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How To Find Asian Bride or Woman for Dating: Statistics, Guide & Prices

How To Find Asian Bride or Woman for Dating: Statistics, Guide & Prices
❤️ Successful marriages~80%
💰 Average Asian bride cost$9,300 – $29,300
👰‍♀️ Average Asian bride age25 y.o.
💔 Divorce rate~24%

The Asian segment of the mail order bride sphere was booming in the 70s, and it still keeps going strong. It’s been changing and evolving, though, and not all men looking for Asian brides are aware of those changes. We did a research, updated the information on the actual costs, and interviewed Asian mail order brides and their husbands to take a new look at the phenomenon of incredibly popular foreign wives from Asia.

Asian Mail Order Brides & Dating Sites 2022

1EasternHoneysOne of the most reputable dating sites
2Date Nice AsianVery active female audience
3TheLuckyDateBest mobile experience
4Asia MeBest for serious relationships
5Asian MelodiesBest for dating Asian specifically

Asian bride statistic: A “profile” of an Asian mail order wife

Getting an overall picture, especially when it comes to the mail order bride market, isn’t that easy, but there are a few illustrative facts that can help generate a profile of a typical Asian mail order bride. See our map of all mail order brides regions and countries to compare.

  • In 2019, over 15,000 Asian citizens entered the US as foreign fiance(e)s. The next year, this number halved, mostly because of the pandemic restrictions.
  • The average age for marriage for Asian ladies varies. For example, it’s only 19 in Indonesia, 25.3 in the Philippines, and 30 in South Korea.
  • Asian mail order brides who marry western men are 2-11 years younger than their husbands.
  • The average number of children in Asia also varies from country to country, but the average is 2.2 kids.
  • Over 80% of Asian-American couples report their marriage last and are happy.

Popular Asian brides profiles

29 y.o.
at easternhoneys.com
Location Bangkok, Thailand
Occupation business owner
26 y.o.
at easternhoneys.com
Location Bangkok, Thailand
Occupation Teacher
33 y.o.
at easternhoneys.com
Location Phuket, Thailand
Occupation dentist
26 y.o.
at easternhoneys.com
Location Jaipur, India
26 y.o.
at easternhoneys.com
Location Hannoi, Vietnam
29 y.o.
at easternhoneys.com
Location Da Nang, Vietnam
24 y.o.
at easternhoneys.com
Location Dalat, Vietnam
24 y.o.
at easternhoneys.com
Location Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam
22 y.o.
at easternhoneys.com
Location Hannoi, Vietnam
24 y.o.
at easternhoneys.com
Location Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

Asian mail order wife cost: Any difference between marrying Asian ladies from Korea or Vietnam?

First of all, men can’t mail order Asian brides—this is just a myth. Now a man pays not for an Asian mail order bride he’s found in the catalog but for the online dating services like EasternHoneys or TheLuckyDate and trips to his girlfriend’s countries.

Let’s start with the costs of using dating sites where one can find an Asian wife. Basically, there are two main types of sites—global platforms with members worldwide and regional platforms with Asian women only such as Asian Melodies, Date Nice Asian or Asia Me (regional sites work better for those who want to meet an Asian lady and aren’t interested in dating ladies from other regions). There are also the subtypes—platforms that encourage members to pay for premium membership and sites where you buy credits and spend them on any services that seem most useful to you personally. The costs vary, but we managed to estimate the average prices for each category and subcategory. 

how much for finding a bride

On regular dating sites, we mean, the platforms where you can meet a woman from your city, it usually takes a couple of months to meet someone special. However, those who are looking for Asian brides should consider the distance—a man will hardly spend thousands of dollars to go on a first date with someone he knows for a few days. In fact, most spend around a year on dating sites, and spend $1,000 on average on online dating services in total.

However, there’s an opportunity to save some money by benefiting from the promotions offered by most global and Asian dating sites. For instance, there are promo codes for Tinder, complimentary credits on EasternHoneys and Asian Melodies, free vouchers and discounts on Date Nice Asian, etc.

Meeting Asian brides IRL—How much do trips to Asian countries cost?

Finding Asian brides and even dating them online is not that expensive, but the trips cost more than $1,000, and of course, the costs of visiting different countries vary. In Vietnam, a man will spend less than in Thailand, and in Thailand, he’ll spend much less than in Japan. How big is the difference? 

Here are the average costs of two-week trips to some of the most popular countries where one can meet an Asian woman who wants to date a foreigner and doesn’t mind migrating to his country. If a man goes to these countries twice, double the amount.


