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How To Find Latin Bride or Woman for Dating: Statistics, Guide & Prices

How To Find Latin Bride or Woman for Dating: Statistics, Guide & Prices
❤️ Successful marriages~85%
💰 Average Latin bride cost$5,300 – $25,300
👰‍♀️ Average Latin bride age20-25 y.o.
💔 Divorce rate~32%

Latin mail order brides are some of the most popular women in the global dating market—the number of Latin K-1 applicants is comparable only to the number of immigrants from some Asian countries. We decided to do deep research of the Latin segment of the marriage market, had interviews with Latin mail order brides, analyzed lots of statistics, and now we’re ready to share all the facts on ways to meet Latin women, costs of services, and other significant aspects in this review.

Latin Mail Order Brides & Dating Sites in 2022

1LoveFortBest for dating Latin specifically
2La-DateOne of the most reputable dating sites
3LatinFeelsVery active female audience
4ColombiaLadyBest mobile experience

Who are the Latin brides? Latin mail order bride statistics

Undoubtedly, it would be wrong to generalize all the social and cultural trends in the Latin countries, but they still have something in common, at least when it comes to female immigrants who marry western men. Here are some facts that can help generate a profile of a Latin mail order bride. See our map of all mail order brides regions and countries to compare.

  • In 2019, the number of South and North American K-1 visa applicants was about 6,600. In 2020, it dropped to 4,100 mostly because of the global pandemic.
  • The average age of marriage for Latin women ranges from 20 to 25 in most countries.
  • The average birth rate in South and North America ranges from 1.6 to 2.2 children per household.
  • The average age difference between a Latin bride and an American husband is 2-9 years.
  • Over 80% of marriages with Latin mail order brides last over the years.

*All the references can be found at the end of the guide.

Popular Latin brides profiles

29 y.o.
at la-date.com
Location Colombia
Occupation Other
25 y.o.
at la-date.com
Location Brazil
Occupation Teacher
28 y.o.
at la-date.com
Location Chile
Occupation University Student
28 y.o.
at la-date.com
Location Chile
Occupation Other
34 y.o.
at la-date.com
Location Chile
Occupation Other
21 y.o.
at la-date.com
Location Colombia
Occupation Lawyer / Paralegal

Latin bride cost: How much for dating & marrying a Latin mail order wife?

There are a lot of misconceptions about Latin brides, and the myth of “Latin women for sale” is probably the worst one. Yes, there are Latin mail order brides, but the thing is, men can’t just choose a girl from the catalog, pay a fixed amount of money and get a wife—the system doesn’t work like that. Men can meet Latin American women who want to find foreign husbands online, start dating them, then meet them in real life, and if it works for both of them, get married. Yes, it costs money, but it has nothing to do with the fixed price of a Latin bride. Basically, the total cost is made up of the price a man pays for online dating services and travel expenses.

How much does dating a Latin woman online cost?

In South America alone, revenue in the online dating segment is expected to have an annual growth rate of 6.19%, resulting in a projected market volume of $172m by 2026. Simply put, the number of people using online dating platforms in Latin American countries is large and constantly growing.

All the international sites, in turn, can be divided into a few main categories and subcategories: global and regional platforms (sites with Latin brides only, and they usually work better for men who want to meet Latin women and no one but them), and global and niche sites that sell premium plans or run on the credit systems, and we provide the average prices for all three main groups of sites below.

types of latin sites

People who use regular dating platforms (including international dating sites) usually meet someone in about 60 days. However, it’s important to consider that you can’t just ask a Latin girl out after you meet her—on mail order bride sites and regional dating sites, men usually spend a year before they decide to take a serious step and their girlfriend’s country, and most usually spend around $1,000-$1,500 during this period.

By the way, on most sites with Latin brides members can benefit from various promotions. There are promo codes for almost any global dating website like Tinder or Bumble, platforms like ColombiaLady or LatinWomanLove offer free vouchers and discounts for credits, and on sites like La-Date and LoveFort members can get complimentary credits to test the premium features for free.

Trips to Latin countries: The cost of meeting Latin brides for marriage in real life

In most cases, a man who has already met a Latin mail order bride prefers to go to her country to meet her in real life—it’s just cheaper, faster, and way more convenient than inviting a future Latin wife to the US. Of course, the costs of trips to different countries vary. Peru, Bolivia, and Ecuador are considered some of the cheapest countries, Colombia is mid-budget, while Chile and Brazil are way more expensive. So, we decided to estimate the approximate costs of trips to the 3 most popular countries where men can find a Latin mail order bride—Brazil, Mexico, and the Dominican Republic.

trip to latin countries

So, if a man who’s already met a Latin woman takes two 2-week trips, he’ll pay $5,000 for visiting Brazil, $3,600 for visiting Mexico, and $5,600 for visiting the Dominican Republic, respectively.

