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AmourFeel Dating Review: Registration, Communication, Prices

AmourFeel Dating Review: Registration, Communication, Prices

We were analyzing the international online dating market, its Slavic segment, to be exact, and realized that we hadn’t tested AmourFeel yet. Well, that obviously was the oversight—now the site has over 600,000 monthly visits, and that’s a lot for a niche site. So, we decided to join this community and spend some real cash on communication. Did we waste our money or have a really good dating experience? What are the pros and cons of the site, and who’ll like it or not? We answer all these questions in our full AmourFeel review.

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amourfeel site

AmourFeel overview

Things we liked

  • The site works as a social media platform, too
  • Some members are live streaming
  • You can view profiles and use search for free
  • Most profiles are very detailed
  • Discounts and bonuses for new members

Things we didn’t like

  • There is no AmourFeel app
  • You can’t use communication tools without paying
  • You also need to spend money on watching videos

Who is the AmourFeel dating site for? 

  • Singles who’d like to explore the world of international dating and those who’d like to meet Slavic women
  • People who are better at approaching someone online rather than in real life
  • Men and women looking for all types of communication and relationships, from friendship to a long-term relationship

Getting started: Creating an account on AmourFeel.com

Joining this online dating platform wasn’t a challenge—we created an account in about 8 minutes, even considering that we decided not to skip anything and provide all the information that may be useful for our potential matches and/or to the algorithms of the site. Here is what we did:

  • Filled in a registration form, provided basic information (gender, date of birth, name), and entered a valid email address
  • Confirmed that we want to sign up and move on to the quiz
  • Answered all the questions (there are a lot of them, and they are different, from the questions about your guilty pleasures to your height, weight, and favorite movies)
  • Wrote self-description on behalf of a single guy who’s looking for a Slavic girlfriend
  • Added a profile picture
  • Liked some ladies (we’ve seen the profiles after the complete registration)
amourfeel registration complete

Basically, that’s all. Then you will see the search with potential matches and will be able to view as many profiles as you want to—it’s completely free. Generally speaking, that’s a regular registration procedure, and new users can even skip any questions (except for the questions in the registration form) if they want to answer them at the moment. You are also free to upload or not upload a profile picture, as well as do it later.

Tips for those who are going to join AmourFeel

  1. All the ladies have 5+ profile photos, and gentlemen also have at least 2-3 pictures. Add a few good photos to stand out from the competition and get more attention.
  2. There are private photos, so you can limit access for strangers.
  3. Pay special attention to self-description—think about what you’d really want others to know about you. That’s the most useful section for other members.

Free and premium features—How much does it cost to use AmourFeel?

So, like most other online dating sites for online communication, especially international communication, AmourFeels has both free and premium services, and the most important question for us was whether it provides good value for money. We talk about our experience of using both free and paid services in more detail below.

Free features

So, here are the features we could use as an AmourFeel non-paying member.

  • Live streams. Yes, we could watch streams as free members—there are usually up to ten girls who are streaming at any time. Members are free to donate streamers or not to donate them. However, we should mention an important thing—we’ve been testing the site before the war in Ukraine started, and then, there were streamers from Ukraine. Now, obviously, only women from other Eastern European countries are streaming (by the way, now the members can donate money to help the people of Ukraine right on the site).
  • Viewing posts on the Newsfeed. Another thing we appreciated is the Newsfeed—members publish photos and various messages that can be seen by anyone, and we could also follow users we liked most without paying.
amourfeel newsfeed section

  • All types of search. We tested all of them—applied filters to find women who met our basic criteria and also used the People feature that actually turns AmourFeel into Tinder. Both types of search work well, but obviously, search with filters would work better for singles who know exactly what they are looking for.
  • Likes, favorites, and winks. We used these tools a lot just because this was the only way to let someone know that you are interested in a conversation without paying. Another user is notified about adding to Favorites, likes, and receives Winks, and they can contact you if they are interested, too. However, in practice, only 1 out of 10 women contacted us after receiving such a notification.
  • AmourFeel customer support service. It’s available 24/7, but members can’t use live chat to reach the support team. We sent a few emails to [email protected] and received responses in 5-7 hours, but still, the absence of real-time support was obviously a drawback.

Premium features and how much we paid for using them

So, AmourFeel is one of the dating sites that offers you to buy credits instead of paying for a paid membership. That means that a member can’t send an unlimited number of instant messages but can control their spending.