✈️ Round-trip tickets$1,000
🏩 Accommodation$500
🍜 Food$200
🚕 Transportation$100
🎡 Entertainment$200
👉 Total$2,000


✈️ Round-trip tickets$800
🏩 Accommodation$800
🍜 Food$300
🚕 Transportation$100
🎡 Entertainment$300
👉 Total$2,300

The Philippines: 

✈️ Round-trip tickets$1,000
🏩 Accommodation$1,000
🍜 Food$300
🚕 Transportation$200
🎡 Entertainment$500
👉 Total$3,000

These are the costs for capitals—in regions, prices are likely to be lower. Also, these are the costs of going to the most popular countries, but again, if a man is looking for Asian brides from South Korea, he’ll pay more. 

Moreover, an Asian bride will need to apply for a K-1 visa (if a couple gets married in the US), and it will cost about $1,000. The cost of a wedding varies, but most newlyweds spend around $20,000 on a celebration. 

CountryOnline dating services2-week trip (x2)VisaLicense + WeddingTotal

Success stories of men who married Asian brides

couple with asian girl

Garrett, Arlington

To be honest, I wasn’t looking for an Asian girl for marriage, I just wanted to meet a hot Asian woman and have some fun. Well, it’s time to admit I was wrong—I’ve been married to a Filipina for 3 years by now, whom I’ve found on TheLuckyDate, and that’s just wrong how much we underestimate these women. I believe the main problem of American marriages is that both partners are totally focused on themselves, and I didn’t even think there was something wrong with that. My gorgeous wife, however, showed me how good a relationship could be when both partners were really emphatic, cared about each other, and built their family based on respect and love. Language barriers and cultural barriers are nothing compared to what you get. Yes, there were things that seemed super-weird to me; yes, we had some difficulty when trying to explain something, but it was absolutely worth it.

couple with asian woman

Liam, Duluth

I was always a fan of Asian cultures and that Asian beauty. I always knew I should marry an Asian girl, and though I dated many western women (some of them were really nice, I must admit), I finally decided to find a future wife in Asia. Most Asian brides I met were absolutely charming, but I didn’t want to marry someone because they were charming and Asian. I was fairly disappointed at that time because I couldn’t find someone really special and considered giving up this idea, but I met Chen, and things changed, you know, in a few days. I came to China 1 month after I met her online on EasternHoneys, and married her in 1 year, and I would do it even sooner if her visa application hadn’t taken that much time! I found everything I was looking for in a woman—intelligence, femininity, curiosity, optimism, and beauty. I must warn men who’re looking for an Asian girlfriend because she is likely to be obedient or submissive. My wife isn’t like that—she just respects me, and I respect her, and that works perfectly for both of us.

Finding Asian brides online vs. Meeting Asian women IRL: Which method works better?

In the modern world, we have two options to meet someone—in real life (through friends, at parties, in the street) or online. For international dating, things work similarly, but there are a few important things to consider, and we’re going to talk about all the nuances in more detail.

Romance tours to meet an Asian bride: Are they still arranged?

This industry was booming a few decades ago, but what about modern days? 

They still work, but finding a good romance tour becomes harder and harder. On top of that, we didn’t find tours to all the existing Asian countries—they are arranged only to the places with the largest number of Asian women looking for foreign husbands, such as the Philippines or Thailand. South Korea is not on this list, but it can potentially be changed with time.

A regular romance tour usually includes:

  • Round-trip tickets
  • Hotel
  • Parties and events where a man can meet single Asian women who want to date and marry a foreigner
  • Translation services

Basically, a man can buy a tour as if it was a regular trip to another country, but the agency also connects him with Asian women he may like, plans events, and provides additional services, so he can just relax and enjoy his vacation and communication with Asian girls.

Still, as we’ve already noted, finding a reputable company that provides such services isn’t an easy task. There are pretty many agencies that promote their tours to Asian countries, but the costs start from less than 3 thousand dollars, which is very suspicious. So, we’d recommend taking a very close look at the existing offers.

