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How To Write A Dating Profile?

How To Write A Dating Profile?

The quality of a profile matters, especially when it comes to premium online dating sites and apps. Our team joined and tested lots of online dating sites, created dozens of profiles on different platforms, and looked through hundreds of online dating profiles of potential matches.

This experience allowed us to develop the effective strategy of a legit, good online dating profile that will work both on a regular dating app and an international mail order bride website.

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How to write a dating profile for a man: Best dating profile tip

Once we join an online dating site, we always notice one thing. Women make a lot more effort to make a dating profile stand out and get more attention from potential matches.

But here’s what our experience shows—if our team creates a male online dating profile, adds one not-so-good photo, writes a short and meaningless self-description, and provides not so many details, we get three times fewer replies. In the case of international online dating sites like JollyRomance or La-Date, it also means that we spend at least two times more money on reaching those who won’t reach us back.

So, a male user should also work on his dating profile headline and bio and also carefully choose a username and photos to find the right person faster and at a much lower cost.

Choosing a dating profile username

Let’s start with the usernames, which, by the way, aren’t always necessary. For example, people on sugar dating websites or affair sites prefer to hide their identities and therefore, need to create usernames that also must be original. On such websites, usernames like SexyMama or YourSugarDaddy are more acceptable and don’t seem weird to others.

However, on platforms for marriage and serious relationships, for example, EasternHoneys, LoveFort or UkraineBride4you, most people still prefer to use their real names or at least names that sound real, and this is the right approach.

The thing is, the username largely determines how we imagine a person we’re going to talk to, and the context matters. Usernames like “IAmMrPerfect” or even something more abstract like “AviatorWings” won’t work well for a man who’s looking for a wife or a girlfriend and wants to seem like a serious and reliable person. In this case, your real name will work much better, and if you care about privacy, you can just choose any other name and a fake last name (which, by the way, isn’t displayed on profiles anyway on many dating apps and sites).

Secrets of good dating profile headlines

On some websites (BravoDate, EasternHoneys, etc.), online dating profile headlines are automatically generated, and on the one hand, it’s good for a user who doesn’t have to spend a lot of time trying to come up with a good idea, but on the other hand, there are fewer opportunities for self-expression.

If you’re using a site where headlines are required, take a look at a few criteria that a good headline must meet:

  • Shortness—there’s usually a word limit, so try to provide only the most important details
  • Serious—again, if you’re using an online dating site to start a long-term serious relationship
  • Useful—if you’d like to write something romantic because you feel this way, and you want to show your personality, you can do it, but if you are more rational than emotional, provide useful details that can narrow the search both for you and for ladies
  • No spelling mistakes—check it before saving

Many men prefer to mention location, occupation, and relationship goals in their online dating profile headline, for example, “Richard from Miami, marketing analyst, looking for a wife from Ukraine”. It’s not too creative, but it’s accurate and clear, and Richard is likely to succeed much faster than a man who just writes something like “Reach me to learn more about me”.

Creating a dating profile bio

This is one of the most important sections in any online dating profile, as it contains all the details, from marital status to relationship goals. It shouldn’t be compared to Instagram bios—on online dating sites, members have a chance to write really long and useful self-descriptions.

Basically, this section usually contains short questions that a user can answer when signing up or by editing an account, and we highly recommend providing them all, even if some seem pointless just because a profile will look more detailed.

As for self-descriptions, only dating profiles with lots of details stand out. We’d recommend focusing on the following:

  • Your relationship goals, things that you are looking for in a woman
  • Your interests and hobbies, things that inspire you in everyday life
  • List of things you are definitely into and things you’re not into

If you’re looking for dating profile examples and examples of good descriptions, that’s what an effective “About Me” section looks like:

“Hi, I’m Richard, 40 y.o, looking for something serious and hope to find a wife. For me, strong family values, optimism, inner strength, and respect for yourself and your partner are the most important things I’ve always been looking for in a woman. I’m an engineer, but I just love soccer. I have a lot of friends, and Sunday barbecues are a tradition for me, so it’s an event that can’ t be canceled. I’d like to meet a woman who’s serious about starting a family. Not only that, but I’m totally into serious relationships and definitely don’t look for anything casual. I also hope my future bride will agree to move to my place in Atlanta.”

As you can see, there’s nothing complex about dating profile writing. Basically, every user just needs to spend some time giving answers that were asked at the registration stages and writing a few words about himself.

Adding dating profile pictures

From our own experience, we know that it’s impossible to get a perfect online dating profile if you have no profile photos. It’s also impossible to get really many matches with only one profile photo.

Let’s talk about it in the context of international dating. Ladies aren’t as interested in a man’s appearance as you may think. It’s just a matter of trust and reliability. A man who has a few photos in different clothes, in different locations, and doesn’t hide his face looks like an honest, open person who has no secrets and definitely isn’t a catfish. Of course, this makes women reach him, and not other men who have a few blurred pictures.

If you want the pictures on your online dating profile to be perfect, take a look at this list of dos and don’ts:

No nudityShow your face
No photos with ex-wifeSmile
No poor-quality selfies in a dark roomNeutral background or background that tells something about you (for example, a tennis court)
No multiple photos that look exactly the same

If there’s an opportunity to add videos, we’d recommend doing it, too. They should be like Instagram stories, short and not necessarily meaningful—smiling and waving will be more than enough to get twice as many responses from women who have no doubts about your identity.

Good dating profile examples

Now, let’s take a look at some good profiles.

profile example2

As for the short dating profile examples, here are some accounts that aren’t so detailed but are likely to work well, too.

profile example 1


So, these were some dating profile tips that usually work well for those who’re going to join an international online dating website. A perfect dating profile really improves the chances of finding a partner and can save you a lot of time, money, and effort.

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