There are a few packages to choose from, and, as we were going to contact as many Slavic girls as possible, we decided to claim our free credits and buy 750 more credits (the most expensive package that costs $149.99), and here are the features we could use after an upgrade:

  • Stream donations. Yes, there is the only video communication tool on the AmourFeel site, and though it’s a one-way one, it’s still pretty fun to use, especially considering that it’s free. Donations are optional, and the costs are different (about 5-40 credits/$1-$8 for a sticker). By the way, we could follow or type a message to a Slavic girl who was streaming right away. Also, no nudity is allowed—this is just about online communication.
  • Instant messaging—10 credits/$2 for 5 minutes. On the AmourFeel website, live chat was the number one tool for us. Most women are online pretty often, so we could easily reach them even though most of them were in other time zones.
amourfeel instant messaging

  • Mails—30 credits/$6 per mail (there is a discount for the first mail—it costs 10 credits/$2). Mails are actually long letters (up to 3,000 characters) that premium members can send each other and attach media files as well. Though that wasn’t our favorite communication tool, we sent a few Mails to ladies and received responses, but mails are rather a tool for those who have a lot to say or who hate typing tons of short messages in live chat.
  • Attaching photos—10 credits/$2. Speaking of adding pics—it’s not free. To be honest, we didn’t send many pictures—just a few to test the service, and it worked properly. By the way, we asked other users to send pictures, and most ladies shared their selfies/photos without any problem.
  • Gift delivery—from $80. We believe that this service is offered to people looking for serious relationships—if you’ve already met someone special, it’s useful. But for us, it was useless just because we didn’t want to spend that much money on a girl we’d met a week ago and preferred to spend it on interaction with more beautiful women on the site.
  • Contact requests. Technically, it’s a free feature—members don’t need to pay to get someone’s contact detail and stop paying for communication with this particular member, but the thing is, the request becomes available only after you talk with a person a lot (equivalent to “a lot” in this case is spending 3000 credits). So, unfortunately, we couldn’t test this feature, but the system seems to be pretty fair—at least a member can stop paying at a certain stage of a relationship with a woman he’s met on this dating website.

Is AmourFeel free? Definitely not—we spent all our credits in about 3 weeks, but we also contacted a lot of women and tried to use different communication tools to test them all. That also allowed us to choose the best features for us, and in the second week, we started to spend less just because we interacted in live chat a lot. Again, AmourFeel is one of the dating websites that can be very expensive if a member contacts a lot of random matches or much cheaper if he uses search to find girls who really meet his criteria and use the right tools to interact with them.

AmourFeel costs

$9.99 ($2.99 with a discount for new members)20 credits
$19.9950 credits
$44.99125 credits
$69.99250 credits
$149.99750 credits

How to look for matches on the AmourFeel online dating site?

Speaking of search, it really can improve the online dating experience. On AmourFeel we could find matches using:

  • Basic search with two filters—age and status (online, offline, or streaming), becomes available right after you click the Search link on the main menu.
  • Extended search with lots of filters (country, city, gender, marital status, religion, children, habits, education, religion), becomes available after you click on the Extend search button.
  • People—the feature that turns AmourFeel into a swipe-and-choose platform and lets you explore random matches.
amourfeel people section

We used all three types of search—all registered users of this online dating site can do it without any limitations for free. For us, People worked the best just because it was a fun way to meet someone attractive—after all, we didn’t have any specific criteria. Still, we imagined a perfect woman we’d like to meet and used all the filters from marital status to average age and habits, and the advanced search definitely works well.


One of the most important questions we asked ourselves when joining the AmourFeel dating site was “Can we meet a real woman from Eastern Europe there, or will AmourFeel be one of the dating sites where you can find no one but bots and fakes?”

The quality of profiles is one of the things that usually help us understand if the platform is worth using or not, so we looked through tons of accounts, and here’s what you can see in all of them:

  • Online/offline/streaming status
  • Validation badge (tells if a user is verified)
  • Chat window (you can switch Chat to Mails)
  • Wink and Like buttons
  • Photos—public and private ones (public can be viewed by all members, and verified could be viewed only after we initiated the dialogs with the members)
  • Basic info—age, marital status, and other things that help members find matches using the search filters
  • Self-description—the most interesting section for us because most profiles look more or less similar, and the About Me section is always unique and can tell you a lot about the person

The first thing we immediately noticed after we joined AmourFeel was that it was nearly impossible to find a low-effort female profile on the site. Probably, the administration has strict requirements regarding accounts created by women. However, as a male member, we were also encouraged to provide as many details as possible and upload a profile photo (a few photos in the profile worked much better, by the way), so in terms of the quality of accounts created by members, it’s a decent dating site.

amourfeel profile about section


Let’s start with free features that let us really interact with others.