✔️Romance tours may be a good option forRomance tours won’t be a good option for
Guys who don’t really appreciate approaching women online for personal reasonsMen who don’t want to spend large amounts of money just for a chance to meet and fall for an Asian bride
Singles who don’t like the idea of starting a long-distance relationship with an Asian girlSingles who don’t want to compete with other singles to get an Asian girl’s attention at group dinners and events
Those who were going to visit Asian countries anywayPeople who want to use advanced algorithms and carefully choose a potential Asian bride themselves

Looking for Asian girls online: Benefits, drawbacks, and things to consider

Considering the growing number of dating sites and those who use online dating services, most singles still prefer to look for a perfect match online, even when looking for a partner in their own city. Of course, most men who want to meet Asian women, choose this option, too. However, though the chance to succeed is much better, every user should be careful when choosing and using niche dating sites. Our experience shows that not all the sites with good design and ads are worth joining, and here are some rules that we always follow when analyzing the market.

  • Some sites only seem to be good enough to meet a special Asian woman. Considering at least a few options is necessary to choose the best one. We usually analyze a lot of platforms to choose a few best ones, but that’s our specialization. A man looking for an Asian girl online should do the same thing—of course, there is no need to analyze 1o or 20 options in detail, but learning more about at least 3-5 sites to choose the best one is a very good idea.
  • Price lists are not always as transparent as they should be. Another important thing to consider is that there may be hidden costs. On top of that, a user can spend more than he expected even on a site with a transparent pricing policy just because he didn’t learn enough about it. For example, on CuteAsianWoman, phone calls are more expensive than video calls, so if a member uses the first tool too often, they’ll pay more. On sites like EasternHoneys, a member will pay more for Mails than for instant chatting, but if they write longer letters, they’ll still spend less on communication.
  • Different features work better for different users. Again, there may be plenty of tools to use, and we always try to adapt our dating strategy depending on what tools work better for us. Every user should do it just to improve the dating experience and yes, to save more money he could spend on interacting with the same number of Asian women.
  • Contacting all attractive Asian mail order brides is just too expensive. On websites with a good reputation, members can use search and matching services, and we always use them a lot, not only to test them and draw conclusions to write a review but also to narrow the search and spend fewer credits. For someone who is looking for a perfect Asian girl, it’s also a good time-saver.
✔️Asian online dating sites will work forAsian online dating sites will hardly work for
People looking for Asian ladies only and those who don’t want to search for them among western women and ladies from other countriesThose who don’t want to pay for online dating
Singles who don’t want to spend too much on a chance to meet real Asian womenMen who don’t consider starting a long-distance relationship with an Asian woman
Those who are better at flirting with someone online
Men who are ready to settle down and want to meet Asian wives to start a family in the near future

The trend of marrying Asian brides—Our experts’ opinions

adam cohen

“Of course, the trend of dating “hot Asian ladies” emerged mostly due to the media, but the fact is, a lot of men found their perfect Asian women for marriage, and well, don’t regret their decisions. I believe that this can be explained by the fact that many Asian societies aren’t as conservative as many think they are—they rather live somewhere in between modernity and old values and traditions. Asian mail order wives are women who have careers, care about self-development, but still recognize the importance of family and don’t think that gender roles are archaic. There is a high demand for this type of mindset in the west, and there’s a high demand for men who truly respect women in the East.”Adam Cohen.

Sarah Wright avatar

“Dating Asian women online is more common than most people think. The analysis of the market shows that Asian girls for marriage or dating are way more popular than all other ladies. On the one hand, it’s good (after all, the world no longer stigmatizes international marriages and rather appreciates them), but on the other hand, it causes problems related to the quality of services provided on those sites. Not every platform that claims to connect you with Asian women or help you find an attractive Asian girlfriend makes at least a small effort to do it. On some sites, one spends money and gets nothing. That’s why we recommend all men choosing online dating sites super carefully, paying attention to the most important aspects, especially the quality of profiles and features.”Sarah Wright.

The phenomenon of Asian brides—Conclusions

A man can’t mail order Asian brides, but he can meet them on the best Asian dating sites. The question is if it is worth it. Basically, it depends on what a particular person is looking for. It would be wrong to generalize all Asian countries, but there are a few things that beautiful Asian women have in common—they are more caring and more focused on partners and family at large.

Adam Cohen
Adam Cohen is an editor on One Beautiful Bride and an expert in social psychology and laws. Adam’s expertise in psychology and excellent writing skills help to create the most relevant and effective content that helps single people and couples to build strong relationships.
  1. I personally like Chinese girls best. I dated a Chinese woman once and I’ve been to China, and gosh, you really feel like a rock star there. There are drawbacks – my girlfriend just went crazy seeing all girls’ eyes were on me. I really got a lot of attention, so I can’t blame her. We broke up 6 months ago and I am still considering finding a new girlfriend and maybe a future wife in China or somewhere else in Asia.

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