The total cost of getting a Latin wife

So, how much for Latina mail order brides? The total cost depends on where a girl is from, a man’s dating style, and the dating platform. Still, we can estimate an average total cost for different countries. Let’s say that a man meets a Latina woman from one of the mid-budget countries of South America, spends about $1,000 on dating her online, then goes to her country twice and stays for two weeks each time (about $5,000), and decides to propose to her. A Latina bride will need to apply for a K-1 visa that costs around $1,000. The cost of a wedding license is not that high—$10-$100 depending on the state, but the wedding costs a lot more—the average price that future spouses usually pay is $20,000. So, a man who’s going to get a Latin wife is expected to pay around $7,000 (wedding not included) or $27,000 (wedding included).

CountryOnline dating services2-week trip to the countryK-1 visaLicense + weddingTotal (two 2-week trips included)
Dominican Republic $1,000$2,800$1,000$20,100$27,700

Will a marriage with a Latin mail order bride work? Husbands’ stories

Couple 2

Robert, Boston

To be honest, I wasn’t going to get a Latina wife—I just joined La-Date to find a Latin beauty and maybe have a casual relationship, go on a few vacations to a place with deep blue sea and white-sand beaches. Well, I really met a girl, and we have been married for 3 years. Absolutely no regrets, I actually have never been happier. My wife is nothing like the girls I’ve dated before—she’s super-smart, ambitious, and yes, emotional, beautiful, and way more caring and loving. She’s not focused on herself and nothing but herself. Seriously, she’s absolutely altruistic and kind, and that made me a better and kinder version of myself, too.

couple 1

William, San Diego

I always knew I wanted to have a Latin wife—I met a lot of Latin girls at college, but they were definitely out of my league. But I became a developer and grew a beard, so I decided to try my luck on LoveFort. Okay, I still had some problems with approaching girls, so I can’t say I was a rock star on the site, but all skills can be developed. I met a lot of attractive girls from Venezuela, Colombia, and other countries, but my special one was waiting for me not so far away, in Mexico. Long story short, I went there after a month of texting and proposed to her 2 months after that. She’s absolutely special—the best wife and the best mom for our 2 children.

How to find a wife from Latin America: Looking for a bride in real life Vs. online dating country

Generally speaking, there are two ways to meet a single woman in Latin America—go to one of the Latin countries (whether on a romance tour or stay there for at least a year) or look for a Latina wife online. Both options have their pros, and both, unfortunately, aren’t perfect. It’s important to take into account all nuances and pitfalls, and we talk about them in more detail below.

Finding Latin wives IRL—Existing options, pros & cons

We’re not going to discuss independent trips to Latin America for long, we’ll just say that they may work if you have a remote job and are ready to stay in another country for at least a year. However, this is not the only way to find Latin mail order wives IRL—some international marriage agencies arrange group and individual romance tours for men who want to meet hot Latin brides in person. Here’s how they work—the agency provides matching services, travel services, and translation services. Simply put, a man can choose a few Latin women and go to a particular country for a week or two to meet them in person and maybe start dating one of them. There is no immediate marriage or anything like that—this is rather a service for those who are skeptical about online dating but still want to find a Latina wife. The costs vary from company to company—current prices range from $3,000 to $10,000 for a tour.

✔️Romance tours work for:Romance trips will hardly work for:
Men who want to meet Latin brides for marriage in real lifeThose who don’t want to pay larger amounts of money without a guarantee of success
Singles who are afraid of being catfishedThose who don’t feel comfortable at big events and gatherings
Those who wanted to go to Latin America anyway
People who are ready to pay more for a trip

Meeting European women online—Existing options, pros & cons

Still, though romance or marriage tours to Latin America are still popular, most men prefer to look for North and South American brides. Looking for a Latin wife online has a lot of important benefits—in particular, it’s cheaper, faster, and more convenient for most singles. However, finding a good dating site, especially a niche site with Latin mail order brides, is not an easy task. We’ve reviewed a lot of international dating sites, and that allowed us to develop our own strategy of choosing sites which is mostly based on the following essential points:


❗️Focusing on one platform is not the best option. A man who wants to meet real Latin women should test at least three different platforms that seem to meet the basic criteria—has many Latin brides or women for dating. The thing is some sites only seem good—a user definitely shouldn’t join the community just because the website has good ads and a user-friendly platform. Analyzing a few options in detail is the only way to choose the best one.