When you watch a stream, you can see a Public Chat window and interact with a girl when she’s streaming. It’s free, but if you start a private chat with her, there’ll be a standard fee for messaging.

Flirts and winks are also free, and you can send them after visiting a woman’s profile or when using the People feature. You’ll see the Chat Now button under every profile photo on search results, so live chat can be started even without viewing a profile.

There is also the Messages section on the Main Menu, and that’s how we can go to our inbox with only one click (both Chat and Mails can be found there).

Special features

We’ve joined, used, and analyzed pretty many dating sites, and most of them work more or less similar. Still, a good website usually offers something special, and AmourFeel is not an exception to this rule.

Contact & meeting requests

As we’ve noted, members can send contact requests for free and keep interacting with a member without paying. Meeting requests are charged 625 credits and can work for those who’ve already met someone special and want to meet this person in real life (we reached AmourFeel customer support to find out if they can be rejected, and the answer was yes, they can).

amourfeel contacts request


Again, on AmourFeel, members can follow each other for free. Most posts are like posts on Instagram—members just publish photos, tell others about their daily life, etc (note that now it’s not that positive—AmourFeel has a lot of members in Ukraine, and some posts are about the current situation in the country).


We’ve already talked a lot about streams, but we couldn’t but mention them once again—a rare dating website has such a feature, especially a free one.

Our user experience

On Amour Feel, members can contact as many girls from Eastern Europe as they want, and we bought a lot of credits to reach a lot of women and have that special online dating experience. Though we contacted probably more than twenty girls, we can’t say we’ve made best friends with all of them—what we found out was that all the members have different goals and that a new member should learn as much as possible about them before deciding if they are interested in further communication or not. We remembered one lady from Ukraine and one from Belarus best—we’ve probably spent half of our credits talking with them. One of them was a streamer, so we talked in public chat and then moved on to conversations in private chat—she’s a junior developer who’s building a career and interested in improving her English and probably meeting someone special. Another lady (we found her profile using the People feature) was looking for someone special, and we had a few very interesting conversations about cultural differences and barriers (the gaps, by the way, turned out to be not as large and serious as we actually expected). Generally speaking, about 80% of women we contacted responded, and about 50% of them acted like they wanted to continue communication.

Our experts’ opinions—Is AmourFeel legitimate?

There are pretty many AmourFeel reviews on the web, and some reviewers recommend this site while others say it’s not the best platform to join. What conclusions did we draw after using Amour Feel? Here’s what our experts think.

Sarah Wright avatar

AmourFeel is one of the dating sites that have drawbacks but still are worth using. Users, for example, can’t reach the customer support team in real time, and there’s no unlimited messaging or the AmourFeel app, but there are streams, discounts, promotions, and most importantly, real and detailed profiles of a lot of singles from Eastern Europe.“—Sarah Wright.

paul bloom avatar

Is AmourFeel a legit website? I’m sure it is—our experience has proved it. However, it’s crucially important to understand why Amour Feel can be useful for some people and useless for others. It’s not a mail order bride site or a platform that promises you to find a wife. It’s created for single people who are looking for different types of relationships or are just curious about international dating, want to meet someone from another region and see how it goes.”—Paul Bloom.

How to use AmourFeel —Tips & recommendations

Our experience on the dating site was good overall, but we wish we knew a few important things before we joined the community. Well, at least we can share some recommendations with you:

  • For most people, messaging is likely to be more cost-effective than Mails.
  • Watching credits is a must—spending more than $10 on watching a profile video is not so wise especially considering that streams are free.
  • Streams are the best, donations are optional, so checking the Streaming filter is probably the most useful one—we were looking for new girls streaming all the time.
  • The People feature is fun to use, but it works only for those who have enough time on viewing tons of random profiles.
  • There is no matching service, so use the advanced search if you’re looking for someone special.
Sarah Wright
Another valuable member of our content team is Sarah Wright. Excellent writing skills, perfect grammar, and more importantly experience in online dating and long-distance relationships made her an important member of One Beautiful Bride writers. Sarah analyses and tests out features and services of the dating sites to write in-depth reviews that can give you a full picture of the site you are considering joining.
  1. I agree with most things in this review, but for me Mails work better – I tried chatting online on this site but I hate it when you need to wait for the response from a slowly-typing lady and pay for it. Definitely choose Mails – I can at least express all my thoughts and read all hers without waiting and wasting credits.

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