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Our platform was launched in 2016, and since then, we keep exploring the online dating market. Our team specializes in modern mail order brides, and in this context, modern is important, as we’re aimed at busting the most common myths about the industry and foreign brides themselves. 

What exactly do we do? 

We monitor the market to find the best platforms with real mail order brides or girls for dating. Our team doesn’t just read the reviews or gather feedback from customers—we actually purchase membership and credits and act as if we were really looking for a spouse. After the research is complete, we write in-depth reviews with our feedback for you and rate all the decent sites according to the quality of features and value for money. 

Still, finding the right site is only half the battle. On OneBeautifulBride, you can also find guides on mail order brides from different regions, namely Asia, Europe, North America, South America, and the Caribbean and countries. We interview ladies and their husbands and collect lots of information on women from a particular place to help our site visitors find out where they can find a perfect match. 

Our Mission

What about our core values and goals? Here are the things that matter most for us. 

Finding only the best dating platforms

There are lots of dating sites—different platforms each specializing in different niches and providing different dating services. Unfortunately, in the best-case scenario, only a half of these sites are worth even visiting, while finding a good site with reasonable prices, validated profiles, and some really special features is a challenge. We monitor the market regularly, analyze every platform, and join the sites that meet our basic criteria to find out if they meet other, more specific criteria and can provide that great online dating experience to our readers. 

Providing unbiased, useful, and coherent information to a site visitor

We’re testing all the sites, collecting information on women from different countries for months, and only after we have enough material and can really draw conclusions based on it, we start to create our reviews and guides. Our team focuses on making complex things easier. On OneBeautifulBride, you can find concise information that will explain a lot without making you spend an hour reading a 10-page guide. 

Protecting everyone who’s going to use online dating services from scams

The scam is a real problem, and unfortunately, the number of victims who send money to their “boyfriends” and “girlfriends” they’ve been dating online is growing year by year. Each person who met a fraudster on the web lost around $20,000, and that is only romance scam losses. Singles can also lose their money after choosing the wrong platform with tons of hidden costs and useful services. We provide safety tips and rules and highly recommend our readers follow them all to get a great experience instead of disappointment and an empty wallet. 

What we offer

Here are the types of content you can find on OneBeautifulBride.net: 

  1. Dating site reviews. On our platform, you’ll find in-depth reviews of top international dating sites and mail order bride websites to find a girlfriend or a future wife in one of the countries with the largest number of foreign brides. All reviews are based on our own experience. 
  2. Guides on how to find and date women from a particular region/country. We also create content that can not only help someone to find a partner somewhere in Asia, Europe or Latin countries but also understand where exactly they should look for her. In our guides, we describe national characteristics, provide statistics and figures, and publish the parts of the interviews of men who have already married women from a particular country or a region. 
  3. Expert guides. Marrying a foreigner is not that easy, and the costs are very far from being transparent. Our experts also create comprehensive guides on how to get a visa for a fiance, costs of services, and other no less important aspects of marrying someone from another country. 

How we write the reviews

Let us talk about the reviewing process in a bit more detail—it’s important to understand what kind of informational product you can get here. 

It always consists of the following stages:

  1. Monitoring the market to find interesting sites to test. We look for good new sites and platforms we haven’t reviewed before to continuously update our contact and offer interesting new products to you. 
  2. Finding all the information a non-registered user can get. Our experts do the background research just because if the site has tons of negative reviews and is obviously a scam platform, testing it just doesn’t make much sense. 
  3. Creating an account and joining the website. After we get some basic information on the site, we create an account (usually as a male user), generate a profile of this user, add all the characteristics and photos, and act accordingly, trying to find the best matches. 
  4. Buying credits/premium plans to test the features. The truth is most reputable websites, and niche platforms don’t provide that many free services. In 99% of cases, members need to spend some money to be able to meet someone and start a relationship. So, we don’t wait for too long to upgrade our account to premium. 
  5. Communicating with female users. Our team reaches as many women as possible. We have real conversations with them; with some, we keep in touch for weeks or even months to find out not only how communication tools work but also what kind of woman a man is likely to meet on this particular platform. 

The final stage is drawing conclusions that are based on the criteria that we list and describe below. 

Our most important criteria that dating sites must meet

Here are the things we usually focus on: 

  • The number of members. We analyze niche regional platforms. If the site is promoted as a Ukrainian dating platform, we join it to find out if it has that many real female members from Ukraine. Of course, the more people use the website, the higher chance of meeting someone special. 
  • Prices. Again, it’s all about the value for money. We spend our own money on dating, on different services, to be exact. Some are more cost-effective, some are less cost-effective, and some are just not worth paying for, and we share this information with you in our reviews. 
  • Features. There are so many features that a dating site may have. For example, there may be an advanced search with 20+ filters or only a basic search with only two filters. On some sites, there is only live chat, and some also let users make video and phone calls. Some platforms have streamer members, and on some, you can request a meeting in real life or purchase a gift on an online gift store. The variety and quality of these features are definitely one of the most important criteria for us. 
  • Profile quality. Our experts pay special attention to profiles, too. On a good platform, you’ll learn enough about a member without spending a credit on a message. Moreover, we trust but verify—we also google all the images to make sure members are real. 
  • Support and moderation. Last but not least, we always contact the team of the platform to find out what kind of assistance a user will get if anything goes wrong or if they just will need to ask an important question about the service. 

All this allows us to understand if the platform is trustworthy and if it’s a really good value for money. Our experts share their honest opinions on the site, both its pros and cons, to ensure our readers know what to expect before creating an account on this platform. 

About the editor

Our editor, Adam Cohen, is a psychologist and journalist with plenty of publications in media and professional journals. Now Adam is generating content for our platform and contributes a lot to the quality of our guides and articles by analyzing behavioral patterns and national characteristics from a psychological perspective. 

The team 

Of course, Adam doesn’t work alone—our team consists of 3 more authors, each bringing something special to the content we create:

  • Sharone Weltfreid—our best provider of relationship advice
  • Paul Bloom—our best website reviewer 
  • Sarah Wright—our great writer who knows firsthand how building a long-distance relationship feels like

If you have any questions, please, feel free to contact us by email (click Contact & Information at the bottom of the home page) and get the answers within a day or less. 

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