

Phill, Phoenix

I was dating a Thai girl I met on the TheLuckyDate for 2 months before I decided to go to Thailand and meet her. And I proposed to her after a week of dates. Friends said I was crazy but the fact is now a lot of them are divorced, and I’m happily married. My wife is absolutely charming—you know there are women who are incredibly feminine yet strong, and that’s exactly the case. She’s a great loving mom for our 2 kids, and that makes me love even more. The cultural barrier was never a problem, and the only thing that caused conflicts was (and still is) her jealousy. Well, that’s something I can deal with especially considering that everything besides it is just amazing.

How to find a Thai bride? Online dating vs. finding a Thai wife IRL

The mail order bride industry is the industry of myths. As we’ve mentioned previously, some believe that women can be actually ordered on the web, but in fact, men who’d like to find a Thai lady for dating or marriage can choose between two options—go to Thailand to meet Thai women in real life or look for a Thai girl online. Both have their pros and cons, and we’ll talk about them in more detail below. 

Going on a vacation on Thai brides tour

Thailand ranks 10th most popular country for global visitors—it’s relatively cheap and the services, as well as the nature, are great, so for many single men, vacation in Thailand often turns out to be a life-altering thing as they often come back with a Thai wife. So, independent travelers can just visit the country to meet Thai women in real life (again, Americans don’t need a visa to enter the country). However, it’s important to consider that the culture of bar girls (employed women whose main goal is to entertain foreigners and make them buy drinks) is pretty common, too, and with such women, men rarely start serious relationships. If one goes to Thailand to find a wife, dating apps, whether global or local ones, will work better than looking for a girlfriend at parties, bars, and restaurants.

There is another option for those who want to improve their chances of getting back with Thai wives in real life—the bride tours. These are arranged trips for men who want to meet Thai brides who are really motivated to find foreign boyfriends and use the services provided by global dating agencies. Here’s some basic information on such tours:

👤Who can join: foreign men that are interested in relationships with Thai brides.

🏝Types: individual tours (more expensive, arranged for one man who meets many potential brides), group tours (cheaper, arranged for many men who meet many potential brides).

⏳ Duration: 10-14 days.

🛎 Services: full organization from planning flights and accommodation to dating events. Those who purchase such tours also don’t need to worry about communication with Thai women who don’t speak English: translation is usually included.

Note that the services may vary depending on the policy of the company (marriage agency), but in most cases, they are not cheap—the cost of group tours starts from around $3,000 for 7 days.

✔️Romance tours are likely to work for:Romance tours will hardly work for:
People who aren’t into online datingThose who don’t want to spend too much
Those who want to learn a lot about Thai culture and Thai women before making serious decisionsMen who want to have any guarantees to have a great time or start a relationship
Singles who believe that only communication in real life can help one understand if they really met someone specialThose who want to meet Thai wives who meet their criteria or expectations instead of meeting random Thai girls

Looking for Thai women through a dating website

According to statistics, nearly 280 million users of dating services were forecast for 2024, with 113 million users of matchmaking services and 70 million casual daters. The global revenue of such services is estimated at nearly 655 million dollars in 2020 and will hit over 2.5 billion U.S. dollars in 2 years.

However, it’s important to analyze this dynamic not only as a positive trend. The more beneficial the industry becomes, the more companies start looking for profit and nothing but profit. We’ve been analyzing online dating platforms for a few years now, and developing an effective strategy for choosing decent sites and distinguishing them from scam platforms wasn’t easy. Here are some tips that can help online users avoid mistakes that we’ve made initially.

❗️Careful analysis of platforms takes time, but it’s the only way to choose a good site. No matter if a user is looking for a site with Thai women for casual dating or serious niche platforms with real mail order brides such as AsianMelodies or AsiaMe, the best thing one can do is to consider multiple options and analyze each of them carefully. Paying special attention to the members, quality of profiles, security system, prices, features, and their value for money is what allowed us to choose the 10 best platforms from hundreds of options. We should also emphasize that most good websites usually don’t hide such information from users—most important data, in particular, information about the features, costs, and security system is in the public domain.

❗️Ignoring questions in the quiz and the absence of a profile photo makes a profile much less effective.  We had a few experiments with photos and information in profiles—we joined the same site twice and created an empty profile without photos and detailed information. We also created a good profile with interesting and useful self-descriptions and photos. On good sites, our low-effort profiles received zero responses, and the situation has changed after we added pics and information. Here’s another important point—if this rule doesn’t work and you receive tons of messages even though you have a bad profile, this is a bad sign—messages are likely to be sent by bots, so it’s a scam website.

❗️On good sites, matching services work great, and using them actually makes sense. Again, every new member joining a dating platform can provide the system with the information it needs to find matches for them. If your profile and profiles of other users are detailed enough, it makes the searching algorithm work perfectly, which allows finding partners that really meet your criteria. Such services are usually free and helpful for those who’re looking for someone with specific personality traits, habits, background, etc.

