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How To Find Ukrainian Bride: Facts, Prices & Dating During War

How To Find Ukrainian Bride: Facts, Prices & Dating During War
❤️ Successful marriages~85%
💰 Average Latin bride cost$6,100 – $26,100
👰‍♀️ Average Latin bride age27 y.o.
💔 Divorce rate~30%

Ukrainian brides have always been some of the most popular women in the international online dating scene—over a thousand Ukrainian women married foreign men every year. But as you probably know, Russia attacked the country and one of the most horrible wars of the last decades has begun. We decided to analyze the Ukrainian brides life and dating once again, update the information we already had about them and talk about dating and the possibility to build a new life in such painful circumstances.

Ukrainian Mail Order Brides & Dating Sites in 2022

1JollyRomanceOne of the most reputable dating sites
2BravoDateBest mobile experience
3MeetSlavicGirlsBest for serious relationships
4Amour FactoryVery active female audience
5UkraineBride4youBest for dating Ukrainian specifically

Ukrainian bride statistics: Facts about Ukrainian girls for marriage

Here’s what can help understand who a typical Ukrainian bride is.

  • In 2019, 860 Ukrainian citizens received a K-1 fiance visa to the United States. In 2020, there were only 357 applicants, which can be explained by the global pandemic.
  • Most Ukrainian brides get married at the age of 27.
  • The average number of children in Ukraine is 1-2 per household.
  • The average age difference between Ukrainian women and their foreign husbands is 2-6 years.
  • Over 80% of marriages with Ukrainian brides last.
  • Over 170 thousand Ukrainians left the country before the war began. The number of Ukrainian women who migrated after it started is unknown, yet the official reports say that more than 3 million people left their homes, and they are predominantly women, as men cannot cross the country’s border currently.

*Find all the references at the end of the article.

Popular Ukrainian brides profiles

Anna has more photos!
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Anna, 27
Kiev, Ukraine
From: jollyromance.com
Inna has more photos!
Do you want to watch?
Inna, 25
Kiev, Ukraine
From: jollyromance.com
Oksana has more photos!
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Oksana, 28
Lviv, Ukraine
From: jollyromance.com

Ukrainian mail order bride cost: How much for marrying a Ukrainian girl?

Ukrainian bride via JollyRomance

Ukrainian women have never been for sale. That’s just a stereotype—there’s no way to mail order Ukrainian brides, however, men can meet them online, on regular or niche dating sites, meet Ukrainian girls, start dating them, then meet them in real life, and if they both feel that their relationship is exactly what they both were always looking for, get married in a husband’s country.

Nevertheless, dating or travel services aren’t provided for free. We estimated the approximate cost of dating Ukrainian mail order brides online and also provided information on the ways to meet a Ukrainian lady in real life.

Costs of online dating services

Men can meet Ukrainian brides online, but the cost will largely depend on the type of the site, the policy of the particular company, and their dating style. Speaking of these types of platforms, there are global dating sites where men can meet a single Ukrainian woman and regional platforms that accept female members only from Ukraine or Eastern European countries (such websites usually work better for those who are looking for Ukrainian wives and no one but them).

All these sites, in turn, fall under two categories: platforms that sell credits and platforms that sell premium plans. We provide the costs of using different types of websites where men can find Ukrainian wives in the table below.

What about the terms? On regular dating websites, people usually meet a partner in about 60 days. For men looking for Ukrainian brides online, the terms are likely to be the same, but it’s also important to consider that you can’t just meet a Ukrainian woman after you make sure she might be the one. In most cases, a man spends about a year on a legitimate Ukrainian dating site and then meets his girlfriend in real life, and if everything goes well, marry her. So, it’d be right to estimate the cost of 1 year of online dating, and it will likely be around $1,200 (if he’s using a niche website with Ukrainian women for marriage).

However, this cost can be reduced if a member benefits from promotions. Nearly all sites, no matter what the type, offer them. For example, there are promo codes for Tinder, vouchers and discounts on JollyRomance, complimentary credits, and discounts sites like BravoDate and UkraineBride4you.