❗️Costs may be tricky. Men who do want to meet a perfect Latin lady online and marry her in the near future will need to pay for dating services. That’s how this market works. However, some sites with Latina wives may have hidden costs, which is no good not only because members are overcharged but also because one small lie often means that you can expect something worse than that—fake profiles, low-quality services, etc. Price lists are often available to all users, including unregistered ones, and we always check them carefully before we decide to upgrade an account by making the first payment.

❗️Choosing the most effective features is the key to success. There are plenty of ways to contact Latin American women you meet online. Good platforms offer tons of tools, from free Winks to video chat and even live streams with public chat. The trick is to choose the services that work the best for you. For example, on most sites, members can use live chat and send Mails. Mails are longer letters and they are usually more expensive. So, for those who hate typing dozens of short messages a minute, they will be cheaper and more effective overall. For those who hate to write those long essays, live chat will be a more cost-effective solution. Choosing the features carefully and wisely is the way to save money and improve the online dating experience overall.

❗️Most want to find a perfect Latin woman fast and for a reasonable amount of money—matching services and search can help. Contacting a lot of random Latin American brides is a bad strategy—it’s expensive and takes a lot of time. On most sites, members can use matching services and different types of search, take quizzes and answer tons of questions to help the algorithm find perfect matches for them. In fact, that works—such tools help members find someone special fast and invest in communication with a really good match, not just a lot of beauties.

✔️Niche sites will work for:❌Niche sites will hardly work for:
Men who want to start a relationship with Latin brides for marriageSingles looking for free ways of communication
Those who want to find an ideal match fast and easilyThose who don’t like the idea of starting a long-distance relationship
Singles who are not ready to go to another country without any guarantee of successMen who just want to have fun and aren’t sure that they do want to start something serious with one of the Latina brides
Men who are looking only for women from Latin America motivated to date a foreigner
Those who want to get closer with a Latin lady using many advanced tools

Our experts’ opinions on dating & marrying European women

Sharone Weltfreid avatar

“Latin brides for marriage are incredibly popular, that’s true. And the truth is many women in Latin America do want to date and marry western men for different reasons but machismo is definitely the most serious of them. In western countries, they seek respect and equality, remaining family-minded. A Latin girl is likely to be pretty westernized in a good way and pretty traditional, also in a good way.”Sharone Weltfreid

Sarah Wright avatar

“There are tons of websites that claim they can help you find a Latin mail order bride easily. Nearly all of them are pretty popular—there’s high demand, and there’s supply. However, relying only on the number of members is a wrong strategy—unfortunately, some companies want your money without offering anything really useful in exchange, so careful analysis of the platform is a must for all men seeking a Latina wife. By the way, there’s another important thing to consider—some think a beautiful Latin woman is looking for money and a green card and will agree to marry anyone who can give it to her. Well, that’s nothing more than a myth for the vast majority of mail order brides, and if a man thinks he doesn’t have to do literally anything to get a wife, he’s likely to be disappointed. No, most Latin women don’t expect anything extraordinary, but they are definitely looking for a man who’ll treat them with respect and can’t stand talking to guys who are acting like they can buy them.”—Sarah Wright

European mail order wives scam—How not to lose $20,000?

The FBI notes that the number of victims of romance scams is growing every year. Everyone who’s using online dating services, however, hopes that will never happen to them, but the threat is real. The good news is knowledge is power—learning more about the most common fraud methods and being skeptical is the key to safe online dating.


The verdict: Who are Latin mail order wives for?

Of course, it’d be wrong to generalize the national characteristics of all North American and South American brides. Still, there are some common traits, customs, views, and values that made them all incredibly attractive in the eyes of western men. They are pretty westernized yet family-minded, faithful and loyal, often emotional, and yes, passionate and beautiful. If that’s what a man is looking for, he can really find love in one of the above-mentioned countries.

Adam Cohen
Adam Cohen is an editor on One Beautiful Bride and an expert in social psychology and laws. Adam’s expertise in psychology and excellent writing skills help to create the most relevant and effective content that helps single people and couples to build strong relationships.
  1. I must say approaching a Latina isn’t that easy. These women are tuned in only with a man’s confidence, seriously, they care about the inner strength only. Looks and all the rest is far less important for them. I tried to pretend to be macho and was spotted immediately. After around 10 years on dating sites, I found that inner strength and now I have no problem with attracting a Latina, but these girls spot lies immediately, without any effort.

  2. Helpful guide! I met so many gorgeous Latinas at college, really nice people, kind, hot, super-friendly, and strong-tempered.

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