❗️There are plenty of communication tools on good sites with Thai brides, and the trick is to choose the most cost-effective features that work best for you. A good dating site provides members with different tools. For example, we used sites with video chat, call services, live chat, and Mails, and in most cases, if you use all of them randomly, without a system, you’ll just spend too much. That’s why for our reviews, we decided to choose only features that work best for use. On sites like EasternHoneys, there is chat (up to 300 characters in a message) and Mails (up to 3000 characters in a Mail). Chat was cheaper, and it was way more convenient for us because we mostly contacted women who were online—paying $2 more for each Mail sent just didn’t make much sense. So, if a user tests the tools, analyzes the experience considering prices, he’ll have a better user experience and spend less.

✔️Niche sites will work for:Niche sites will hardly work for:
Men who want to meet Thai mail order brides who want to marry a foreignerPeople who don’t want to pay for dating services
Singles looking for partners with similar relationship goalsSingles who aren’t into online dating
Those who don’t want pay too much for an opportunity to meet a Thai lady for marriageMen who aren’t sure that they are ready to start a serious relationship
People who want to use advanced algorithms to find someone who meets their criteria

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Is the idea of finding a Thai woman for marriage a good one? Our experts’ opinions

Sharone Weltfreid avatar

“It’s considered that cultural barriers cause conflicts, but many international couples note that the acknowledgment of different traditions and the acceptance of some cultural differences is what helps them have a harmonious marriage. In the case of Thailand, there are no such big gaps and barriers.  This country is unique—this is a place where old traditions meet modern western values, and paradoxically, they coexist without any problem. In Thailand, women remain family-minded, a bit conservative and at the same time, they love western culture, are way more open and friendly than women in many other Asian countries, and assimilate to western society easily. This is one of the reasons why marriages with them work so well.”Sharone Weltfreid.

“Well, it’s hard to deny that mass media and movies like The Hangover Part II, the one in Bangkok, affected the way people view Thailand, and not always in a good way. Thailand is not just the place where a man can meet bar girls, spend tons of money at parties on easy women. Thai brides are more conservative than most people think. A lot of travelers note that once they got a bit closer with locals, they were surprised to know that Thai women are much calmer, more caring, and more faithful than they expected. Many men looking for Thai girls, whether online or in real life, expect them to be fun and hot, and that’s all. That’s a wrong approach—most Thai brides you can meet on dating sites look for something more serious than just casual relationships with one of the foreign guys.”Adam Cohen.

Common Thai mail order bride scams—How not to spend all your money on a catfish

According to statistics, losses from romance scams rose to $547 million in 2021, up from $307 million in 2020 and $202 million in 2019, and every victim wastes around $20,000 on their partner who turns out to be fake. The chance to meet a Thai bride online is real, but the chance of meeting a scammer is real, too. The only way to protect yourself is to know the common fraud methods and spot them before sending money to someone who just pretends to be a Thai girl.

The verdict—Who are Thai brides for?

Many foreign men are looking for brides overseas, but it’s crucially important to consider national characteristics. Most Thai women for marriage live somewhere in between western and eastern culture, so though many Thai brides are family-minded and a bit conservative,  many of them (especially younger women) are also seeking equality and have ambition. They assimilate to western societies pretty easily because they are more westernized than many other Asian brides. If that’s what a man is looking for, finding a Thai girlfriend may be a good idea.

For those who prefer more passionate, bright, and changing relationships, we would recommend looking at the Latin region for dating.


Are Thai brides loyal?

Being faithful is an integral part of the Thai approach to relationships. The majority of women remain virgins until marriage and are sure they can love one man for life.

Can I bring my Thai wife to the USA?

Yes. If you are a citizen you can get married in the US with a K-1 visa, or you can tie the knot in Thailand and get a K-3 visa. After marriage, your wife can apply for a US green card.

Can I live in Thailand if I marry a Thai bride?

Yes. You can stay in Thailand for a year with a Thai Marriage visa which is renewable and doesn’t require leaving the country. But you need to meet Thai Immigration requirements.

Sharone Weltfreid
Talented author and provider of relationship advice on One Beautiful Bride. Sharone uses her vast experience in writing, psychology, and relationships to create the best quality content for our audience. Perfect combination of expertise and excellent writing skills allows Sharone to make each of her words worth attention.
  1. I’m the guy who married a Thai girl. It’s been only 2 years and of course, I can’t be sure things will go as well as they go now, but my wife is a very polite, well-mannered, loving and caring woman. Here’s another bonus for Americans – she doesn’t spend tons of money on useless beauty products and those fancy Gucci belts. She sends some money to her parents though, but I’m okay with that.

  2. You say the age difference is 7 years but come on, in most cases Thai girls are 10-15 years older than their husbands…

  3. The funny thing is we used to think that Thai women are easy, relaxed, and dependent on their husbands, but from my experience at work I know for sure they are crazy hard-working. For me, this is the main myth that definitely must be finally busted.

  4. Hey, what about the green card? If I marry a Thai woman, she’ll need it anyway and the cost isn’t included.

    • Hello, yes, a foreign fiance gets a K-1 visa and then goes from it toward a green card. The process usually takes 4-6 months to adjust the status to a Green Card. You’ll need to pay around $1,200 for the I-485 application, and there may be extra fees on additional services – attorney, translation if necessary, etc.

  5. Two friends of mine married Thai women, and well, they are different. One of my friends has been married for more than 10 years now, they’re a beautiful loving couple, and the other one lost half of his money in divorce and she kept gaslighting him for around a year. It just depends on the person

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