Cost of meeting Ukrainian brides in person

If we had written this guide earlier, we would have just provided costs of trips to Ukraine—in 99% of cases, men dating Ukrainian girls online just came to meet them in Ukraine. However, Russia invaded the country, and now people who have distant relationships need to look for other solutions. Still, we want to remain optimistic and will provide the average prices for hotels, flights, and other services in case this war ends soon (all costs are for a 2-week period).

✈️ Round-trip ticket (New York–Kiev)Around $800 (now are canceled)
🏩 Accommodation$500
🥟 Food$200
🚕 Transportation$120
🎡 Entertainment$280

Of course, the prices can change, but in the good old times, the trip to Ukraine cost around $1,900. But now, the best way to see a Ukrainian woman is to invite her to the United States or any other country.
Women in Ukraine can leave the country, and many of them have already done it. The cost of a one-way ticket from Eastern Europe (for example, if she goes to Poland or Moldova) starts at around $500, and the rest depends on a couple.

The total cost of getting a Ukrainian wife

As you can see, it’s not that simple to estimate the total cost. If there were no war, we’d just calculate the total cost of dating services (around $1,200), the cost of two 2-week trips ($3,800), the price to pay for a K-1 visa (around $1,000), and the cost of a wedding and wedding license (around $20,000 up to $100, respectively). So, the total price would be $6,100 without a wedding and $26,100 with a wedding, respectively. However, now everything’s different, and prices may vary depending on the couple’s choices.

Do marriages with Ukrainian brides work? Husbands’ stories

John, New Orleans

“I was married twice, to American and French women, and both times, that didn’t work. I realized that it wasn’t about cultural differences—my first wife was from my town, so I decided that the problem was different views on life. I’m an old-school family guy, and I needed to find a woman who shares my values, so I joined JollyRomance dating website with lots of Ukrainian mail order brides. Best decision of my life—I’m now happily married, and now in my house, there’s no room for conflicts and misunderstandings. Pretty funny how me and my Lyuda, two people born thousands of miles away from each other, often think the same, at least when it comes to something really important. What I learned was that you just need to find your person, and sometimes a woman from another culture understands you better than anyone else in life.”

Michael, Denver

“I was skeptical about dating Ukrainian girls as well as all other mail order brides, but my friend who married a Ukrainian bride he met online made me take a risk and give it a try. Well, I expected Slavic girls to be like their stereotypical (as I know now) image. I expected they would ask for money, flowers, whatever, but that had literally nothing to do with reality! Seriously, I had so many great conversations, learned so much communicating with Ukrainian mail order brides, and well, then I met Irina. I met her on UkraineBride4you. She was a bit older than me (45 and I’m 43) but damn, she was so intelligent and funny, optimistic and yeap, incredibly beautiful. I married her 5 months after we first met online. It’s been 2 years, and I definitely have no regrets.”

How to find Ukrainian mail order wives?

Again, before the war, we’d say that there always were ways to meet Ukrainian women in real life. For example, men with remote jobs could go to Ukraine and stay for a year to start dating someone or order a romance tour (an arranged trip for men who want to meet a group of Ukraine brides who’d like to date foreigners at events arranged by one of the Ukrainian dating sites or agencies), but these methods just don’t work now. Still, dating Ukrainian women online is an option, at least in most regions of the country or in other countries where women have to live now because of trying to survive the situation (the situation can change at any time, though).

How to find Ukrainian brides online

No matter what the circumstances are, using a low-quality international dating site is not a good option due to various safety and comfort issues, while using a popular and successful platform is the key to success.

We specialize in analyzing sites, too, and we’ve been using many websites with Ukrainian brides before and visited them all once again after the war began. Many women (of course, those who aren’t in hotspots) still post something and are online from time to time, so there are many places where the Internet connection isn’t lost, and the sites keep functioning. It seems like Ukrainian singles at least try to keep their day-to-day activity, which is very respected by society, and, well, great luck for those dreaming about dating a Ukrainian.

Our experts have developed an effective strategy that helps us distinguish a good site like Amour Factory or DateRussianGirl where one can really meet Ukrainian women from low-quality platforms with lots of fakes, and it’s based on a few most important rules:

❗️Considering multiple websites is the only way to choose the best one. Many men make the same mistake—they choose the first random site with pretty good promising ads and a good design. In this case, a lot depends on luck. We prefer not to spend money on a random platform, so we always analyze the market, choose at least 3-5 options that meet our basic criteria (have many Ukrainian brides, adequate interface, enough safe payment methods, etc.), and move on to deeper research.

