Home Dating European Mail Order Brides: What Is It Like To Date A European Girl?

Dating European Mail Order Brides: What Is It Like To Date A European Girl?

Dating European Mail Order Brides: What Is It Like To Date A European Girl?

There are two different Europes in the world, and though this is a single continent, there are a few similarities between them. As you probably know, Western Europe is wealthier and more developed, while Eastern European countries still struggle for prosperity. Nevertheless, there is one thing that makes another part of the continent popular — it is much easier to find good-looking, educated, and family-minded Eastern European brides there.

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Some may say that marrying a girl from Russia, Ukraine, Serbia, etc. is a bad idea. Well, maybe it is. Or maybe it’ll be the best decision of your life. It depends on what you expect from a woman.

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Western European Vs. Eastern European ladies: where to look for a bride?

First, let’s compare girls from Western Europe and Eastern European mail order brides. We’d like to note that we understand that every person is unique — the information we provide is a generalization, the brief description of national character formed under the influence of particular socio-economic, historical, and political factors. Moreover, this is just a comparison — we don’t mean that women in a certain country or countries are better than others. We just describe what you can expect from stunning ladies in Europe. So, here are the differences:

It’s all about looks?

Eastern European girls for marriage care a lot about how they look. Though more and more of them wear casual outfits and natural makeup, they still spend hours in the gym and in front of the mirror. Maybe, it happens because of the competition between naturally beautiful Slavic girls. Western ladies are a bit more confident and don’t pay this much attention to their look, which, of course, doesn’t mean that they are not attractive.

What about work?

Both Western and Eastern European brides usually have jobs and careers. They both are hard-working, but ladies from Western Europe are more confident as they can grow personally and professionally and earn much more than their Eastern female colleagues. Although, for instance, Romanian brides are pretty independent in this point of view, while some girls in Eastern Europe don’t mind being a housewife (of course, if a husband earns enough).

Family and marriage issue

Girls in Eastern Europe are more marriage- and family-minded. Young ladies still want and tend to get married before they turn 22-27, while women in Western Europe usually focus on their careers, become more confident, independent, and financially stable. Most eastern ladies also want to have kids sooner, and they don’t mind taking a career break.

So, what can we say about the differences between them? Well, it is obvious. Eastern society is a more conservative one. Western society, in turn, is more developed, so no wonder women make self-development and self-realization their top priority. None of them is actually “better” or “worse”, but if you want to get married to a girl in Europe in the nearest future, especially if you are looking for a European mail order wife, you are likely to find it in eastern countries like Russia, Belarus, Serbia, Ukraine, Poland, or Slovenia.

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Are European brides for sale?

Still, there is at least one thing both Western and Eastern girls have in common — none of them is for sale (that works both for Asian and Latin women as a matter of fact). You can really find them online, but it is not about the purchase or just an agreement between two parties. Today, marriages with mail order brides are about feelings, similar interests, and goals.

Here is how you can meet European mail order brides:

  1. On niche mail order bride sites. A lot of European ladies join niche sites to find a foreign husband, not just a foreign boyfriend in a safe community.
  2. On global dating sites. Some Scandinavian women for marriage prefer to join regular dating sites to meet new people worldwide and find the soulmate, wherever he is.

Which option to choose to find a European wife? It’s up to you. Just choose between the reputable platforms.

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Final thoughts on European mail order wives

Choosing between Eastern and Western brides is easy. What traits do you like more? What are your own priorities? What do you expect from your marriage? Just give honest answers to these questions and decide what is the perfect match.

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