❗️Learning more about the credit system and spotting hidden costs is a must. Most sites that can help one find a Ukrainian bride sell credits and not premium plans. Each tool, every feature has its price, and a future member should learn everything about all the costs before joining a community to estimate how much he’s likely to spend to meet and communicate with Ukrainian girls before making the first payment.

❗️Determining priorities and specific criteria make the search and matching services work properly. On niche sites like BravoDate, there are different types of searches to use. Some have swiping features and advanced search, some make you take personality tests, and that actually works. Moreover, the longer you stay on the site, the more you pay. Search algorithms provide members with an opportunity to find someone special among beautiful Ukrainian brides fast and easily, so why not use it?

❗️Members don’t have to use random tools—choosing your favorite features and using them regularly helps reduce costs and get a better experience. On sites like UkraineBride4you, you can use lots of tools, from international calls to good old text chat. Members should choose them carefully and always consider the prices. On the above-mentioned site, as well as on other platforms like JollyRomance, Amour Factory, etc., live messaging is cheaper than Mails, but Mails work better for those who prefer to write long letters instead of typing tons of messages per minute.

✔️Online dating is a good option for:Online dating will hardly work for:
Men looking for real Ukrainian bridesPeople who don’t want to start a long-distance relationship
Guys considering the idea of finding a Ukrainian girlfriendMen don’t feel comfortable when meeting new people online
Those who want to learn more about the culture and Ukrainian people before taking serious stepsThose who are looking for completely free ways to meet Ukrainian women
Singles looking for a safe and relatively cheap way to meet Ukrainian girlsMen who don’t want to pay for online dating services
Men who want to use modern algorithms to find an ideal match

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Our experts’ thoughts on dating Ukrainian brides

Sharone Weltfreid avatar

“Are there any cultural differences between Ukrainian women for marriage and western men? Absolutely, there are plenty of them. In particular, Ukrainian girls are definitely marriage- and family-minded, but they also don’t want to sacrifice their careers and self-realizations. The thing is, these women reconcile family life and work perfectly—it’s just a norm in Ukrainian society. That, in turn, is what many western men are looking for: many of them start abandoning the idea of finding a woman who thinks only about family and nothing but family—everyone wants to date an interesting person who will also be a good wife and mother. Well, that’s possible in Ukraine.”Sharone Weltfreid

Sarah Wright avatar

“Much can be said about Ukrainian women. We can discuss the migration rates and cultural background, values, English proficiency, family values, their unique ability to adapt to other cultural environments, and these are interesting topics, and they definitely matter, but they are not as important as the inner strength of all Ukrainian citizens who are now resisting the enemy and protecting their children. In my opinion, now it’s the main national characteristic”Sarah Wright

Ukrainian mail order brides scam—Save your money

According to the FBI, $1 billion in losses were reported by people who became victims of online dating and other types of romance scams. Can scammers pretend to be hot Ukrainian brides to get a victim’s money? Unfortunately, yes, they can. However, there are ways to avoid scams and date safely.

Who are Ukrainian women for? The verdict

Many men are just looking for hot Ukrainian women, but are so much more than just pretty faces. Still, it’s very important to consider priorities when looking for a spouse, especially when looking for her overseas. Ukrainian ladies are very hospitable and friendly, feminine, usually well-educated, they assimilate to western societies pretty easily, are strong, and yes, family-minded. If that’s what you are looking for, using the services provided by a Ukrainian marriage agency or a legit dating site with real Ukrainian brides might be a good decision.

Paul Bloom
The creative jewel of our writing team, Paul Bloom, brings psychology into action and writes expert blog posts, recommendations, and top dating site reviews. Paul makes a comprehensive analysis of current dating trends and analyses them from a psychology perspective to create content that can help you meet a foreign partner, charm a girl you like, and build a happy relationship.
  1. Horrible things are going on now in Ukraine. Hope they win and it ends soon. I was there twice, a wonderful country and people are just amazing, kind and smart, they definitely don’t deserve this…

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